10 Types Of Blog Posts That Go Viral

/ December 6, 2016 | 6 Mins Read

10 Types Of Blog Posts That Go Viral

Ever wondered what are the different blog posts do so well that they viral? In this blog, we look at ten such blog posts that can pay you rich dividends by going viral in a quick time.

Want your posts to get shared among the masses without paying for it? Looking for ways to get more traffic on your site by spreading your content on the web?

Well, marketers dread to make their content viral on the internet and constantly work on strategies to do so. Just think about it. Simply sharing an image, video, blog post, audio file or something else of a similar sort can grow your reach in a short span of time and make your brand visible to hundreds and thousands of people without shedding a dime for it.

Sound desirable, we know!

But here’s the main thing- You need to know what kind of content has the ‘highest acceptance rate’ or works well on the internet. Most of the content marketing experts get webbed on finding out what will work and what will not. Sure, quality of the content shared online matters, but that’s not the only criteria to make it go viral. It has to be well-drafted, effectively gamed to the audience and should be contextually spot-on. And sometimes, even this is not all.

It has been studied by the media and marketing research academies that viral posts usually outline all the norms of internet marketing and unfortunately there is a sure-shot way of getting a post viral. However, after studying the trends of posts that were shared the most among the people, some types have been noticed that are most certain to become popular among the folks. So, let’s move ahead and understand the science behind making a post viral on the internet. We will debunk what goes viral and holds an impact over the audience in detail.

1. Infographics

Whether you already know it or not, infographics are the first one on the list!


They are popularly known as the ‘epitome of visual content’ on the web. An infographic crystallizes a lot of information into one single visual which is easily viewable, interesting to read and simpler to understand for the viewers or the readers. In fact, in the social media sphere, infographics are liked and shared 4x more than any other content form. Around 60% of the marketing experts across the globe have incorporated infographics in their content marketing programs to get more followers on their social channels. Getting more followers ultimately result in getting more conversions for the brand (Jeffbullas, 2016).

If you have more statistical or hard-to-understand data to post on your social handle, you can make it look visually appealing by sharing it in the form of an infographic. These kinds of posts almost always work well as people like to share it with others which in turn make the post viral.

2. Call-To-Action Content Forms (CTAs)

It is a way of attracting the audience by sharing something exciting and asking them to take a specific action post on that. CTAs are basically used to influence the viewers into doing something. You may ask your audience to ‘buy now’, ‘follow this’, ‘subscribe to newsletter’, ‘add to cart’, ‘share it’ or anything similar to this. Relatable graphics, colors, and hierarchies can be used to design such Posts.


Businesses using CTAs have benefitted significantly according to a research done by the Forbes business magazine, 2016 version.

3. Inspirational/Motivational Content

Who doesn’t like to read or follow something positive, something that energizes them?

We all do. As readers, we like following profiles that post inspiring and motivation content. We like reading things that encourage us to hold ourselves when life knocks us down. So, sharing inspiration content on the internet is a win-win. Everybody likes to share it ahead through their profiles and this can make it viral in no time.

Brands can tailor the message and give their users a personalized message by editing the typography and other visual cues. Playing with the background images and adding a brand palette will make the content more impactful to read. Businesses can even make their audience feel a certain way about their products and services by posting inspiring things related to their niche.


Videos on hot and interesting topics are most likely to go viral on the internet. Everybody likes watching things they can connect with. Whether they’re kids, parents, grandparents or people in our generation, videos are easy to access, simple to understand and most probable to leave on the impact on the viewer. Whenever you want to give a voice and sound to your content, you must choose to market your stuff by creating a video related to it.


research, 64% of the shoppers are prompted to buy a stuff after watching a video on it and almost 26% of the people subscribe to a business channel after watching videos about it. Coming up with nice videos can increase your SEO ranking, customer retention skills, customer engagement skills and improve your CRM (Jeffbullas, 2016).

5. Tutorials

Knowledge-seekers are always keen on learning new things free of cost. A tutorial is most likely to get popular and shared by many over the internet space as it enhances the skills or provides the readers with some sort of relevant information while they’re going through it.


It can include anything from life-hacks to food recipes to step-by-step instructions for learning something new. And the best part is that it can be posted in any form- videos, images, textual stuff or a blend of all these things. It is effective and grabs attention much easily in comparison to other forms of content.

6.Memes And Humorous Content

It’s light-hearted, fun to read and interesting to share, isn’t it?

Everyone likes to read or see something can make them laugh instantly and is also fun to share with others. Therefore, people like to tags their friends and known ones in memes or other humorous forms of content.

As more and more people start sharing it either on their profile or by tagging others in it, it gets viral like nothing else. People love to watch and repost things that can keep them entertained and also give others a good time while viewing it.

7. Graphical And Statistical Data

Any sort of data visualization that includes maps, charts, graphs, diagrams or anything else that passes relevant and tangible information is preferred to be seen by the viewers.

Statistical data is considered to hold facts and important information about different topics. Whenever the audiences want to know the figures, facts or extrapolations of something, they like to go through the statistical data for making an analysis.

Therefore, this is another form of important data that has the potential to go viral easily and is not yet properly used by businesses and brands to market their online channels.

8.Images And Photographs

This is the most popular yet effectual one.

Most of the brands use this strategy to get their content viral on the social media platforms and it does work for them to a great extent.

It helps the brand in connecting itself with the viewers by using relatable images and pictorial content to share with them. One can even use ‘behind the scenes’ pictures to keep their audiences engaged in knowing and understanding what happens in the backend operations of any brand. The main point is to focus on the brand and its main product or service by using appropriate images. If the viewers like it, they are most definitely going to share it with others and this will get the post viral on the social media platforms.

9.Visual Puzzles And Quiz Contests

This is yet another great way of increasing the engagement of the audience on your page.

Posting quiz contest and visual puzzles get your audience excited and take it as a challenge to solve. They not only spend time in solving or answering the questions and puzzles but also pass it on to the people in their friend-list as a challenge to complete. It is a good way of getting the content viral and seen by many.

It also sparks creativity and an increased demand for your products and services from the viewers. The puzzles posted online can be made practical and informative by posting things that are relevant to your business niche. This is most certainly going to encourage people to relate to your brand.


Last but not the least; screenshots are a significant content type that goes viral on the web. They basically highlight something that you want to draw attention to which might not get noticed otherwise. It helps you to clarify something to your audience in an easier way. Adding annotations makes it even easier for you to provide clarity on something major.

You can even share screenshots about reviews and testimonials of products and services offered by you or some other brand. Screenshots with both positive and negative reviews about something are most likely to hold the attention of the readers as they would want to stay updated about the things happening around them.

You can even post screenshots of funny conversations that people would like to read and share ahead.

Hope this information has helped you!

You can post your reviews and suggestions in the comments section given below.

Sawaram Suthar is CMO at Acquire, and also a founder of Jagat Media, a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in things including branding, promotions and page optimization, along with research and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune. Anyone can find him on @sawarams.

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