Things To Look At Before You Hire A PPC Agency For Yourself!

Things To Look At Before You Hire A PPC Agency For Yourself!

This article is going to guide you so that you know what the exact things to look for while you are hiring a PPC agency for your company is.

Even if you think it is really easy to get one PPC agency, they all work the same way; you are completely wrong. Every PPC agency is different, and they have a different approach to the market.

While you are likely to be spoilt with choices, like its 2018 and there are numerous agencies available for you to choose from, you must not get confused. What are some of the things that one must always consider before making a choice? Still unsure about it?

Well, this article is going to guide you so that you know what the exact things to look for while you are hiring a PPC agency for your company is.

Things That Actually Matter When You Are Hiring A PPC Agency

Even though a lot of factors come into play, let us consider some of the major factors that will help you choose a PPC agency most likely to give transparent results, high-end customer service at reasonable rates. So let’s take a look at the major areas you must peek in before fixing your company

1. Transparency

They should be transparent with you regarding all kinds of underlying clauses. Do they have a contract for the job? Many agencies work on a contractual basis which needs to be there for a year or so, so before you start off make sure you ask them the relevant questions and they are completely transparent regarding all of their policies.

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Some of the other things that come under the transparency section is knowing that who is going to own all of your PPC accounts? Make sure you don’t end up choosing an agency that owns the accounts because this leads to feuds in the future.

Another relevant question that you need to ask while choosing a company is how frequently are they going to provide reports? So if you want to make your PPC plan successful, then the agency should provide weekly reports as monthly reports can often lead to major losses.

So before you are choosing your agency make sure you ask these questions and be transparent regarding all of these important things as if they are not cleared initially that can cause a problem in the future.

2. Quality

Quality matters a lot when you are hiring a PPC agency. You obviously won’t hire a company that has got a bad record, or you get bad feedback off. So the very first question in this section that you need to ask them is how much amount of experience they have in this field.

The more the no. of years, the better is the company likely to be. Any company can claim to be an expert but can you trust them enough to hand over all the PPC ads? So you must do proper research and background check to know about their quality standards.

Certification is another basis by which you can judge their quality of work. Are the people you are hiring AdWords certified? If not then they are probably not as skilled as they claim to be. For anyone that is optimizing all of your valuable campaigns, certification is a must.

So whenever you are choosing the company for your optimization, you must check in the basic certification of all the analysts to know that quality work is provided to you.

Also, they might be good at managing campaigns of other businesses, but when it comes to the kind of business that you do, they might not be that well versed.

So you need to ask them whether they have the experience of handling similar business campaigns like yours. If they say, they don’t then it’s about time you look for other agencies.

3. Customer Service

At the end of the day, customer service is going to matter a lot. You are not likely to deal with someone whose behavior is rude and in the same way, if the customer service of a company is not good, then it is useless hiring them for the PPC.

Ask them what kind of communication you will have with the account managers. You should be able to reach them whenever you want freely. The analyst should always be available via email or phone so that they can be contacted for updates or in case of any kind of emergency situation you can easily reach out to them.

Another important question that most people forget to ask but are really important is asking them how many accounts they manage on a regular basis. Even though the larger the no. of accents, the bigger the company is likely to be there are certain drawbacks.

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If there are too many accounts that are managed by them, then they will automatically invest a lot less time in your account per day which means your PPC will not be optimized properly. So, while choosing to make sure that, they deal with reasonable no. of accounts and clients at one go so that your account gets the attention that it deserves and that it needs.

Make sure some dedicated employee are monitoring your account 24*7 as it is highly crucial if you are paying a good amount of money on it.

So, these are some of the most important things that you should definitely look at before you make up your mind regarding any particular PPC agency. Asking these right questions will help you a lot to choose an agency that best fits the needs of your business.

Choosing the right agency can increase your income by manifold as they know all the right techniques and strategies for optimization. The optimization procedure differs from business to business so make sure you check out all of the above criteria to see if they really are suitable for the kind of business that you do.

With these techniques, you will never go wrong, and you will always be able to make the absolute best decision for your company.

Alina Smith was born and raised in the Seattle, WA. She is a PPC analyst at Radius Inbound, a creative Digital Marketing Company in Seattle. I’m a digital nomad and I travel the world while freelancing & blogging.