Conquer the #FOMO! 9 Secret Ways to Drive Your App Downloads Through Crazy Marketing

/ April 29, 2020 | 6 Mins Read

Conquer the #FOMO! 9 Secret Ways to Drive Your App Downloads Through Crazy Marketing

Apps have become a central part of e-commerce and m-commerce go-to-market plans. Learn how to launch a successful app marketing strategy that drives a profitable long-term relationship with a customer and drives high in-app purchases.

I don’t think it would be wrong to say that smartphone apps are now one of the cornerstones of society. Mobile apps have taken over our lives. From ordering food to finding the love of our life, everything can be done with apps these days.

However, the huge amount of apps available in the market might be a good thing for the users. But, for the app developers out there, this is actually a nightmare. 

With so many applications available, it is almost next to impossible to attract users. Not to mention users today are smart. They will not blindly pay for an app without being assured of its quality first. And yet, increasing the download rates are getting important. So what are the solutions?

Well, there are plenty of solutions. But modern problems require modern solutions. And that’s why in this crazy world of apps, you have to use some crazy marketing ideas. And one of them is using the phenomenon of FOMO- fear of missing out.

#FOMO: A Modern Phenomena, Or A The Real Deal?

Before we get to the marketing ideas- here’s a quick talk about FOMO!

The popular phenomenon Fear of missing out has been described as- “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. Whether it is the party of the century or a pair of light-up sneakers that everyone has, Fear of missing out is an expression of people wanting to be part of a larger crowd. 

This fear of missing out can be incredibly profitable to the app developers and marketers. According to data, 60% of millennial users buy something within 24 hours of going through the “missing out fear”. And this fear of missing out can be used to increase app download rates exponentially.

Marketing Tricks To Conquer Fomo: Increase Your App Downloads At A Crazy Rate

Today a well-developed app is not enough. It needs to be well marketed as well. Here is a list of marketing tricks that will use the fear of missing out phenomena among the public and increase app download rates insanely. 

1. Looks Matter More: Make The App Pop On The Store

Let’s be honest- we always judge a thing by its look first. 

And that’s why no matter how comfortable a shoe might be, the buyer is still going to go for those uncomfortable yet really ‘good looking’ shoes. They are not going to check out the app if it happens to be objectionable looking with drab and boring designs and an unappealing presence in the app store. They have no fear of missing out on boring apps, trust me.

Well, there’s only one solution for this and that is to build a better representation for the app on the store. Use screen images that fascinate the users, and detailed descriptions that’s intriguing. The app presence on the store should make the users feel like they will be missing out if they don't download.

2. Tantalize The Audience: The Secret Use Of User Reviews

Do you remember Pokemon Go?

Yeah, the app sensation of 2016, which was hailed as one of the most amazing apps of the year. I installed it and played for a while too. But not because I am a big Pokemon fan. I installed it and played because I didn't want to miss out on something that seemed so important at that point. 

But it was not because of the app or the amazing marketing practices I got hooked to the app. It was because of the intriguing reviews I heard from everyone, my friends, both real life and online. And that’s why customer testimonials are so significant. 

Users today are smart and rarely trust good things about an app unless it is coming from other fellow users. They want to part of a “GOOD” experience others had with the application. So utilize that user testimonials section and get people excited to use the app.

3. Winners Make Better Users

Ever registered to an app or website because of that amazing offer? Or maybe that informational booklet?

Everyone has. Whether it is free pens and keychains or vouchers for favorite boxes of cookies, users love to get freebies and offers, and they hate missing out on these. And that’s why offering them a little reward for signing up on the app will definitely attract them more than anything else. 

From the initial stage of registration to referring the app to others, users should be offered miscellaneous offers and contests that make the app experience fun. These rewards can range from a discount on the app to additional access to app features or more.

However, do ensure that the conditions of getting these rewards are easy. Users do love free rewards, but not when they have to climb a mountain to get them.

4. Who Are You On Social Media? Matters More Than You Think

Everyone is on social media apps today. And you should be too. 

People on social media always want to be part of something in-demand. And that’s why social media platforms are perfect to create more popularity and hype about the application. Once it is famous on social media, people wouldn’t want to miss the app experience, increasing the download rate sky-high.

5. How Is Interactive Content Going To Help?

Since content is the king, let’s talk about the importance of interactive content, both on the social media pages and the app. 

The main reason why users are on social media platforms is for the content there. The more engaging content there is on the social media pages, the better it will look. Good quality content delights the users, making them interested in what more the app has to offer. 

As for the app content, well there's no doubt that it needs to be fresh and engaging. But having another source on the app, such as a blog or a news feed which will deliver the users with fresh free content daily is the key to keep them hooked.

This will not only make more people engage with the app but also encourage the users to spread the word on the app. 

6. The Influencer Game: You Need To Play It Right

Social media content creators are pretty big right now. And marketing the app through them can leverage the FOMO phenomenon in a big way. 

With a huge number of admirers, these influencers are one of the best ways to reach out to a broad range of prospective users. These fans would love to try out the app their favorite influencer is suggesting, afraid of missing out.

This trick is going to be the best bet when it comes to reaching out to a large range of users in a short amount of time and increasing the app download rate.

7. Video And Interactive Ads: Give The Users A Little Taste

A little story time- last year some of my friends and I, we went to this new restaurant. However, I was not feeling very sure about trying a brand new restaurant without reading up any reviews. That attitude changed when we were presented with a few amuse-bouche, selected by the chef himself. And after trying those, I was convinced that our dining experience was going to be amazing. 

Moral of the story? A little taste of what your app offers can change the opinion of the staunchest of the critics. With demo versions, you can give the users a little taste of what awaits them once they install the app. It is one of the ultimate ways of getting people excited to use the application. 

Users are always in the hunt for new and better apps. And that’s why they like to keep up with popular app evaluation blogs that review and feature apps regularly. So it is a no brainer that getting features on one of these websites will make people more excited to use the app. 

Getting featured on popular app analysis websites and journals boosts the app’s popularity as well as a reputation as a high-quality application. And no one likes to miss out on a high-quality application. So don’t be shy, and send out the perfect pitch to the popular websites.

9. A Little Bit Of Uniqueness Will Go A Long Way

At the end of the day, all users are afraid of missing out on a unique experience. So to ensure that the potential users out there do not overlook the app, some steps are necessary. One of them is to have to make certain that the experience the application offers is entirely exceptional. 0

When the experience is good, you will observe an increasing download rate, as well as an increase in the number of long term users. The users who will install your app out of FOMO will have a lot of expectations. So do not disappoint them. 


In today’s market, utilizing the modern behavioral pattern among the users can be one of the best ways for you to increase app download rates for you. But with the FOMO phenomena, you have to be careful.

As we already discussed before, FOMO can give rise to negative feelings among the users. So make sure that when you are applying the above-mentioned tricks, you only make people feel excited to explore, not sad, angry or guilty. 

Pratip Biswas is the Founder and CEO of Unified Infotech, a New York-based web design company that has been featured in Deloitte Fast 500 | Fastest growing tech companies in 2018. His company is working with Enterprises, SMB’s and Start-ups to improve their efficiency through Digital Adoption and help them discover new possibilities through constant innovations. Pratip also writes regularly on Blockchain technology and has been published in publications like "Yourstory", "Dzone" etc.

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