How Chatbot will Change the Online Fashion Industry?

How Chatbot will Change the Online Fashion Industry?

In the future of the fashion industry, chatbots will ease the pave of online retailers. Fashion bot brings dynamic ways to improve customers' experience and allows them to elevate in-store conversion of your fashion store in the long run.

The revolution in the fashion industry is going very fast than we expect. By seeking desired products in malls to get desired stuff without taking a single step outside from the home, people are enjoying it more. 

The online fashion industry now has more dynamic styles to grab their prospects to convert them into potential customers. If you are an online business insider, it is obvious that you put your efforts into engaging and entertaining your customers with your best. 

By satisfying your customers, what do you get in return? The only thing is to drag them at that point where they fulfill your desired action. What do you think, is it easy to do all things at the same potential and courage all the time? Do you respond to your customers at the very right second when they approach you? Do you have many resources to assist your customers? 

Last but not least can you increase your sales by not giving attention to all these problems mentioned above?

Oh! It’s troublesome.🤨


I am clarifying to all the online fashion industry insiders that shopping is essential for all of us, people love to spend money on what attracts them. The sole reason to tell you is you have to keep an eye on your prospects or your existing customers to keep them engaged and must be well-planned with your in-store conversion strategies.

Online fashion has been adopting more technical ways. Still, they are confused about what they are lacking. When people do online shopping, they need someone to assist them in a well-mannered way. Quick responses and a helper seems like they made for each other. This is the on-demanding online fashion shopping consumers want when they shop at an online fashion store. 

In this article, you are going to explore a virtual assistant named CHATBOT that will change the complexity of the online fashion industry for your customer and for you as well. So the solution is here.

Now it’s time to be happy!!😍


How does chatbot work for the online Fashion Industry?

A chatbot is a strong medium for the online fashion industry. It fills the gap between customers and online retailers and allows them to connect with each other.

It is not limited to chatting but also increases your business growth by capturing more new customers. In fact, chatbots are expected to help reduce business costs by up to $8 billion by the year 2022. 


Here you can see how rapidly chatbot is making their space in the online retail business.

Basically, the chatbot is a chatterbot that simulates human talk through text and voice notes. It works like messaging apps where a robot talks like a human against any query of the customers. It is responsible to be active every single minute of the day.

Not text or voice notes, you can include images, videos, conversational forms, feedback forms, and much more. Even your website FAQ page can convert into a fully managed  FAQ chatbot.

The online fashion industry will be changing its pattern to talk with chatbots. But the question is how?

As soon as you embed a chatbot on your website, it allows customers to talk with and convince them to shop your stuff. Chatbot greets your visitors and asks them “how can I help you”. Users interact with your bot and tell about their desired needs. But what next is going to happen is more interesting than this!!

Chatbot picks what they need and shows them related products that will help consumers to select more and more. Besides this, chatbot tells “what they want to know about the product”. 

All the queries even colors, size, other matching stuff, and till the price, the chatbot helps and suggests them in all stages without wasting a single minute. This is how the chatbot works for the online fashion industry to make it better and then better. Your fashion store will be completely automated and more intelligent to satisfied customers. The chatbot is the ultimate fashion store with no doubt.

Perks of developing the chatbot for the online Fashion store

As we all know technology is the most important aspect to run an online business, we can never think about a single step without it. It’s been decades people utilizing technology and still more innovations are on the way.

Online fashion shopping is at the biggest trend and people throw themselves in this benefited store. In the fashion industry, business insiders get more excited when they have useful tools that make their selling or their business operations more lenient and generate profit for them.

They focus on using smart tools to get more customers in less time. A chatbot is a smart tool that brings a pleasant change in online marketing and selling processes. 

The big question is  what does your business need? The obvious answer is ”More and more customers”.

Are you excited to get more and more?😀

Let's dive deeper into how chatbot brings customers to make a huge crowd in your fashion store.

1. Fashion chatbot as a personal assistant and stylist

Our customers need a helper to assist them to find the right and desired products from your shop. If you see at offline markets, you enter the store, a man standing over there to greet and assist you. Now think about your online store who is the one for greeting your customers? 

Yes you think right. This work is done by a chatbot in online stores. The chatbot is an ultimate personal assistant for your customers who assist them at any time of the day. 

It is quite simple for a chatbot to know what your customers are looking for, what chatbot needs to show them and the list goes on. This personalized touch increases the eagerness of customers’ wants. The impact of prompt and personalized attention is great customer experience for the very first interaction for your customers. 

2. Fast and relevant recommendations of fashion products

Your online fashion store is full of more fashion products that should be displayed on the chatbot. It is pretty obvious when people go shopping, they find thousands of other products that they don’t have a plan to buy. But still, they plan at the spot because they are attracted and delighted by you and your fashion products. 

Source: Botsify

This is why chatbot is responsible to show more products to engage your prospects and improve the customer experience at the same time. They don’t have to go to other different pages or apps, just a chatbot is enough to show multiple stuff by immediately getting in touch with your customers.

3. Smooth checkout experience no need to fill long forms

Just a few more questions, your customer will surely not forget you and your services in the long term. The process is simple with the chatbot. They find the best stuff from your chatbot store, ask more about their desired product (it can be price, size, more colors, and more), add to cart and finally, the cart is ready to checkout. 

The beauty of chatbot is that you get quick and smart service with less time. This is important because research shows that people decide to stay only in 1-second. Either they stop on your website or jump to another. Your website should be engaging and it is more fascinating when a chatbot is embedded in it. Less time, more sales get your fashion store to a high level.

4. Round the clock virtual assistant for your fashion store

Unlike humans, a chatbot doesn’t require rest after doing a lot of work. Simply you can say, chatbots provide 24/7 customer support for you without taking rest. Also it cut down the cost of customer support agents too by assisting your customers anywhere, anytime, and any circumstances. No matter what, your online store will always go on to get you a huge pool of potential customers.

It is simply incredible!

5. Luxury experience of your fashion store via chatbot

As the fashion industry is luxurious, chatbot put more stars on your online fashion store. Integrate a chatbot on your marketing strategies will encourage brand loyalty, engagements, and in-store conversions. This approach will get intimate with your brand and enhance the great shopping experience for your people.

Recently I heard about Ali baba FashionAI store and I was amazed at how they totally changed the way of shopping with technology. They bring online fashion stores to the next level by providing Mirror-screens, display color, and size options, suggest outfits, and place items in a bag so they're waiting for you in a dressing room when you go for trial.

Make your fashion store automated by chatbot so people must come and buy more from you.

6. Catch up with your customers’ needs by taking feedbacks

Do you want to serve your customers with the best? Want to connect with them? Or craving to know what your customers’ current needs?

Take a sigh of relief!! 

By using a chatbot, you can survey most of the people who wanted to tell you what they expect from you. It will help you to make the right decision in the future while you will be preparing something new for your customers.

7. Aware your prospects and customers from all your exciting offers

To attract customers, you need to introduce some exciting offers that make your customers a regular buyer. Give favors such as discounts, free vouchers, some special offers on their big day, or free coupons. 

Chatbot makes this service easy for you by just popping up your deals in front of your customers. There are many different templates for each offer so you just put it on the chatbot and it will spread all in your customers.

8. More channels to spread your words of your online fashion store

Many messaging apps revolve around the market where you build you official chatbot like on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook Comment Section, Wechat, and other social media channels where you easily communicate with your target audience about your luxury store.

Facebook is the most commonly using app where you can find your authentic audience to make them your regular customer. Also, you can generate leads as much as possible. As per Q1 2020, there are 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users. (Statista, 2020).

On the final touch

Creating an immediate relation with your prospect or customer makes your brand purposeful, drives sales, the best customer support, and long-lasting growth for your online fashion store.

This technology is an opportunity for the online business insiders to make your brand more customer-centric. No matter what your communication channels are, chatbot fits all the channels and gives more importance to your customers.

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