How Has The Digital World Changed The Way We Get Our Daily News?

/ August 26, 2018 | 3 Mins Read

How Has The Digital World Changed The Way We Get Our Daily News?

How you updated with current affairs? Traditional or Digital? Check out how has the digital world changed the way of getting current affairs news.

The digital world has exponentially changed the way how most of us get our daily news. People used to sit in front of the television for hours to watch the news as they were served with no option of filtering, but today, technological advancement with the advent of social media, Android and iOS applications have drastically changed the way news reach people.

The effect of technology in the news industry is immense. The Internet has changed the way we get informed and communicate in revolutionary ways.

You can quickly get access to any latest events through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook or through news applications on your phone.

Information channels are now way more advanced so nobody has to waste hours sitting in front of TV or Radio to get a single piece of information. Live streaming apps have been introduced by many companies in news industry to provide all the information within seconds wherever you are.

There are different platforms like Periscope which permits its audience to watch live videos from different users around the globe and it is considered an important part of the newsgathering process.

1. Social Media as a News Platform

Social media has changed the entire scenario of news broadcasting. Now, people link or sign up their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to determine their news feed according to individual interests.

Social media has the power to cause virality. People do not have enough time to go through complete articles or serious news; they prefer headlines or some hilarious news in interesting captions to read it thoroughly.

The trend of breaking news is prevailing widely, and people are no longer interested in Sunday Magazines. They get Live alerts on Facebook if an important event is taking place and most news websites broadcast events live on social media to cater to wider audiences online.

2. Disadvantages of absorbing news via social media

There are many disadvantages of social media too. Whenever people come across any news on social media platforms, they do not go in depth of that story and don’t try to figure out whether it is true, what is the background of that news, why it is being spread on different social sites. People just read the news, share it and make a strong opinion about it even if it is fake.

3. Apps as a practical news source

If you have a smartphone, you can use the built-in tools to keep yourself updated about current affairs. On android phones like Pixel and Nexus, swipe your fingers right from the main screen to the Google feed of stories.

Or you can simply visit the app store on your smartphone and install any news app according to your interest. Many news giants have already cooperated with an app development company into creating apps that support their brands/companies.

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People can also get access to news through these apps by customizing the settings, such as, for Apple News, you can customize alerts and you are immediately updated of breaking news. In a new version of the Siri app, it offers “smart’’ recommendations about various niches that you might like.

4. Websites over newspapers

There is no doubt that websites have replaced newspapers for certain reasons. If you see an interesting story on the front page of a newspaper, it takes more time and devotion to read the full news on a different page.

As only half of the story would be there and people have to go through the other page for the rest of it, interest by the time they reach the specific news goes down.

In comparison to newspapers, websites have solved this issue. If people see an interesting story on the web page, by just clicking on that story, they can read it on the same page in one sitting.

In addition to it, most of the newspapers are published once a day and by the time newspaper reaches readers, it is probably outdated, but news stories on the internet are updated every half an hour or so and people are informed accordingly.

Another factor is that most of news websites and applications are free to use while for a newspaper, people have to pay a symbolic amount of money every day to stay updated.

Another advantage of online news is that readers research and figure which website is best for what type of news. For instance, when it comes to cryptocurrency and stock trading news, is a good source. For latest celebrity news, you can access etc.


The technology impact in the news industry has revolutionized the way readers get news. Today, people are carrying newspapers (apps in cell phones) in their pockets and access to latest happenings going on in the world with their fingertips, so it is vital for companies to devise strategies in developing websites and news applications in a way that they attract more readers.

As readers always want authentic news as quickly as possible so website developing companies should focus on enhancing the capacity of website to quickly reach readers where the news quality should be a comprehensive and top notch.

Rilind Elezaj is a thought leader at creative27 in app development and digital marketing, with extensive experience in the industry. Rilind has a strong entrepreneurial mindset and has devoted his career to enhancing the sphere of app development and digital marketing.

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