6 Best Ways To Automate Your Video Creation

6 Best Ways To Automate Your Video Creation

Here we shall discuss the top six ways to automate your video creation process. Follow these tips closely to stay on top of your game.

Video marketing is a big opportunity that brands should leverage. 

No matter whether you are a small business operating from a garage or a big corporation, if you are not producing marketing videos, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

We get it! 

Creating videos from scratch may be a time-consuming, complex, and costly process. 

Thankfully, with the right tools, you can develop a state-of-the-art strategy that rivals the best in the industry. 

Creating appealing content is difficult even for seasoned marketers.

That's why we're delving deeper into automatic video creation and some of the greatest solutions for expanding your brand's content strategy. 

The best part is you’ll have complete creative control with automated video creation.

Top 6 Ways to automate your video creation

Creating tons of video content should not be a hectic process altogether. 

For instance, once you have created an hour-long, high-quality interview, you can break it down into multiple tiny pieces of high-quality content. 

All you have to do now is repackage and provide those useful tidbits to your audience.

Here we shall discuss the top six ways to automate your video creation process. Follow these tips closely to stay on top of your game.

1. Always add subtitles

add subtitles to a video


Adding subtitles to a video makes it much more consumable, comprehensible, and relatable.

Consider this: would you prefer to view a culinary recipe video that requires you to turn on the sound? Wouldn’t you rather watch and interact with a cooking recipe video that includes subtitles so you can cook along with them or even take notes on the recipe?

We'll go with the latter because it's all about convenience these days. Also, adding subtitles to your video using an automatic subtitles generator will make your content accessible to those with hearing impairments. 

Let’s not forget that adding subtitles to a video might also increase your YouTube watch duration by 40%. Also, it’s worth noting that about 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. That is when subtitles come into play.

Before we go ahead, it’s crucial to understand that subtitles and captions are not the same things since they serve different purposes. 

Closed captions include all dialogue as well as descriptions of background noises and audio that are important to the scene. Subtitles, on the other hand, is a text alternatives to audio (typically translations). When adding subtitles to a video, only spoken words will be used.

Both can prove to be excellent additions to any digital video strategy because they make your videos more broadly seen and available.

2. Use text-to-voice automation

text-to-voice automation


Whether your goal is to sell a product or service or to engage with your audience merely, you should treat every end-user as a customer. In this regard, the quality of the customer experience you provide is crucial. Text-to-voice enables content owners to cater to each user's unique needs and wishes in terms of how they engage with the information.

Wouldn't it be great if you could keep your audience engaged using text-to-voice software? 

If you are on the same page with us, Murf's ai voice generator can be your best option. With such a tool, you can ensure that whatever message you wish to convey through your videos is read out loud to your audience.

This is a precious strategy, especially because people with less reading capability can understand what your business is trying to say. Also, it would keep them not only engaged with your content, but also they would know what to expect from you as a brand.

3. Prioritize your video creation goals

Now that you have the top two essential tools, it is important to establish your video-creating goals. If you want to test a certain format, look for platforms that allow you to do so. Determine which features will benefit your team the most.

A technology that promotes ease of use might make the video creation process easier if your marketing team has little to no expertise with automated video creation. Marketing teams with a lot of video production experience could need more customizable automation options.

A quick search on the internet can reveal a plethora of video-making tools, but be aware that they differ in difficulty, features, and automation capabilities. Any tool you ultimately choose will require you to go through a learning curve. So it’s crucial to make sure that you pick one that can handle a wide range of tasks.

Choose a simple, intuitive platform. The tool you choose should allow you to automate your video creation process. Not only should it help you to create videos for long-term projects in minutes, but it also allows you to produce more complex, graphic-savvy videos from scratch within hours.

4. Decide on the level of customization you want



Choose how much personalization you want for your video. Choose from a simple template, a completely bespoke video created from the ground up, or a combination of the two.

Depending on the purpose and format of your video (it can be a marketing video, how-to videos, whiteboard animation, or animated social post, choose any automated video creation service that provides you with multiple templates. 

You can also utilize stock photos and graphics or your own copyrighted material to produce compelling videos for the web.

5. Add appropriate texts and images

We believe that by now, you have decided which format and style you wish to follow as far as producing your video content is concerned. Now, it's time to materialize your vision!

Now that you have finalized the video-making tool, simply add your text and graphics to your design template and watch your vision come to life. 

Choosing automatic video creation tools makes this portion of your assignment really straightforward. This is where an intuitive, simple platform can come in handy.

A drag-and-drop editor, for example, allows you to easily personalize the appearance of your video content piece and make tiny tweaks here and there to truly give it that "wow" effect.

6. Choose the animation effects you want

How engaging and unforgettable your video becomes ultimately depends on the effects you add. 

Choose eye-catching motion effects for your text if you want to personalize the design of your film further to make it stand out.

Overlays and moving graphics or images are other visual components that generate interest among audiences of all classes and ages. 

Make sure you are utilizing an easy-to-use editor so you can swiftly and easily put everything together. After all, that's what automated video creation is all about!

How to add video content strategy to your marketing mix?

video content strategy


If you are looking to assist potential consumers in learning more about your product, video footage can be an amazing tool. According to modern marketers, video content helps users better comprehend a product or service.

Customers want to know how your product can be beneficial for them. Your brand video’s content's visual element should explain precisely that.

If you like making video content, you are blessed to have been born in such an era. Today, video production is no more a hobby of industrialists. Even solo entrepreneurs and small business houses are employing a variety of tactics to take advantage of the video revolution that’s ongoing on the web.

Keep your company's marketing goals in mind before jumping into video marketing. You may start on YouTube. As you keep gaining more knowledge and skills, you may expand your video strategy across other platforms.

1. Webinars (B2B)

Ever since the pandemic hit, webinars have bridged the gap between corporate regulations and work-from-home modules. You may use webinars as means to engage and connect with specific customers. Ask them questions or educate the audience about your product and explain how it can help them.

2. Disappearing video stories (B2C)

You may publish video stories, the ones that disappear from the timeline after a set time period. Nearly all major social media platforms offer such a feature. These videos can be brainstormed, shot, and developed quickly and inexpensively.

3. Shorts (B2B/B2C)

Through short videos, you may communicate directly with your target market. Shorts can help you build a healthy and commendable social media following.

4. Live streams(B2B/B2C)

Video streaming solutions have witnessed a boom. If you are unsure what we’re talking about, ask Facebook and its other counterparts. Live video, if executed with enthusiasm, can benefit your business. In terms of engagement, live streaming scores six times compared to regular videos.

How successful your video content marketing campaign will ultimately depend on the tools you employ. Here you can read about the tools that content marketers love

Also, the tools alone wouldn’t bring you success unless you have a clear grasp of content marketing and how it works.


By now, we believe that you have a fair understanding of how you can add videos to your marketing strategy and utilize them to interact and engage with your audience. 

We all know that video content brings superior engagement. 

However, did you know that video content can also improve your SEO?

It seems that with the right video content creation and distribution strategy in place, brands can gain a lot.

It’s time to wrap up our discussion for today. We wish you all the success in your video creation efforts.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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