How to Get All Your Employees Involved in Social Media Marketing

How to Get All Your Employees Involved in Social Media Marketing

Every organization today knows employees are the real contributors to their success. Hence, it becomes imperative to get them involved in your social media marketing strategy. In this blog, we look at various strategies that you can adopt to get all your employees in social media marketing.

The impact of social media imposes great and enormous advantages on the part of making a business marketing strategy today. The inclusion of different social media in a business strategy is the pivotal point of promoting your brand. It can be a game changer when you successfully able to explore and utilize the social media’s potentials throughout your business strategies.

According to the Ambassador, 71% of consumers who have has a good social media service experience with a company are likely to recommend it to others. That is why most companies nowadays are using social media as an effective customer service tool to increase brand engagement and win new customers.

For a company to achieve this end using social media, employees’ involvement is of great value. But how can you get all your employees involved in every social media marketing activity you carry out. Read on, this article will help you.

How to Encourage Employee Social Media Advocacy:

1. Give your employees incentives to share your content

Your employees can get involved in your social media efforts by encouraging them to share company-related contents. And to get the ball rolling, you may offer incentives for your employees for sharing your contents. One fun way to do this is by creating competitions around their sharing activities such as weekly challenges and games. Of course, the employees who shared the most should be rewarded accordingly.

Give your employees incentives to share your content

Sharing contents that are related to your brand are truly beneficial for your business and your employees as individuals. It could help your business influence new audiences and it could also help in establishing your employees’ personal brand, as it positions them as whizzes in the niche.

2. Establish an open communication

Open communication inside one company is very essential. It’s like knocking down the wall between them. And this is essential to get everyone on your team participates in your social media marketing campaigns. Though it seems very difficult to have an intro- and inter-department communication, it is not impossible as you can facilitate different social media meetings to address the issue.

Establish an open communication

Consider the conduct of weekly or bi-weekly assemblies for social-media participants to attend. Ask them about the new trends they know, competitor social media activities and any recurring customer comments or complaints.

The results of meetings like this are very beneficial as it could leave some sort of inspiration for your employees to try new strategies and make a positive difference for your business and their own personal brands.

3. Record social media workflow

Workflows are steps or processes that have to be done by a team to complete a specific task. These are essential for the operation of all types of business.

For example, you can establish a workflow for promoting a new blog post on social media. It will begin when the article goes live on your site. Then, you may ask someone to build out image assets to attach to social posts. After some hashtag research, and the posts will be conscripted and will then be approved for each social channel. Next, the publication of the post will be scheduled. You should be able to tackle as well the other promotion channels such as email newsletters, community forums, paid distribution platforms, co-marketing partners’ presences and influencer posts.

Also, make sure that all processes are efficient and are making a lot of sense for mapping out the workflows that your employees most commonly repeated in the form of a schematic diagram or list.

When workflows are already planned out, everyone can keep track of a project’s development. And the efficiencies and improvements of the workflow could be addressed during scheduled social-media meetings.

4. Let your employees be themselves

When your employees get to involve and promote your company’s social media activities, also let them recognize the fact that they still have the freedom to maintain and use their unique self and voices. Do not restrict them from being themselves and creating genuine posts. Just inspire them to be honest, authentic and portray the business in a constructive light as they add their own spin to a post or topic.

 Let your employees be themselves

5. Keep everyone in the posting schedule loop

Having your employees involved in your social media marketing activities can be little tricky thus, require extra coordination. As an old but true cliché niches, the right-hand needs to know what the left hand is doing.

posting schedule loop

So to ensure that everyone is oriented and everything is properly coordinated, it is important to make a social media calendar that entails every activity on its rightful schedule, along with the links that have already been curated.

6. Share your employee’s accomplishments

The efforts and hard works of your employees should be also recognized. Appreciate and share your employees’ little victories. Doing so can motivate them to perform well and it could also make them personally attached to your brand. And since social media is a bit of a “brag-worthy” vent, your employee will be more likely to share their accomplishments with their friends and family too.

In your social media channel, you can feature an Employee of the Month, employees that have won awards or those who have been mentioned in top publications. Even sharing means that individual employees have gotten involved in the community can be a great way to grow your social engagement among employees while building your brand’s culture and reputation.

Also, don’t forget to share the companywide accomplishments like winning any type of awards for great products and services, or even an RP hit. Company’s accomplishment is a wonderful social content. And your proud employees will be more likely to things like these.

To wrap it up:

Social encouragement leads to motivated employees. And motivated employees can bring one business to the road of greatness. It is important to recognize your employee’s contribution to your business because whether we admit it or not they are the framework of the company they work with. We must keep in mind that workers who were well-taken care of by the management become more productive and work with high sense of responsibility.

Kate Manning is an Outreach Community Specialist for Little Giant, a leading digital agency in Auckland that offers digital marketing, branding, web development, e-commerce, and SEO services. Her fields of expertise are company management and efficient work environment through latest technology trends, as well as internet marketing.

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