9 Email Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Repeat In 2021

9 Email Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Repeat In 2021

Poorly crafted email campaigns can damage your reputations and send pitches straight to the spam folder. Know the email marketing mistakes to avoid in 2021

Email Marketing is no more; an extra step in the blogging world;  it has gained massive importance in recent years. Though email marketing may seem like ‘just a task of informing your audience’, if it isn’t structured or planned properly; then it will have no impact. 

Let’s learn about the right email marketing practice; very importantly-about the things that are best avoided for a successful email marketing spree. 

Come 2021, it is a very effective exercise to gain more traffic and has multiple advantages.

Email Marketing Benefits:

  • Establish a clear introduction and maintain a great reading relationship with your readers-it helps in growing their numbers.

  • It is a great way to welcome back repeat visitors and have a higher count of pageviews; as email marketing works as a reminder to your readers, every time a fresh post is published.

  • Regular visits help your readers to learn more about you and hence the trustworthiness too gets a boost.

  • By email marketing,  you get an entry into readers “inboxes”- your content reaches their private space and will stay there until it’s read or is deleted. This is an effective way to reach out unlike on the social media pages-where the published posts just tend to vanish.

  • In their inbox, there is lesser competition hence your blog has a greater chance of getting read. Remember, people read fewer numbers of emails than they do on social media pages. Just make the blogs interesting and informative enough for the readers to look forward to your mail. 

  • Email marketing is not subjected to algorithm changes or any other occurrences; this allows the control to the publisher which again isn’t possible on the social media platforms.

  • Allows earning some bucks-Though money-making isn’t the primary goal of email marketing; it provides a great opportunity to make some serious money.

  • Last but in no means the least; email marketing is a serious promotional tool that isn’t going anywhere-it has been in practice for years now and the good news is that; it continues to have an increasing number of people who are turning to it for a greater, personal and faster reach out to their target audience.  

So, it is only logical that you avail the benefits of doing effective email marketing. However, in the current era, email marketing is much more than just informing the reader that you have got a blog space of your own and you keep posting new blogs every now and then. 

Don’t flash that annoying “Sign-up NOW” dialogue box and bother readers with constant reminders to subscribe to your blog page. 


Rather, you have a useful method of gaining subscribers and getting to your objectives by not committing to the common mistakes that keep happening in email marketing.  

Email Marketing Mistakes to avoid:

1. Dull, Meaningless Subject Lines:

  • You first need to get rid of these. No more pointless subject lines or over-throwing ones that give zero ideas of what the email is all about. 
  • Always do keep yourself in place of the reader of the mail and imagine reading a strange subject line that says nothing about the mail and is rather confusing-Now will you take the time to open the mail and reader further….. Honestly, you won’t. 

  • So, drafting a subject line that is short, to the point is very essential. Just do away with the long-form subject lines that keep telling a story. 

  • The ones which are found to be interesting have just 50 characters or even less and are the ones with information. 

  • You need to dedicate some time to frame the ones which are liked-it is a task and one that will need practice. Remember, the subject line is the face of your mail and you’d want the readers to like it. 

2. Make use of Generic email addresses:

  • Would you be more interested in talking to a robot or a real person?  That’s exactly how people feel and prefer when they receive emails from generic addresses. You need to find the right email address.

  • People before connecting to any brand are keen on knowing the maker of that brand, hence they want to know you-THE SENDER. 

Using email addresses that read: 

noreply@xyz.com (This one’s a crime)


sales@xyz.com (Pure business-oriented)

  • Can seriously put off the readers and they just won’t navigate to the core blog page. 

  • Always, write an email from the first person place and try addressing the reader on a personal level, this works deep in creating a one to one relationship and is more proven to help you reach your ultimate goal.

3. Not Getting Personal:

  • You have people’s contact information, make the most of it by getting personal with them. Address people in a close manner-make them that they are a part of something big, that’s good for them and is going to change their lives for the better. 
  • Create a mail that’s as good as talking to the person and make sure you’d touch something that’s away from the main topic; maybe something that's an unexpected concern coming from a person the reader hasn’t even met.
  • Getting personal on a mail and creating an end line that’s warm and inviting is the core of a good email.

4. Don’t write boring mail:

  • Yes, you do have a purpose and it is important to achieve that; but forcing someone to read all that you know is injustice. Moreover, many wouldn’t be a part of it as they just need to click a delete button to get away.

  • Make the mail content interesting-look for some keywords that can be used, the ones which are a super success for writing convincing emails; more importantly, the ones which are relevant to your niche.

  • Express information but do it in an interesting way, that gets the readers aboard for a longer span. Look into adding infographics, fun GIFs, and interesting images.

Keep it short, sweet and don’t fail to make use of the bullets wherever it's possible. Shorter emails have maximum takers so keep this in mind while you write your next.

5. Not Proofreading it :

  • How about reading an email that has several spell errors, a weird grammar tone and a series of lengthy sentences (Something which I used to write a lot). 

  • All of the above can be easily avoided only if you indulge yourself with reading what you have written and triple-checking your grammar (manually or with software like Writer & Grammarly) before you click that SEND button.

  • Proofreading has no substitute and will never have one. Make sure you don’t send even a single email that is written but not proofread by you.

  • Email marketing is done to promote what you have on offer. People tend to forget to mention links to their social media pages, now that’s some mistake as no matter how good your offer may be, it becomes difficult for the reader to explore it.

  • Not including social media links on the email hinders the opportunity of massive exposure and may limit your success. Let them reach you on your social pages as well; having more fans isn’t a bad time after all!

7. Not Mobile Friendly:

  • You will lose around 53 readers out of every 100 if your email is not appropriately formatted for mobile devices. You can’t expect your readers to put in their efforts with zooming or switching to a desktop, just to read your content.

Hence, it is absolutely essential to make sure that your emails appear and feel the same and yield a positive response from the readers; irrespective of the devices it reaches them.

8. Blank Shooting of mails without segmenting:

  • If you think that one email is good enough to cover all the target audience; you are totally wrong. 

  • Segregating the target on the basis of locations, age groups, gender and background is a much more effective way to have a higher response rate; whereas, it surely brings down the number of unsubscribing members.  

  • Though the task of segregating your members under several criteria can be a tough task, there are multiple FREE tools on the net making this task simpler for you. Have trust, this effort makes a big impact and has returns beyond expectations. 


  • Probably the most common mistake of them all. We all have come across that never-ending list of recipients on that ‘TO’ slot.

  • Studies show that even today, 89% of online marketers are mindlessly committing this error of sending an email to a mass audience, with hopes of getting one or two interesting receivers to respond back. 

  • Be among the remaining 11% and pick your target audience logically; send them emails that really have substance in them and convey that responding to your email will be worthwhile. 

In addition to this, ensure that your email list only has verified addresses. Use a tool to verify your email to prune your list so that your mail reaches the right people.

So, here is the exclusive selection of the most common email marketing mistakes that online marketers and bloggers from worldwide are committing. Learn from them and get to the opposite; converting them into the most useful email marketing tactics of 2021.  

Kiara McColl is a content manager at Clickmatix, where she gets to do what she loves doing- writing and managing content with smart digital marketers in the company. She also has expertise in web marketing, search engine optimisation, social media, affiliate marketing. Her strong passion for technology always drives her to explore the changing trends in the digital industry and making people know about it through her blogs.

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