How can Explainer Videos Drive more Leads?

How can Explainer Videos Drive more Leads?

Know everything about explainer videos, explainer video examples, and how to make a stellar explainer video that will jumpstart conversion rates.

There is no doubt that you need to focus on video marketing to get the desired rate of return from your marketing campaigns. The rise of the demand for videos has even modified the way we publish blogs these days, as dull text blogs are not enough to spark engagement among the readers. 

A recent survey found that the number of people who prefer watching a product video over those who want to read the production description was four times higher. 

Thousands of options are available these days when it comes to the types of videos that you want to create and publish. Among various choices, an explainer video is one. Explainer video production does not cost a lot to produce by joining hands with the best animation video company, and its return on investment is quite high, provided you publish and promote it in the right manner.

You can get started with free animation explainer software online and get the taste of an explainer video. Around 90% of the businesses are using some of the best explainer videos out there to nurture customers just by sharing short, appealing and engaging video content. 

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How does an explainer video boost leads and sales?

The main goal of a business is to make a profit, and we need to see the benefits in terms of monetary value before taking action in an organization. So, here are some of the ways explainer videos can bring tons of potential customers to your doors and convert them by using the best explainer video software out there.

1. Can grab attention and increase traffic

Before you get a chance to explain your worth to your audience, you need to grab your audience's attention and bring them into your product page/channel. Because once you are successful in capturing your visitors' eye, then you can easily inspire them to make a purchase. 

An explainer video is a useful kind of content that can quickly grab the attention of new users. As per the statistics, it is found that 78% of the people say that explainer videos are one of the most effective tactics to attract visitors. 

The above image represents the search result of a random keyword. What I want you to know is to notice the videos that stand above all other search results. It shows how Google values videos, and by uploading a top-notch video, you can get in that featured section and get a lot of traffic. 

The new visitors, after clicking the link, are likely to stay longer in your video due to the nature of the content. If you do things right by adding a great hook, story, and lively characters, your video will lure viewers into staying till the end and taking action that you want them to take, which will eventually boost your conversion rate. 

According to the analysis, 72% of the people believe that videos help in enhancing website conversion rate. 

Google also loves videos, and the addition of explainer video will naturally make your business get more love from it. Also, the best explainer videos have a higher chance of getting viral, which will give you not only immediate traffic but also a massive boost in the social signal, leading to better SEO performance in the long run. 

Thus, if you want to see your website in the top searches of Google, that will further help you help generate sales, start using explainer videos in different ways.

2. Illustrates problems and solutions in a simple manner

You may be thinking that people buy your products, but you're wrong. In one way, people indeed pay for your product/service, but the truth is that they purchase the solution to their problems. If you find a way to show them their problems and solutions in an entertaining way, they will be eager to take help from you. 

Explainer videos are in a sequential manner that takes viewers on a journey, which at first shows the problems and their casualties. Then, the video will make them desperate for the solution, which will be your product/service. It will make your viewers excited and make them eager to get in touch with you. 

No matter how complex your product/service is, through explainer videos you can easily explain your ideas as it will help you to make a good impression on your audience.  Thus always remember that explainer videos can be game changer of your marketing as the first visit to your video can make or break your site. 

3. Able to establish your brand authority

Do you want to make a list of loyal customers? If not, you should consider it, as the value of repeat customers is way more than a one-time buyer. 

It is easier to sell your ideas and pitch products to someone who has already bought something from you because they are not a cold audience. One of the ways to build brand authority is via explainer videos. 

You can create awareness via explainer videos, explain a sophisticated topic, make a video for charity, and so on. If you provide value to your user base, they will begin to trust you more and more, making it easier for you in the future to launch new products/services. 

Also, if you have a strong relationship with your audience, then you can easily attract them towards yourself and inspire them to purchase your products or avail your services. 64% of the people say that they can make a purchase easily after watching a branded video. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start building your brand authority by sharing awesome explainer videos. 

4. Allow you to be extremely creative

There is no thick boundary in an animated explainer video production that limits your creativity like a talking head video. You can try a lot of new things and integrate that new stuff into your video without impacting the video quality and distorting your message.

The best explainer video software out there should let you insert jokes, add creative and weird animated characters, and more in your explainer videos. By combining these artistic elements, you will be making your audience love your style of presentation. So, make sure whenever you start producing video content, make sure you understand what your target audience are looking for. It will help you in producing videos according to their interest which will boost your conversions and sales. 

5. Applicable to customers of all buying stage

The primary objective of an explainer video is to educate your potential customers about your product/service by illustrating the problems to them. However, the use case of an explainer video is not only limited to the awareness stage. 

It is possible to use explainer videos anywhere, from your site to various video-sharing platforms. If you are trying to reach out to people who are already aware of your brand, you can customize the video and integrate it into your landing page. 

It is also an excellent strategy to get a new audience via an explainer video on YouTube and then guide them to the funnel. 

6. Can demonstrate the first-hand experience

The study shows that human beings have mirror neurons, which allow them to feel others' pain and also get the feeling of achievement after watching other people going through struggles and achieving the ultimate success. 

The nature of explainer videos allows you to show benefits and the process of using the product, for instance, explainer video software. It will activate the mirror neurons of your audience and give them a sense of satisfaction, which will motivate them to give away their email addresses or purchase a product from your company. 

Also, it is seen that after watching an explainer video, people are able to retain information for longer which will further be beneficial for your business. 

7. Higher information retention rate

There are plenty of things happening when your viewers are watching an explainer video. 

You are stimulating multiple senses of your audience with your explainer video, which will help in making them understand and retain more information. Furthermore, you are entertaining your viewers along with putting out texts in the animation at times, which will make them grasp the message of your video. 

The people who understand and retain the information are ideal people who will be eager to do business with you, and with an explainer video production, you can turn more prospects into your ideal customers

Over to You

Every business owner wants to adopt strategies that cost less but can bring in tons of revenue to their organization. One of the best things that you can integrate into your marketing plan is explainer video software, as you can get an influx of cash if you manage to get your strategy right

Now that you know how some of the best explainer videos can help you maximize your business potential, you should start working on the production of this type of video by using some of the best explainer video software available out there. You can either learn the skills or outsource this task to a reputed animation company. Are you satisfied with our article? If yes, do share your thoughts and insights with our community. 

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