4 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Can Stop Your Business Growth

4 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Can Stop Your Business Growth

Do you know the digital marketing mistakes that can stop your business growth? If not, check out this blog wherein we have provided the different mistakes that you need to avoid at any cost to make your business a huge success in the near future.

The era is of technology- starting with a morning cup of coffee to booking cabs to ordering dinner- everything revolves around technology.

For communicating, there are cellular phones, news are quickly available on televisions and via internet, you can order foods using application in your mobile. Also, prepare quick meals in a single click of a microwave oven.

Customer convenience is the top priority of every business these days. This is main reason why online shopping is highly gaining popularity and E-commerce business is among the best businesses in this present time. But, to flourish in the online business, you will need to establish your brand in this digital competitive environment.

Digital marketing offers a number of ways for businesses to take advantage of when it comes to populating their products and services. A number of online businesses are opting for digital marketing strategies in the hope of acquiring new customers without the hassle of printed ads such as flyers and posters. Though, every metal that shines is not gold.

As we know “with great power comes a greater responsibility.” And, there are times when unavoidable situationssuch as wrong choices or decisions can lead to terrible outcomes, especially in the digital marketing industry.

As an online marketer, you have been working tirelessly to accomplish perfection. You would want to do everything that puts your brand on the map.

Unfortunately, working hard doesn’t always imply working smart. And the efforts you are making to promote your company could end up misspent on ill-formed strategies if you’re not careful.

Here are a few digital marketing mistakes that can stop your business growth-

1. Making posts blindly:

The most common and big mistake a business owner operating an online business could make is to start marketing without any planning. If you want to accomplish business success, it is important to have an action plan.

Making posts blindly

Any marketing campaign, be social media or content marketing, it should have a plan which defines its goals and how to attract more customers. Just making content posts without knowing about target audience is meaningless. You need to know what would compel your target audience to contact you and need a have a good strategy beforehand.

2. Shooting unnecessary mails to customers and ending up in their trash folders:

Often, the mail inbox is considered as an important storage for necessary and main news and letters. But, if you send unwanted mails to the customers even without their subscription, they would think it as fraud and spammer as ideally an ordinary customer doesn’t trust unknown sender.


The reason behind is those spam mails contain viruses and unnecessary ads, and there are chances that you emails can be considered the same.

3. Buying fake followers on social media:

As a business owner, especially start-up business owner, you must have come across the term “fake followers.” But, have you fallen in the trap of buying fake followers? Many business owners have fallen in the trap of buying fake followers because they feel it to be a great way to buy thousands of followers.

buying fake followers

However, the hard truth is they are a mere wastage of time and money. “Fake followers have been classified as “automated bots that do nothing apart from hover on your pages.” They will not engage with anything you write so it’s a pointless service to purchase.

Expert Tip- It is always important to grow your traffic with a genuine audience and it will benefit you later on.

4. Ignoring customer service:

Your customers are your business- you exist because they exist- they are core- the backbone, to be exact of your business. So, never ignore the importance of customer service. Instead, invest time in attending them, listen to their queries, answer their questions on your social media accounts and always welcome them with a kind reply.

Ignoring customer service

It will not only boost traffic on your website. When a customer feels cared about and appreciated, they will confidently engage in your business and buy your services.

The Final Thoughts:

Always keep in mind that the Internet just like this ordinary world is filled with dangerous vultures and cunning social animals who are hiding and watching your moves, waiting that small mistake from your part to make you their prey. So, stay focused, your every step needs a well-planned strategy outing advantages and disadvantages before you execute it in the real world.

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I am Jobanpreet Kaur working as a content marketer with SoftProdigy- a web development company offering excellent quality solutions for all your web needs.

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