The Basic Advantage and Disadvantage of Facebook Ads

/ August 13, 2015 | 4 Mins Read

The Basic Advantage and Disadvantage of Facebook Ads

Since Facebook was launched in 2004, people on the web embraced this social networking site and loved the things it offers. This is the reason why Facebook, indeed is a juggernaut in the social media industry.

Many businesses are engaging themselves for Facebook marketing. Numerous entrepreneurs are making the most out of social media, particularly Facebook, to promote their brands and services and expand their businesses. Venturing in marketing or placing ads on Facebook also allows businesses to have more potential contacts and customers. They can also make page which can feature more about their products.

advantage and disadvantage of facebook ads

And like any other thing in the world, placing Facebook ads have advantages and disadvantages. There are always things to consider, plan, and study in advertising your business. I am handing to you some of the pluses and downsides of Facebook ads that can also do as marketing tips in the online world.

Advantage of Facebook ads

Let's start with what you can get best on placing Facebook ads.

1. Facebook Has A Lot Of Users

In your business, you need customers, and the people online are your potential customers. Also, you are in need of good contacts that can help you to expand more in your business. So placing ads is like presenting an advertisement to a huge crowd. People are using it from all walks of life, from students to workers, young and old. And it is a hassle-free way of handing them about your business. You are just some clicks away from reaching millions of people.

2. Facebook Ads Are Cheaper And Longer

According to most of the internet marketers, these ads are much cheaper than other advertisement services online. And not just cheaper, but offers longer placement for text which can help a lot in introducing your business to your potential consumers.

3. The Advantage Of Newsfeed And Friends' Activity

Facebook is a social media platform designed like a chill-out lounge of people. Yes, you can know and watch most of your friends' activity with the help of the newsfeed. If someone clicks your ad, liked it, and commented about that, it will appear in their friends' newsfeed. So it is like exposing your ads double.

4. Filtering Of Potential Client

One of the good things that most of the marketing tips online are suggesting is to maximize its feature which can set a particular target client based on the age of the users. Because it includes age in making an account, they can easily filter in which account your ads will appear as you wish. So if you have a brand that has a particular target audience, Facebook ads is for you! Aside from filtering the age bracket of potential customers, you can also filter them through the places where the users live in, called the local awareness advertisements. Through this filtering feature, ads can be sent to people who are just within or near the area of your business.

5. Chance Of Being Viral

Facebook has served as a home of viral videos, photos, posts, and even ads! When people think that your ad is interesting, made with full creativity, or informative, they like, comment, and share it big time! If you think you have a very creative mind and some unique ideas, contact management team now and place your ads!

Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

After knowing the good things you can get from Facebook marketing guideline, now it is time to see the disadvantages of placing ads in this social media platform.

1. Can Be Difficult In Catching People's Attention

People in Facebook are busy with their own stuffs: communicating with friends, looking pictures and videos, and updating their own profile. Sometimes, ads are being snubbed by the busy users most especially if the ads are dull and plain. So if you are planning to put ads on Facebook, it requires a lot of creativity.

2. Negative Comments Are Everywhere

The disadvantage of being just a click away from everything in the internet continues in Facebook. If a customer tried your product and services and encountered something bad or he didn't like the experience at all, he can comment in your Facebook page right away. Many of the other customers are reading comments in a particular page for research, so if they can read negative comments, it can affect your sales. This can test your Facebook management skills. You must be ready to handle these negative feedbacks and make sure that this cannot affect your credibility as a service and product provider.

4. Competitions Everywhere

Because Facebook has a lot of users, ads are sprouting like mushrooms. And because of this, competition is tight. It is hard to stand out. There are times that you just launched a new ad, and after a while, new ads are coming from the competitors as well, the same with what you have on your Facebook page. Duplication of the contents in your page by others can be easily done which you do not want.

5. Facebook Marketing Requires A Lot Of Time And Resources

Maintaining Facebook ads and pages need a lot of time, resources, and energy. Earning likes and followers cannot happen overnight so you need to do a lot of promotion. And if you reach more likers and followers, you need to do a lot of replying job on comments and queries on your page and same with putting up attractive ads. Remember that there are lots of ads. So you need to think of things properly, which may cost you a lot of producing some effective campaigns.

In Closing

Everything in the world has cons and pros. That is why we all have the responsibility to think carefully and study what to do. Like in Facebook marketing, many things have to be considered to achieve your objectives and goals. You need to study some marketing tips so that you will have the best for your company through Facebook advertisements. With the things listed above, I hope it can help you in securing a bright and productive business career in the online world.

Sawaram Suthar is CMO at Acquire, and also a founder of Jagat Media, a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in things including branding, promotions and page optimization, along with research and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune. Anyone can find him on @sawarams.

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