How to Build More Loyal Customers with Email Signature Marketing

How to Build More Loyal Customers with Email Signature Marketing

Are you thrilled to generate more leads? Here are best of the 10 ways to build loyal customers using a perfect email signature strategy.

Anyone from the marketing industry knows how important customer loyalty is, which is why using a marketing tool like email signature can be beneficial. Email signature marketing is the perfect avenue for you to advertise your company, increase engagement, share latest updates and connect with your customers.

You can include banners alongside your email signature to communicate your messages effectively. Email signature banners are more meaningful because they are tailored to customers’ interests and therefore, show relevant data without appearing interruptive.

Combining email signature with banners for the best email signature marketing strategy also helps to generate more leads. So, here are some of the ways to build loyal customers using a perfect email signature strategy.

1. Increase brand awareness

You can use email signature marketing as part of your brand awareness strategy. Helga Zabalkanskaya, Chief Marketing Officer at Newoldstamp recommends to includes not only your company’s name and contact information but also add banners. You can even keep your company’s logo, slogan, and add a link to a page with more content. It encourages customers to connect with you and your company.

2. Use a photo to make your email more personal

Using a photo in your email signature helps you build intimacy with your customers. Despite not knowing you in real life, photos retain that personal element in your email. It will build a connection with your customers that goes beyond computer screens, and they are more likely to trust you and your company.

photo to make your email more personal

3. Use email signature to collect customer feedback

For customer-facing companies, they are one of the best places to ask for customer feedback. Allowing customers to provide feedback on different services and employees will help you gauge your customers’ happiness. You could utilize a one-click survey link to incorporate feedback mechanisms into your email signature banners.

4. Ask for review at reviews platform

You can use to encourage customers to share feedback. Reviews often won’t happen unless you specifically request your customers and having current customers leave reviews on your services can influence your potential customers. So, find creative ways to use banners to encourage your customers to post reviews on different platforms.

5. Share company news

Email signature marketing lets you share company news and updates with your customers very easily. In your banners, you can tag links to news articles and press release that highlight the good news. It will spark interest among your customers, keep them well updated and also make them feel like they are a part of your company.

Instead of just linking all your social media profiles, use links and social media icons to only link your business profiles. Keeping it concise helps reduce clutter, save space and more importantly, drive traffic towards the more important profiles. Providing links to your business profiles also helps build credibility in the eyes of your customers.

Provide links to business profiles on social media pages

7. Invite customers to participate in referral programs

Because customers don’t always have your company on the top of their minds, you have to go the extra mile and continuously look to engage them. You shouldn’t expect them to take the initiative, so you have to constantly remind them to participate in and promote your referral programs. Use CTAs and banners to write a short message about the program and include a link where they can sign up for your email signature.

8. Share your blog updates

You can add promotional links to your email signature so seize this opportunity to advertise your blog. Then, make use of banners to share latest blog updates. Blog content is fresh and more engaging with customers as it is regularly updated with new information and will retain customers’ attention for a more extended period.

Share your blog updates

9. Invite customers to webinars

Inviting customers to upcoming webinars is one of the simplest methods of keeping them engaged. Adding the webinar landing page link to your email signature lets your customers sign up and also showcases your keen interest in their participation.

10. Use email signature to schedule a meeting

We often waste a lot of time emailing back and forth just to schedule a meeting. So, if you know how to add scheduling abilities to your email signature, then you’ll not only take your email signature marketing game up by a notch but also save your customers and yourself a lot of time. Just by knowing this one simple trick, you’ll be able to schedule meetings in real time and also build more loyal customers.

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