How to Communicate With Your Customer Effectively

/ November 18, 2019 | 4 Mins Read

How to Communicate With Your Customer Effectively

Communication skills define how you progress in your personal as well as professional life, it can make or break a business. Communicating with customers well can help you gain their loyalty.

Did you know that 57% of customers won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website? In fact, 50% of customers will stop visiting it, even if they like the business! These two numbers tell you everything you need to know about creating a positive customer experience. So, let’s talk about how you can make your customer communication more effective. 

Know your customers

In order for your business to thrive, you need to know your customers. You need to do all you can to effectively communicate creating a positive customer experience. Part of this includes doing market research as well as looking at your current POS system data and learning how to harvest and use this data to communicate with your patrons.

So the real question is, do you know how to automatically add your customers to a text message list from your POS system? platform. There are several easy integrations that will allow you to tag the customers in your database by the products they buy and send targeted marketing text messages based on this information.

When your customers are organized in a database, they are easier to communicate with. You can see their purchase history, and from that conclude what to market to them. But, effective customer communication isn’t all about tagging and organizing your data. You must also know how to follow through once you make discoveries from your existing data. 

5 ways to ensure effective communication

1. Stop sending irrelevant info

Don’t annoy your customers. Everyone hates combing through a long marketing email to find exactly what they are looking for. Do the work for your customers. Target them with exactly what they’re looking for.

Send them relevant content. Just like customers will stop visiting a site that’s poorly designed, your marketing will be automatically deleted, or worse tagged as spam, by customers if it’s not important to them. Make it important to them!

From the discoveries you make from your data, implement changes that will mean something. If a customer doesn’t ever buy anything from you other than shoes, don’t send them a text message marketing for your hat collection.

Stick to what the customer buys. Each customer has a limit, don’t try their patience. Work to target market your products to the right customers. 

2. Choose the right technology 

Technology is great, but can only get you so far. But choosing the right technology will certainly help you communicate more effectively with your customers. First, consider when you communicate with customers.

Second, evaluate the current tools you’re using to communicate with. Third, find a better solution if needed. Don’t be afraid of change. 

Each business must evolve with its customers. If your customers prefer to use a certain communication technology, find a way to use this technology to communicate. Customers loved to be wowed by awesome communication.

For example, 64% of customers said they would prefer businesses communicate over text message. Make this happen! With a few Google searches, you’ll be on your way to effectively communicating with your customers. 

3. Simplify communication 

Don’t get lost in the minutia of your business. Customers don’t want to know the nitty-gritty, nor do they want complicated communication. So, make sure you send information, no matter the channel, that’s easy for customers to understand. Give them the information they need, a pitch, and a call to action. It’s really that simple. 

Plus, make the channel of communication a simple one to. I cannot emphasize this enough! Give customers one way to communicate with you with each communication channel you use. For example, if you choose to use a traditional phone call, make sure there is only one phone number. 

Likewise if you choose to use text message communication, only text from one number and give one number for them to contact you back on - the same one your text them from.  If your current text message marketing platform doesn’t allow this, find one that does. It’s worth it. 

4. Appreciate your fans 

Give some love to the customers that love you. Stay on top of your businesses mentions on social media, review sites, and search engines. If a customer gives you a shout-out, reciprocate it! That’s how you build brand loyalty and a cult following.

Just look at Taco Bell. Its known for dishing out quippy responses to customers love. You don’t have to be a quippy, but making sure you know what’s being said about you. 

Let your customers know you’re reading the good things they’re posting. Give them a shout out or respond personally. Don’t be afraid to respond with sincere gratitude. Expressing appreciation is one of the best ways to respond to fans. 

5. Fix problems right away

Unfortunately, not everyone is your fan. Take the proper time to listen to complaints and respond. Make sure you understand where the customer is coming from. Listen; DON’T take offense! Remember the power one disgruntled customer can have.

Studies have found that one bad review can cost a company 30 potential customers. It does seem unfair because you WILL have bad reviews, but try to nip them in the bud. 

Also, make sure there’s an easy way to report an issue to your company. Don’t make the process too long, or difficult. Streamline your customer service. Train your employees to be effective communicators; to first, listen, then respond. 

And finally, in some ways you can thank the upset customers. They allow you to see where you need to improve. The places where you need to fix problems. Of course, not all negative reviewers will be reasonable, but if you’re trying your best and listening to customers needs and desires, then you’re ahead of the game. Good customer service is hard to come by. 

Implement effective customer communication

Streamline your approach to working with customers. Once you find the most effective way to communicate, use it! Make sure to cater to your customers. Give them what they want.

Use the technology they are already using. Make your job easier. Don’t over complicate communication. Give love to fans. And be fair about hate. If you do all these things, your customer communication will be on point

Author: Carrie Duford

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