15 Growth Hacking Trends for Tech Startups in 2019

15 Growth Hacking Trends for Tech Startups in 2019

Growth mindset has become an essential element of the marketing team. To be in the game, entrepreneurs are required to think out of the box when it comes to promoting their startups and reach an extensive audience.

Step out of the conventional single-approach marketing model and processes and embrace the omniscient approach to take your business into the commercial market! Switch onto the stack of growth hacking techniques, as it has become an integral part of every Startup to grow!

Initially, to begin with, each Startup business, product or application needs to acquire visibility in the market to build awareness in the target audience’s mind. A strong and sustained user base can be only achieved when there is a considerable amount of strength in the product or application. One of the essential growth hacking techniques would include; converting the website visitors into potential revenue generating customers.

Startups can garner a number of customers when they understand and serve the pain points of the end-users while entering into the market. Entrepreneurs would do well to follow a to-do list; right from writing down the business plan to taking the product or application to the world!

Before we move to how the growth hacking trends would help Tech Startup’s, let's first look into what growth hacking is:

Growth hacking is a comprehensive marketing technique that defines some exclusive ways to market the entrepreneurs business. It predominantly ensures accelerated growth. The conventional methods of marketing along with design, development, data with market analytics altogether builds an effective growth hacking strategy.

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Finding innovative, swift and cost-effective ways to monetize the startup business should be the primary responsibility of a growth hacker.

1. Identify the Niche Products

Run of the mill businesses or products is the thing of a past. Don’t be just one among many! You should certainly identify the niche products to easily penetrate into the business market. For instance, starting a clothing line e-commerce Startup would not make you stand out of the box. Make sure your product or application serves a specific need.

2. Know about the end user's need

Come up with the product or application that actually people need. The reason why Startups like Uber or PayTM has gained huge popularity is that they attended the people’s problems with the best product architecture. Simple to use and easy to understand products or solutions are what people look for.

3. Validate your Business Idea

Never dare to jump into the market with some vague business idea! It is always recommended to take the expert help before you invest your money to build your tech Startup. The Startups which are born out of necessity would obviously climb up the success ladder. Meet the people from renowned business consultancy to build a great product.

4. Introduce your product to the world

Introduce your product to the world

The best way to let know your product or application to the consumers across the market can be achieved by sending bulk emails. Make a product pre-launch email list. It is one of the known best methods to build hype about your tech startup before its launch. Approach any email marketing service providers like click 2 campaign to set up email lists to identify potential customers.

5. Aim Big

Competition exists for all range of products, despite small or big! Every entrepreneur needs to keep a close check on the ever-changing trends of the competitive markets to adopt the trends and to strengthen the product as per the industry best practices. Never blindly follow your biggest competitors without any proper strategic plan.

6. Accelerate your Startup growth

The age old saying of “slow and steady” wins the race is a big no-no in the current scenario. One of the best growth-hacking techniques is to find ways to accelerate your startup growth. Almost all the startups are looking forward to incorporating growth hacking strategies to gain quick reachability to the target audience.

7. Design a Workable Content Marketing Strategy

We all very well knew that whatever we market through online happens through content only. Be it text, images, voice, and videos, lets you promote your Tech Start-up with the help of blog posting, being 'live' in social media, ad campaigning and many more. Make your target audience to know about your product by implementing the best content marketing strategies. Ensure your website to have a shareable content URL to send across a wide variety of clients.

8. Keep your product optimized

Your branded business or a venture-capitalist funded startup need to incorporate the good number of efficient growth hacking ways to scale and grow the business. It is quite essential to keep your product optimized at regular intervals to stay competitive. Whenever you make the necessary additions to your tech startup, make sure to take them to the users across online through content marketing.

9. Implement Innovative strategies to retain the customer

Let your customers connect to your product with some avant-garde growth hacking techniques. Tell your clients, The purpose behind building this product or application. does it create value to the end-user eventually?”. Reach your customers with your startup story and let them know your thought-processes to make it stand unique among other competitors. Say your struggle-story, rather than about your product. This could connect them well to your product and they even might tell about your product or application to others.

10. Ensure Single Landing page

Single landing page entrusts high bounce rates when the customer browses your website. Set a time filter to check if any visitor stays for 30 seconds to know about the product. If Yes, it is a clear indication to understand that this person is really interested in your website. Few other ways to track visitors interest is when they scroll down the website to know more information. Potential customers behavior can be identified with the help of event listeners too.

11. Stay active across all social media platforms


These days it is mandated to stay active across all social media platforms to reach a large user base. Use communities and Facebook groups to generate awareness and promote your tech startup accordingly. You can directly interact with the people to receive their valuable feedback. Create your own lead generation channel and post interesting growth hacking tips to inspire the customers to buy your product.

12. Connect with competitors websites

One of the powerful marketing tactics to gain website traffic can be attained through guest post blogging. Build a connection with your competitors by exchanging blog posts to receive optimum DA. You can even find exclusive guest blogging sites who do high quality and organic content marketing to promote your product and thus increase brand awareness. This kind of strategies boosts search engine rankings, achieve a good number of backlinks.

13. Be a part of business events

If you want to have your tech startups presence across diverse boundaries, it is essential to have your product participation at the best possible community events and conferences to gain people's awareness. When you expose your startups to the industry experts, there is a chance that they would look into your product and suggest necessary value-additions to monetize the product.

14. Focus on your Startups’ strength

Be focussed and always stay motivated to enhance the product strength to serve the end-users requirement. Growth hacking techniques ensure smarter ways of taking your business startup to the world. To increase your credibility in the market, it is always advised to post authenticated and original content.

15. Choose a good Digital Marketing Agency

Opting an efficient digital marketing agency for your tech startup is crucial for business growth. They market your product with the techniques of paid acquisition, A/B testing and Analytics, SMM marketing, Online reputation management, etc., and thus take your tech startup business to the customers in an effective, fast and economical way.

The End-Notes:

Essentially it would be always advisable to try out new things like growth hacking techniques. Above listed could be few of the best tried and tested best practices to experiment with your startup business. Expose your customers to a creative marketing campaign to understand your product better! Identifying the niche helps the startups to become more successful.

Author : Md Mohsin Ansari

Md Mohsin Ansari is the Marketing manager at Troop Messenger – a business messenger that comes with all the requisite features. It is a viable team communication tool that is spreading its wings across all industries by bringing all the internal communication at one place.

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