6 Elements of Art That Make a Powerful Custom Design

6 Elements of Art That Make a Powerful Custom Design

This article illustrates six most creative aspects while creating the custom designs. Keep reading as we dive into each element one by one.

Design always attracts when it has elements that could grab the audience’s mind in one go. Creative designs demand robust creativity and dynamic conception to make the custom designs more alluring.

Opening Up the Intelligence

The digital world always revolves around the new concepts, ideas, designs, and elements that make the objects creative and eye-catching. In custom design, designers only produce unique designs when they have the audacity to avail all the elements judicially.

Custom designs become the digital industry’s focal point when brands start realizing the power of custom designs in their logos, websites, and brandings. Good designers always have basic elements in their mind while producing the custom designs such as typography, colours, shapes, balance, hue, value, lines, spacing, etc.

The article dares to enhance your intelligence by explaining the six elements of robust custom designs.  These dynamic elements dare to produce fantastic design principles and smartly align the structural elements. Let’s unwrap the six most creative aspects while creating the custom designs.

●  The Blissful Alignments & Lines

In custom designs, lines are considered as the most predominant element to produce majestic custom designs. These lines have multiple shapes, sizes, and colors to make the custom designs more engaging and attractive enough to grab the eyes at first sight.

Designers also have the liberty to make these lines visible and invisible. These lines have intensities of thickness and thinness to show the diversity in the custom designs effectively. Some bold line options are mainly used to highlight the objects or text via its grabbing texture.

The “Line Element” allows designers to create a fantastic layout by setting the limits and boundaries of the object to make it more prominent in the custom designs. Lines could be used in dividing the elements to make it look more soothing and aesthetic.

Two major lines smartly hold the entire custom design’s creativity. Here is the purpose of these lines.

  • “Actual Lines: Designers can create these actual lines from pen and brush to connect two major points.
  • Implied Lines: The implied lines have shown when any design, shape, object, or colors meet to make the custom designs more alluring.

“Read Between the Lines and Free Your Mind”

● The Thriving White Space

Space always feels empty until you cover it with some creativity. In custom design, there is a space between and under the object called White Space. White space is always found in the gaps of particular objects and typography to make the designs more dominant.

The space could be any color under the custom design process, ranging from the background spacing to the space under or between the objects, images, or any design pattern. Here are some examples of white space in the famous brand’s logos, such as YOGA AUSTRALIA, FedEx, and Formula 1.

  • White Space smartly dares to entice the viewers at first sight due to its hidden creativity in the white space areas of the custom designs.
  • It also improves the design comprehension and readability to make it more stylish and elegant simultaneously.
  • It helps the custom design to create the balance ideally and provide some creative directions effectively.
  • White space is prominent in the typography.

All designers always wish to avail themselves of the white spacing in their projects to make them more creative after the new century.

 “Empty Space Is Attractive”

● The Majestic Colours

Only colors dare to grab the soul at first sight. Without colors, there is no depth in any sort of design. White and black have their own charm; still, colors create majestic vibes to the custom designs. Colour makes the designs more creative, engaging and alluring simultaneously.

Colors are versatile in graphic design as designers can smartly utilize the colours range as background, shapes, and creative shapes to produce dynamic colorful custom designs. All colors have their different psyches according to the main themes and product images.

Every color explains its characteristics and leaves a majestic effect on human minds. Let’s know more about it. All designers continually undergo the color wheel to dynamically avail the specific factors such as Hue, Saturation, and Value.

  • Red: Power, Emergency, Rage
  • Yellow: Ecstasy, Joy.
  • Orange: Vigilance, Anticipation
  • Green: Health, Trust, Admiration
  • Blue: Grief, Sadness
  • Light Blue: Amazement, Surprise
  • Black: Mystery, Power, Elegance

● Designers avail the Hue effect to color recognition on the custom design objects.

● Designers avail the Saturation effect to set down the intensity of the shade.

● Designers utilize the Value effect to settle the darkness and lightness of the color.

 “Fill Your Designs with Colours”

The Amazing Shapes

Beauty always comes with unique shapes and creativity. A shape refers to an action when two-dimensional lines fringe the objects and showcase the third central element to produce the dynamic custom design. 

Several shapes are available for any design process, such as circles, triangles, squares, and round. Shapes are not ending their settlement here and show versatility such as animals, humans, flowers, houses. Shapes are also expressed as organic, abstract, and geometric.

● Geometrical shapes explain triangle, circle, oval, square, and round kinds of shapes.

● Organic shapes always come in natural and plane boundaries. Organic shapes never have sharp, edgy, and creative boundaries.

● Abstract shapes explain the minimalist custom designs.

● Circles & Ovals: Circle and ovals always come up with the feel of constancy, life, and togetherness.

● Squares & Rectangles: These shapes always showcase security and solidity.

● Triangles: Triangles refer to power and liveliness.

● Spirals: Spirals show nature and dynamic revolutions.

.“Shapes Can Make Designs Elegant”

The Sensational Texture

Your patterns and texture choice should define your valuable mindset while creating awesome custom designs for your clients. Textures should embellish the custom design through its dynamic vibes. Designers always go for perfect textures to make their designs more robust and elegant at the same time.

  • Designers always use textures to always fulfill the entire design’s needs to meet the 2D looks desires.
  • It is also considered as another more important element of custom designs. Some designers always utilize the power of unique textures and patterns as white spacing alternates to make their designs more attractive.
  • Brands always go for perfect and unique textures to simultaneously make their products, images, posts, and background relevant and creative.

Just like textile companies always go for the textile textures and wooden companies always go for the wooden textures or patterns to make their designs dynamic and innovative smartly.

Never go for the various textures and patterns to make your custom designs overloaded and unattractive. Custom designs should have only one to two textures simultaneously as it dares to grab the visitor’s attention.

.“Art Is The Texture Of Your Minds”

The Superior Typography

Typography is considered as the soul for some unique and specific designs.

Designs feel rough without typography; especially custom designs always demand creative typography to make the custom designs more engaging and enticing to the viewers.

The one who will neglect this element will lose the game at the end of the day as typography has been a vital part of the digital world. Typography covers the entire digital form, ranging from video animations to logo niches via its spectacular and mind-blowing creative fonts and styles.

Graphic designers and video animators always use typography to convey the brand’s core message to the targeted audience in one go. Typography is the soul of designs, blogs, video animations, websites, and articles to explain the brand’s services without any hazardous outcomes promptly.

  • It helps the brands to educate their targeted audience in creative and innovative ways.
  • It is considered the best medium to communicate with the audience as it also attracts the viewers.
  • It dynamically attracts attention and conveys educated vibes.
  • Creative typography helps brands to spread out harmony, professionalism and build an informative hierarchy.
  • Typography has various font families and styles.
  • Some typography like Times New Roman and Courier New avail in severe conditions.
  • Some typography is considered funny, like Comic Sans and Open Sans.

.“Typography Is The Subtle Way Of Communication”

Wrapping Up the Intelligence

Several elements blow a new spirit in your custom designs by jaw-dropping and empowering styles and creative factors. Designers are everywhere; still, not all men using photoshop and illustrator are professional ones. Only experienced designers actually know the dynamic worth of the elements the article highlighted effectively.

These elements can boost your creative side and enhance the vision to produce the most extraordinary custom designs for further projects. Designers have the liberty to create whatever they want according to the client’s needs. Still, these elements can embellish their custom designs more dynamic and creative at the same time to facilitate your targeted audience smartly. Nothing goes wrong when designers always consider the primary and significant elements of designing. They need to utilize the perfect guidelines to make their graphic designing more creative, innovative, dominant, and sharp enough to grab the viewer’s eyes smartly. Designs and designers are everywhere; You will be lucky if you find a professional one.

Usman Khan is a Digital Marketing Executive at Techxide. Usman Khan spends most of his time understanding audiences and attracting them with his strategic content. When he's not on his work desk, you'll find him gaming and searching for the latest fashion trends.

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