Crocoblock: The Next Genesis based on Elementor

Crocoblock: The Next Genesis based on Elementor

Do you like using Elementor Page Builder, or maybe you’re developing a site with it? check out Crocoblock subscription service and save your time!

Do you like using Elementor Page Builder, or maybe you’re developing a site with it? However, from time to time, when lacking some features, you need to surf the internet and look for different template ingredients to complete your current task.

Tired of this? From now and on you don’t need to do that anymore - check out  Crocoblock subscription service and save your time!

Crocoblock explanation

Crocoblock is a package solution for creating landings, sites, and online stores on the basis of Elementor drag and drop interface plugin, including numerous sections and various ready-made pages.

This subscription service also offers JetPlugins for all needs, such as JetMenu, JetBlog, JetTabs, JetWooBuilder, JetReviews, JetThemeCore, and other plugins to provide you with many all-purpose widgets.

With Crocoblock package, you don’t have to overpay for any of the above-mentioned plugins or care about license duration of each one. Crocoblock subscription service is exactly what you need - start using it now!

How to set up?

Let’s look into the Crocoblock package in details.

After subscribing and getting your personal account at Crocoblock, you will be able to pick the needed products placed in the Downloads section, where you can choose from several packages. Let's consider each of them.

a. Super Easy Installation Pack

Due to included  Installation Wizard, this block requires no efforts in installation. All you need is to download it and then start to install all the needed plugins. Also, there is a JetThemeCore plugin that helps you to select the skin you want.

b. Easy Installation Pack

This block is the most optimal for you if you’ve done some work using Elementor Page Builder already, and still, there are some Crocoblock features that you’re lacking. This Easy Installation Pack offers you:

  • All 18 JetPlugins
  • 47 different skins
  • Kava theme
  • Library with 1000 ready-made sections

c. Plugins

If you don’t want to download whole package mentioned above and need some particular products, you can install separate JetPlugins. For example, for getting pre-designed sections and skins you can simply set up only JetThemeCore plugin.

Skins Diversity

The next Crocoblock section is Demos. This page has more than 47 various skins for any business project, including Business, Consulting, Sports, Travel, Cars and many more.

Skins Diversity

On this page, you can find different options - not only ready-made websites, but also separate pre-designed main, blogging, and WooCommerce pages.

To proceed with one of them, just add Crocoblock Dashboard to admin panel by installing JetThemeCore plugin. It will help you choose any skin you want via Skins tab and install it with all the necessary add-ons.

Want some magic?

If still, after choosing the template, you want to make changes to one or several pages - your desire will be easily fulfilled with one Magic Button.

Magic Button

Thanks to it, you will be able to edit headers and footers, pre-designed sections and whole pages without long time waiting - everything is much easier. Just open Elementor Page Builder and click Magic Button - it will give you a lot of options to customize your theme in several minutes.

JetPlugins Band

If you work with site building closely, you’ve probably used some plugins from JetElements family, which includes a large package of additional widgets and functionality for Elementor. By opting for Crocoblock subscription, you’ll get a profitable purchase of the JetPlugins package that is a really beneficial advantage.

Jet Plugins Band

For now,  there are 18 JetPlugins available at Crocoblock. Let’s consider each one of this bundle.

1. JetElements


It is one of the most popular JetPlugins in the package, and it includes more than 44 additional widgets for Elementor. In addition, for users comfort, any unnecessary widget can be turned off in settings. Here is the list of the most popular JetElements widgets:

  • Parallax effect
  • Carousel
  • Advanced Map
  • Animated Text
  • Countdown Timer
  • Image Comparison
  • Posts
  • Pricing Table
  • Scroll Navigation
  • Slider
  • Team Member
  • Testimonials
  • Contact Form 7
  • Portfolio
  • Progress Bar

2. JetMenu


The name of this plugin speaks for itself - JetMenu helps its users to create mega menu on the basis of Elementor, or make some changes to the existing theme menu. Besides that, JetMenu plugin provides you with the ability to create different styles for menus based on their location.

3. JetWooBuilder


This plugin is very simple in settings, yet very important for creating online stores. JetWooBuilder provides product pages with specific E-Commerce widgets that help create any single product page you want.

The plugin has 40 widgets, with which you can manage your website and create unique content. Also, there are 4 more widgets for managing product layouts:

  • Categories Grid
  • Products List
  • Products Grid
  • Taxonomy Tiles

4. JetBlocks


Indispensable for creating headers and footers, this plugin will help make your site bright and original. The big plus is that JetBlocks doesn’t require any programming skills - all you need is just drag and drop.

5. JetBlog


If the main goal of your website is blogging - this plugin will be your must-have. With JetBlog, you can easily customize post forms from beautiful listings to moderate tiles and ticker. This plugin also supports RTL and is WPML-compatible.

6. JetTricks


The second name of this plugin is visual effects. With JetTricks you can add to your website different stylish elements, including parallax effect and animations. All the widgets require no coding skills and will suit sites of any design.

7. JetTabs


This plugin will help you arrange your site content into tabs and accordion blocks. In addition, it has Switcher widget and the ability to change tab layouts from vertical to horizontal.

8. JetReviews


This is another Elementor supplement, which specializes in reviews. Due to this plugin, you can create reviews and add ratings to your site pages.

9. JetThemeCore


This powerful plugin will help you create custom headers, footers, sections, and other blocks of the site. With JetThemeCore, you get easy access to managing templates, archive, and single post pages.

10. JetEngine


With the help of this Jet Plugin, you can manage the dynamic content of your site on the Elementor basis. Moreover, JetEngine will be not only a good addon but a great autonomous element for building custom post types, custom taxonomies, listing and grid layouts and meta boxes.

In addition, JetEngine requires no programming skills and makes it easy to add custom fields for different purposes. Here is the list of dynamic content widgets:

  • Dynamic Field
  • Dynamic Image
  • Dynamic Repeater
  • Dynamic Meta
  • Listing Grid

Subscribe or not subscribe - that is the question

With Crocoblock you will get the whole products pack. Subscription inclusions:

  • All package elements get updates
  • Brand new plugins and skins, coming with the updates
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Permission in using Crocoblock package items for unlimited projects (when using unlimited license).

When buying some widget or skin for Elementor on the Internet, you cannot be sure of the product license as well as in future updates or other available limitations.

On the other hand, Crocoblock guarantees you the total absence of such problems. By purchasing this subscription, you buy not only Crocoblock package, but reliable service and continuous support.

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