How E-commerce Chatbot Lets You Win High Holiday Sales

How E-commerce Chatbot Lets You Win High Holiday Sales

Chatbots can work wonders for your eCommerce business especially when you have shortage of staff. In this write-up, we discuss how eCommerce chatbot lets you win high holiday sales.

A lot of hype around Chatbot exists in the market. Almost all leading global brands have adopted it and rests are in the queue. More than a dozen Chatbot providers are on the way to lure enterprises, SMBs, and even startup invest in Chatbot integration.

Ecommerce businesses have grabbed a big chunk of Chatbot market with great adoption and apparent success. For instance,

  • ‘1-800-Flowers’ have experienced 70% of raise in new orders after Chatbot integration.
  • Nitro Café has witnessed a 20% increase in sales & revenue with customized Chatbot.
  • Sun’s Soccer has reported 43% of CTR with Chatbot subscribers only.
  • FB Messenger Chatbot has increased 300% of orders for Asos.

I don’t want you to mess up with technicality involved in the integration of Chatbot products during eCommerce development or an existing online storefront.

For instance, Facebook offers easy to integrate Chatbot APIs for a range of leading ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and a lot.

Therefore, I attempt to illustrate some useful ways to apply Chatbot in your ecommerce and increase sales during the holiday season.

1. How to Drive Customer Acquisition via Chatbot

Social media integrated Chatbot like Facebook Messenger helps you in customer acquisition thanks to its innovative offerings.

  • Chat Bubbles have the universal appearance, and it is available in either compact form or full design.
  • Product page button is an addition to the chat bubble and can customize in shapes, sizes, and CTA to be fitted in page contexts.
  • Send message button on above the fold location help business to establish quick communications with followers.
  • Ads to Bots setting helps business to start conversations with the Facebook users who hit the ads. It saves users to go to the landing page and pass through a sales funnel there. Holiday shoppers love such approaches a lot.

A significant benefit of social media native or integrated Chatbot is the user-data available instantly to the business as soon as a user begins any conversation through Chatbot. It eliminates form filling to get registration with business or making a payment. It is because of business access all under the curtain from Facebook account of the user.

2. How to Incentivize Sales

During holiday seasons, digital vouchers, coupons, and gift cards have magnetic impacts to bring huge traffic and resulting in high sales. Smart devices have eased the buying or gifting such digital incentives for the businesses as well as individual shoppers. Therefore, recent holidays have recorded the highest sales through gift cards.

Fortunately, Chatbot has capabilities to recognize, redeem, and convert such digital incentives into sales.

  • Chatbot can help business to offer incentives through bubble, button, or ads while clicked by a user.
  • Chatbot can deliver coupon code immediately or engage the user for a while through question or fun-stuff.
  • When Chatbot delivers digital coupon code to a stranger, it immediately captures the user data in back-end and starts following it to know where the user redeem it.
  • For repeat users, Chatbot brings highly personalized content and take approaches to turn shoppers into loyal customers listed in the loyalty program.

3. How to Offer Complete Personalization

Everyone on the planet loves personal approaches. Greet people with their actual names, learn their preferences and modify your offers accordingly. Check their behavior on your ecommerce store and assist them to hit their goals quickly and with delightful experiences.

Smart bots are capable of delivering everything you need for providing personalized experiences. Artificial Intelligence helps Chatbot to capture data of users in the background. Take help of analytics and based on analysis treats the users. The most interesting thing is that today almost all ecommerce websites are mobile-friendly and Chatbot can offer consistent experiences across the devices.

If you have created business pages or entity on various visual social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can integrate those pages with your messenger bot and convert comments on your social media posts into chat conversations. It helps in the quick acquisition and awesome personalization experiences.

Another tool for user acquisition and engagement is offering quizzes in Chatbot. Quizzes offer interactive, engaging, and fun experiences in messengers. It also enables businesses to capture user data and implement suitable customer acquisition and conversion experiences.

4. How to Optimize Decisions & Drive Conversions

It is true that we cannot read the mind of shoppers through indirect methods like obtaining their personal and location data. The best way is to ask them directly something regarding their choices, preferences, and products.

Chatbot offers valuable opportunity to come directly into the contact of prospective customers. We have described various ways to reach the brand consumers and engage them in fruitful conversations.

Prolonged engagements enable Chatbot to know the shoppers closely and offer bespoke suggestions to influence the buying decisions. Another interesting aspect of smart messenger bot is its capacity to provide a comprehensive guide and real-time assistance while shopping. It helps the business to close the deal quickly.

The latest trends are revealing an innovative approach to help shoppers through Chatbot, and it is the implementation of a ‘Quiz-style’ product finder. Through a series of questions, you can help shoppers to reach the targeted product without messing up with traditional or advanced search navigations.

We know shopping cart abandonment phenomena is a headache for every ecommerce merchant. Email recovery techniques only get 10% shoppers back while Chatbot has three to four-times recovery rate.

5. How to Tap Existing Customers

When a one-time shopper or repeat customer enters on the ecommerce site and completes a buying journey, various types of messages need to deliver them. For instance, welcome greeting, product availability, option introduction, collection intro, order confirmation, shipping updates, shipping status, and delivery messages are common in ecommerce business.

Email is a traditional route while Chatbot is the modern approach to deliver such transactional messages. Similarly, after sales services and offerings, if delivered through Chatbot, you can win instant gratification of your shoppers and win their loyalty.

One more benefit of the smart messenger is to offer various incentives and loyalty program throughout the product lifecycle. You can ask your customer for maintenance, reorder, and ask for to be referrals for your products and offer them referral program related incentives through Chatbot.

You can collect customer feedback, testimonials, product usage story, and reviews through Chatbot in a completely natural way. You can capture positive content from such conversations and upload on your site directly or take screenshots of messenger and upload it.

Finally, Chatbot can provide out-of-box user experiences such as delivering product information through multimedia content including short to long videos, address remorse of your shoppers, boost buyers’ anticipations and drive sales.


A chatbot is the name of a smart messenger product, and similar other high-quality products available in the market such as

Clare.AI – It is a modern virtual assistant to banking services through various instant messengers including WhatsApp and WeChat.

Acquire Chatbot - It is a next-generation AI based customer support bot to provide a seamless experience to customers and reduce churn rate.

NanoRep – It is a customer service bot to guide shoppers and lead to more conversions.

Twyla – It is an AI-powered live chatbot and saves on phone calls.

Botsify – It lets you customize the template through the drag-n-drop interface. – It works seamlessly across the web and mobile applications.

With this in-depth dive in the world of Chatbot and knowledge of its ability to boost ecommerce sales, you can think of integration and customization of an AI-powered Chatbot to your e-commerce.

A creative and passionate eCommerce Strategist with over 8 years of experience in providing IT solutions across various industries. Ronak Meghani, the Co-Founder of href="">Magneto IT Solutions., a full service of eCommerce Development in the USA, UK, and India. Ronak is closely working with e-Commerce ventures since 2009 and He has helped 200+ brands for building / improving their online ventures in the area of UI/ UX, Development, Launching, Revenue Enhancement, Marketing strategy and much more and 90% stores are generating very good revenue.

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