Email Marketing Performance Tracking – Leads to Business Growth

Email Marketing Performance Tracking – Leads to Business Growth

Have you ever thought about tracking the performance of your email marketing? If not, here's a blog that will help you achieve this endeavor. In this blog, we have talked about three performance metrics that you need to track to ensure that your email marketing open rates are always at the peak.

Key for any business is to be standing out from the crowd. Email marketing is the most famous marketing strategy and delivers the highest return on investment.

One way measures the effectiveness of your email marketing is to track the open rates, bounced back rates and click through ratio. The extracted statics from the tracking provides you the opportunity to test and improve your email marketing campaign. There are plenty of tips to save  email marketing open rates from dropping to an extensive amount.

1. Open Rate Tracking:

Open rate is the percentage of recipients who opened your email from the overall list of emails used in the campaign. It indicates the performance of your email marketing campaign and also indicates that how many of your recipients are actually care about your content.

  • How this work?

To find this out email marketing tools use a tiny, transparent and invisible image called web beaconor tracking Pixelinto each HTML email campaign, that displayed when subscriber open your email. When the image is downloaded at the recipient’s end from your server, it is counted as opened on your campaign report.

Open Rate Tracking

Some Automated replies like on a tour or out of office usually do not download these images so they shouldn’t have counted as open.

Open rate tracking is a great tool to measure your subscriber’s engagement but it’s not 100% accurate, it does have its limitation, such as it does not work with plain text or when the subscriber has selected not to display or download the image. However, we do record the people through a clickable link (excluding unsubscribe link) in your campaign, if not with a downloaded image.

Now that Open tracking is not accurate but that doesn’t mean that it is pointless but there’s still value in tracking opens, Open statistics can be used to segment your customers and targets list, to define further actions like sending follow up email, resend email of asking what else you can do for your customers or unmark the email id for similar kind of email to avoid spamming.

2. Bounced Back Rate Tracking:

Number or percentage of email addresses where you email campaign could not get through or delivered to. A high bounce rate means your email client’s list has become obsolete. There could be several reasons for this may be the particular email address is no longer in use, irrelevant to the client and that’s why sender is marked as spammer., this can damage the reputation of the sender to back list operators and anti-spam networks.

Bounced Back Rate Tracking

To prevent Bounce back rate, one should take care of their receivers list. Do not use the stale list, avoid sending emails to the clients whom you are not in contact from last six or seven months. Track and remove incorrect email address and invalid domain.

Keep confirm opt-in option in your campaign ie., verify their email address is correct by confirming their intent to subscribe if the confirmation link is not clicked then the person’s email address is remained as unconfirmed on your list. To target the interested customer Given them the option of subscribing and unsubscribing. Filter from previous bounces.

3. Click Through Rates:

Percentage of total recipients who clicked on any tracked link in your campaign is known as Click Through Rates. Click tracking indicated how many subscribers clicked on the link provided to your email campaign and Number of times an individual link was clicked by a particular subscriber. Metrics of Click through rates gives you a direct picture of your campaign performance and indicate your subscriber’s engagement, content accuracy and represent the list of people who are actually interested in your brand and want to know about it.

Click Through Rates

Senders usually involve Call to Action in the email which they want their receiver to click and drive through. Firstly, you need to understand why a receiver should click through your CTA link? Is it of their interest or benefit? Is that invoking the sense of curiosity of your receiver., with which they feel like they are missing something if not click on the given link?

Use infographics, Videos, offers etc. to display your message in an interactive way. Encourage your receiver to share your message. Show them the path towards your social media links or web pages.

  • How this work?

Email Marketing tools ad tracking information in each click-through Link that was enabled for tracking in a campaign. Each time subscriber clicks on the tracking URL it redirects to the intended web address through the tracking server and counted as a click.

Click through rate = Number of people who clicked a link / Total number of email recipients


Number of people who clicked a link / Number of people who opened an email

Click Through Rates

In the Business fraternity, Email Marketing is still a part of a strong Marketing strategy.  It enhances business communication and one can target very specific audience and target market to communicate the right message.

By tracking customer’s behavior and campaign performance you can find out what they are actually interested in and by using this data you can improve your campaign by sending emails to highly targeted email lists and as a result, more qualified leads that could finally generate better and improved sales.

Track, analyze and implement email marketing strategy to drive sales and to connect with your customers. The budget for email marketing is on the upswing. According to Mckinsey, email marketing is 40 times more effective in acquiring a customer than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Abhilasha Shrivastava is Business Development Manager works closely with Dhrup LLC. She is excellent in her email marketing strategies aiming to share her knowledge with her flawless blog writing skills. You can check her Linkedin.

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