Top Seven Animation and Motion Graphic Trends of 2019

Top Seven Animation and Motion Graphic Trends of 2019

Now that technology facilitates such a broad array of opportunities, it’s difficult to know what to put your focus on. Between the oldies and the latest technological phenomena, here’s a look at the top animation and motion graphics trends of 2019.

Considering the rate at which technology progresses, its trends tend to follow the same pace!  Animation and motion graphic trends are rapidly changing with the advancement achieved over the period of time. Achievements in the 3D technology especially are opening a wondrous window of opportunities which were once deemed impossible to achieve.

Similarly, 2D animation is advancing within its regime to help designers achieve milestones and set new records. 2019, so far, has shown a combination of 2D and 3D trend, bringing a completely innovative solution to animation and designing.

You can now create more complex visuals by the combination of the two and use them in a fluid motion to create a more concrete and realistic output.

Motion graphics, in 2019, has allowed you to step out of the conventional box and visualize even your surrealist imagination. Among the top trends of 2019, the changing dynamics of 3D and 2D animation has strengthened the animators to achieve significant milestones.

The motion graphic trends are now leading the field of technology alongside the pop culture movement. They're making their way into various fields in 2019 that wasn’t imaginable before.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top trends of animation and motion graphics that are gaining attention in 2019. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Combining 2D and 3D Graphics

This idea is proving to be a useful one since 2017 but it has intensified in 2019 and making remarkable success in enhancing the storytelling experience. The 2D animation studios are now integrating 3D graphics to create more realistic images and testing new approaches to achieve better graphics.

The examples are now visible in some high-profile commercials and movies. This smart combination of two has given the marketers a more cost-effective option to get appealing graphics designed from the creative agency and improvise their campaign.

2. Booming Visual Effects Capability

With the building audience appreciation for science-fiction and superhero-led movies, the value and need for visual effects are increasing. From designing complex characters to digitally creating surreal scenes, the motion graphic designers are now working on highly complex visual effects.

There’s rarely anything that you cannot create digitally anymore. Even the commercials in 2019 are now using VFX and have become popular.

3. Liquid Motion for Smooth Designing

2D animation studios and creative agencies are now using liquid motion to develop smooth transitions and shape transformations to create a more compelling look and appealing visuals.

Liquid motion adds a more organic feel to the design and enables a clean transition and movement to give a more seamless movement of the visuals on screen. This has certainly increased the competence level of the digital playing field.

4. Pastel Palettes Aren’t Out of Fashion Yet

Pastel colors have been in trend for a couple of years now. Their significance, however, seems to increase with time. 2019 has seen the use of pastel palettes in creating more powerful and dense images to convey various impacts.

Motion graphic designers in the creative agency are using these colors in movements to enhance the effects and appearance of the visuals.

Colorful palettes can make your storytelling more influential and help you set the exact mood you want to integrate. Pastel colors continue to make a positive impression on the user and are highly in trend.

5. Animation in Logos

Despite the integration of 2D and 3D animation in almost all digital and designing fields, logos and stationery elements have remained restricted to fixed designs. From 2017 onwards, we’ve seen some brands breaking the norm and integrating 2D animation in their logos.

Giants like Amazon, Google, Mozilla Firefox, and Burger King are successfully using animated logos. The trend continues in 2019 and more companies are now adopting 2D animation studios’ service to integrate effects in their logos to catch the viewers’ attention.

6. Retro Designs Are Back

Retro motion is making a comeback and the designers are making a brave move of combining it with visual effects to create a more appealing and enhanced outcome. They are combining the old designs with newer features and gaining popularity with this experiment. Their attempts are met with a positive response from the audience.

This has compelled the designers in creative agencies to utilize this blend of old with a modern touch to reach out to the targeted audience in a more compelling manner.

7. Morphing in Digital Designing

The creative agencies have started to indulge in techniques that bring together multiple ideas and transition them from one to another to create morphing graphics.

The transition of one shape to another or swift transformation of images is more engaging to look at as the viewer tries to read the message before it changes into the next.

Morphing graphics has become rather successful in conveying the message with more effectiveness. You can express more in less time without losing the attention of the audience. This approach is widely welcomed by the companies and the audience and has become an essential part of animation and motion graphic trends 2019.

The Final Word:

2019 continues to see tremendous development in 2D animation, 3D motion graphics, visual effects, digital designing, and website animation and designs. If you want to stay ahead in the competitive league, it is imperative that you keep up with these trends.

Author : Richard Kearsey

Richard Kearsey is a digital designer at Emerald Colour, a creative digital design agency in London. It also specializes in corporate branding, exhibition design &creating motion graphics. Richard loves creativity and enjoys experimenting with various design techniques for both web and print. He also enjoys sharing his thought on the latest design trends and upcoming marketing ideas.

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