A Guide to Gain Quality Leads from Social Media

A Guide to Gain Quality Leads from Social Media

Do you wish to gain quality leads from social media? If yes, here’s a blog that talks about 11 tips to achieve this objective.

The old way of marketing and advertising no longer works. The growth of social media has taken businesses to a new level of user’s engagement and when it comes to branding, the most reliable are, the recommendations and word of mouth.

The social network sites help businesses reach their prospects without investing much in marketing costs.It brings an ease in your journey of becoming a brand because a social media consumer is the best type of consumer.

1. The Value of Social Media

It has an actual value because your social media networks are channels for your brand’s voice and content. It is important because it makes you easier, more accessible for new customers and makes you more familiar and recognizable for existing customers.

The marketers are now seeing social media as a necessary tool for marketing and lead generations. It builds up your brand and connects you with your target audience.The value of social media has led to purchase decisions as people are more influenced by social media ads than television advertisements.

value of Social Media

How does it work?

With social media networks, marketers get access to most personal information of their users like their interests, hobbies, frequently visited pages, age groups and it helps them in segregating their advertisements to each target group of audience.

2. What Is Lead Generation Through Social Media?

Lead generation is not getting sales; it is getting customers to your sales funnel. Learn how to get leads through social media.

Pick Up The Right Channel:

What social marketers assume is that Facebook is the only lead generation medium for their business, but this is not the case. It is about knowing your customers and the channel that is going to get you the leads.

Get Insights About The Customers:

How do you get insights about the customers? Read their tweets, identify their interests and plan your marketing strategies as a result. You may also determine their buying patterns, their shared tweets and the websites they visit.

3. Why use Facebook?

The new algorithms of Facebook have made it difficult for the businesses to get organic reach because of paid advertising. The Facebook Ads are budget friendly and cost effective which makes is possible for every business either it is small medium enterprise, sole proprietor or a large organization to make their online prominence.

So, start advertising your brand through sponsored posts on Facebook as it does not guarantee you leads but make your reach to maximum users.

4. How to Create Engagement on Facebook?


Contests, Quizzes, and Puzzles have been huge hits on Facebook for years. It draws much attention of the users, and you likely get more likes and traffic. On the other hand, they do not guarantee you leads but brings in traffic and user engagement.

facebook engagement

5. How To Get Leads From Facebook:

Facebook is not just to get likes, and that is it. Turn it into a lead generation tool by adding unique content to your posts, set up customize tabs and run Ads to generate leads.

Create A Customized Facebook Tabs:

Creating customize Facebook tabs give you an opportunity to showcase your content, product or services alongside the default tabs.It lists your services in a more systematic way and aware the audience about your offerings.

Special Offers:

We love gift hampers and freebies that we earn without paying. If you add special offers on your Facebook page, you get more shares, more engagement and eventually you will be acquiring customer’s information.

Keep in precise forms where you can acquire customers’ name, email address, and interests as it will help you in generating leads for your business.

Surveys and Polls:

Ask your audience about how well they are using your product or services and make them express their opinions through survey forms and polling. It will help you in knowing about the interests, expectations, and desires of your users.

Discount Vouchers:

We all love bargains and look for discount and coupon codes, and they are driving sales.

There are many sites that you can advertise them on, cheaply or for free.It can make the over all cost per acquisition (CPA) lower than other channels. They can be promoted via email and social networks.

6. How to Get Followers on Twitter:

Getting followers on Twitter is valuable to your business because your followers become your customers and voice of your brand. They feel a positive sense of the business, retweets and buy from you.

Followers on Twitter

7. Set A Twitter Campaign To Get Leads:

Set a campaign and create tweets for that campaign. The tweets must have compelling reasons for the people to follow you. It could either have,

  • Discount Vouchers
  • Updating about upcoming offers
  • Creating awareness about product and services

8. How To Get More Likes And Retweets?

A Tweet engagement program upfront you to the audience and if you run a Tweet engagement and promote your Tweets, you get exposure to a broad and targeted group of audience that will like, retweet and comment on your tweets.

9. Why use LinkedIn?

If you are a business and selling products to other businesses, then LinkedIn is the most appropriate social network to showcase your business and services. With 500 million users on LinkedIn, you have a huge potential to attract leads with your offerings. Here are few tips you must follow,

  • Setting up a LinkedIn profile is not it, start connecting to users, businesses so you can catch up later with them.
  • Optimize your profile, so you do not get listed as a Spammer.
  • Name your profile and upload a decent profile picture as it makes your profile look genuine.
  • After setting up your profile and connections, make a group of your services. Let’s suppose,
  • If you are outsourcing or Consultancy Company, then make up a group of consultants.
  • If you are a design company, let suppose, a custom logo design company then look up for businesses looking for design services and add them to a group.
  • It is not it, keep on adding posts and 3-5 lines of content every day to keep your profile and group alive.

10. Filter Your Leads On LinkedIn:

With around 500 million users on LinkedIn, you get a good number of leads in your sales funnel, but you may not get all. Filter out your leads by narrowing your search results to,

  • Location
  • Industry

You end up filling up your sales funnel with a good number of potential leads and now what? Now, start connecting with each of your prospects individually to turn your leads into potential customers. It is all about getting the little details of your leads. The next are all your efforts to make loyal customers.

Leads On LinkedIn

11. Promote your LinkedIn Ads:

There are few more options to accelerate your statuses, post, and groups,

  • Advertising – Use LinkedIn Ads to promote your content and groups.
  • Keep your profile active, even if you do not have something new to share, but keep on adding content, infographics, and statuses to keep your connection alive with your users.

Promote your LinkedIn Ads

Wrapping up,

There is nothing complicated in getting leads; it just needs time and continuous efforts to attract potential customers. Plan your strategies, execute and let your business get sales. It not only gets you leads but using social media also optimizes your site for search engines. The search engine crawlers identify that which pages of your social media networks are consistently getting traffic and helps the bots to climb your page much faster in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Just Like Twitter tweets, Facebook Chat and LinkedIn groups are great places to identify and engage leads for conversions. On a most primary level, you can also simply track who is engaging with the content you post on these social networks which you should probably be doing and follow up individually with your prospects and a good marketer makes the most of these simple steps.

Author Bio:

Carissa Melvin is an Author and Digital Marketing Specialist of Craftive Studio. She is a professional blogger with core expertise in design, digital marketing and search engine optimization.

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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