12 Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software for Campaigns in 2024

12 Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software for Campaigns in 2024

Being an intelligent marketer, you know how essential marketing analytics tools are for marketing success, but how do you choose with the numerous available choices? Read here

Marketing analytics tools are critical to savvy marketers' online marketing efforts, and they assist them in digging deeper to know customer preferences to build and develop a data-driven strategy. However, choosing those that will give successful marketing outcomes can be challenging with the numerous options available. 

What are marketing analytics tools?

Marketing analytics tools are software solutions to track and forecast campaign performance. It helps marketing analytics and advertisers to track various metrics such as CPC, CPL, and ROAS and deal with attribution modeling by aggregating marketing data from different channels.

Advertisers can use their time and resources more effectively, accomplish better results, and achieve the impact of every marketing campaign by utilizing proper marketing analytics software

Further, it can help marketers decide whether efforts are worthwhile when effective. But how can marketers measure marketing success or know:

  • What works for them and what doesn't
  • The strategy that works and what makes it work 
  • And if a methodology fails, why does it fail?

Marketers use marketing analytics tools to measure their marketing campaigns' success. The software platforms use key metrics like website traffic, customer touch point, event data, and the like to let digital marketers know their marketing performance.

Why use marketing analytics tools?

Marketing analytic tools collect data from diverse marketing channels into one place to identify what's working by employing A/B testing, an essential component of marketing analytics.

Marketers can thus examine contrasting marketing strategies in real-time and approach their customers most appealingly to reduce wasted marketing effort, share learning and channel more funds to such initiatives.

What are the types of marketing analytics?

Raw statistics cannot help improve marketing strategy, but their conversion into valuable insights can. And that's what marketing analytics does. Although the purpose of all analytical tools is the same, let's broadly group them as follows:

Web analytics

Web analytics is an excellent tool to measure the performance of marketing campaigns through the efficient collection, processing, and analysis of website data. The analytical tool is indispensable in identifying discrepancies in online services and offering improvement solutions for better customer profile generation.

Social media marketing analytics

Social media marketing analytics helps to understand customer grievances, shifting demands, and actual needs through the detailed analysis of their social media posts, tweets, and product reviews. 

Lead generation analytics

A combination of marketing strategies works to spark customer interest or generate leads for a product or service. The volume of sales can rise or fall depending on effective lead generation.

SEO analytics

Seo Analytics assists in finding critical areas to optimize the website for search engines. It often means collecting and analyzing organic performance data for a website.

Email marketing analytics

Customers who opt to receive emails indicate they want to know more about the product or service. Emails are the most cost-effective and fast means of passing information to the customer.

Best marketing analytics tools & software to consider in 2023

Marketers need a comprehensive set of analytical tools to achieve their goals. Several marketing analytical tools suit the needs of startups with limited funds and established brands that can spend more.

In this post, we have 12 marketing analytics tools to help in the effortless integration of data to improve –sales, retain customers and increase profitability.

1. Google Analytics

If you're looking for a traffic attribution tool that works well with Google Adwords to help you rank on search engines by optimizing your SEO score– Google analytics can help you with that.

Here is how it interacts:

  • Google Analytics aims to analyze how well a company's application or website supports conversions.
  • It enhances the eCommerce monitoring feature and helps comprehend consumer behavior throughout their purchase journey.
  • The feature allows tracking transactions and the revenue earned on the website and app.

2. Mixpanel

Mixpanel draws product analysis depending on customer engagement with an internet-linked product. Marketers use interactive reports to visualize or explore data through minimum keystrokes.

mixpanel tool

Its interaction is as follows:

  • The entire team has access to the user data in real-time, making it easy to recognize customer trends and behavior to take a prompt decision on the product.
  • Mixpanel is an excellent tool for startups as it offers a free starter plan.
  • The payment period begins after they upscale beyond 1000 monthly users.

3. Semrush

Semrush helps marketers produce valuable fresh, or modified existing content for their audience by exposing content gaps, conducting content audits, and better research and composition.

semrush tool

Here are its marketing interactive benefits:

  • The marketing analytic tools check the visibility of a website and the efficiency of its top keywords and compare its performance against its competitors.
  • It enables markets to check the organic rankings over 7, 30, 60, or 90 days to monitor and manage rankings.
  • With SEM's excellent tools, marketers can improvise on their pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

4. HubSpot

Hubspot is a business tool that works with Single Source of Truth (SSOT), a cohesive framework, and an improved user interface to bring in more traffic, effect better lead generation and conversions to attract prospective customers and retain existing ones.

hubspot tool

Here is how Hubspot can enhance marketing efforts:

  • Hubspot is a free forever product that offers complete functionality where users can log in through a Gmail account to accumulate data in one place for easy accessibility.
  • Businesses can connect with their customers through diverse social media networks to build better connections and increase engagement.

5. Smart Insights

Smart Insight is a publishing and learning tool offering comprehensive digital marketing options to strategize, optimize and manage marketing campaigns to help business entities to earn more by increasing lead generation.

Smartinsights tool


We have listed the interactive marketing benefits of smart insights below:

  • Smart insights offer actionable e-learning courses to help commercial establishments in their marketing initiatives achieve results. 
  •  Smart insights integrate digital marketing to give its members capitalizing opportunities that promote lead generation and sales.

6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a web-based email analytic tool that helps business entities in email marketing and automation. It provides the exact picture of how successful a business's email marketing is.

Scroll down for the interactive market features of Mailchimp.

  • Mailchimp provides front-end product promotion despite a lack of coding knowledge.
  • The source code transfer process to integrate it with a custom builder becomes simple.

You can also check some of the alternatives to Mailchimp and try them.

7. Hootsuite

A business can analyze the success of its social media marketing campaigns through Hootsuite, a social media analytic platform.

hootsuite tool

Check the market integration of Hootsuite.

  • Hootsuite facilitates the business to choose the data for extraction, use a ready template to export in seconds in the desired format, or schedule posts or emails through automation.
  • Hootsuite's impact feature is a pricey but beneficial measure of organic and paid content success on various social media networks, viz., YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

8. Buffer

Use Buffer, a social media analytics tool, to generate social media posts and schedule them to share on various social media networking sites. Bufferapp helps a business monitor its posts' performance on diverse social media networks and generate reports for further analysis.

buffer tool

Here is how Buffer assists you in your social media marketing efforts:

  • A business can individually analyze its social media marketing success for each site or combined.
  • It is a publishing platform where you can schedule posts for publishing on many social media sites at times of your choice.

9. Supermetrics

A business collect rates on the performance of its various marketing strategies about its organic traffic that engages with them and grows its organic traffic through data visualization, reporting, and analysis to plan out tasks and executes task for improvisation. And if that's what you are looking for, Supermetrics can help you with that as follows:

supermetrix tools

It helps the team to know how successful the market strategies are in meeting goals by indicating:

  • The situation they are presently in 
  • Why are they in that situation
  • What are the gaps to overcome and opportunities to better their performance

10. Whatagraph

Marketers must provide their clients with accurate SEO reports, and they need tools to collect the data from multiple SEO sources and submit reports that look good and are easy for them to understand. And that's where Whatagraph comes in handy.


Here is how this SEO analytical tool benefits marketers:

  • Marketers can track All search engine Marketing KPIs in one place to show their clients the real-time progress of their SEO marketing efforts.
  • Whastgraph allows the change of fonts, logos, designs, and colors to personalize SERP reports.

11. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a progressed web analytical tool that uses diverse technologies such as advanced data analysis, machine learning, and AI. It works fast and can clean or organize enormous data in seconds.

adobe analytics

Here is what it can do for you:

  • Adobe Analytics is a leading technology that provides accurate customer insights at lightning speeds.
  • Adobe provides powerful segmentation resulting in comprehendible data.

12. Matomo

Matomo is a web analytics tool that generates reports on integrated website engagements depending on browsers, traffic sources, operating systems, and geo-location.

Listed below are its integrations:

  • Business entities that want complete data privacy and ownership can opt for the Matmo paid service, a self-hosted analytics tool.
  • It can track traffic from more than 800 different search engines


 Many businesses still look at online metrics in the same manner they did ten years ago. Reporting visitors and tracking page views is no longer sufficient, and customer pathing, traffic sources, content efficacy, and video engagement must all be measured. Meaningful insights come from combining web data with all existing multichannel data.

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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