Be Ruthless! How Aggressive Writing Attracts Followers to Your Blog

Be Ruthless! How Aggressive Writing Attracts Followers to Your Blog

Yes, you read it right. I am inviting you to be ruthless in your writing. And saying that it will improve your traffic and attract more followers to you.

Of course, the point here is not to start a fight online in every single post. Neither be offensive or disrespectful. This attitude won’t take you anywhere for sure.

But, you should not be afraid to speak your mind either. If you have a strong point of view about something, let it show on your posts without any fear. And here are the reasons why it is such a good idea:

1. They will know that they aren’t talking to a robot

Even though they are not engaged in a face-to-face conversation, your audience wants to know that they aren’t reading a post written by a robot. And the only way to prove it is by adding emotions and feelings to it – something that no machine has been able to do so far.

2. It will help them to make a decision

Most of the time, people read blog posts because they want some kind of guidance so they can make a better decision. Otherwise, they probably would go straight to a merchant and buy whatever they want.

So when they are on your blog, they want you to tell them what options they have and what they should pick. Not just read about facts and figures.

Imagine reading an entire 2,000-word article about the “ten best laptops for game designers” and leaving it without knowing which one is the best of them all. Or why the other 20,000 models in the market didn’t make to your list.

That is to say that your opinion is extremely valuable at this moment. They want to hear you say that something is bad or good, and as bluntly as possible.

3. It will increase engagement and bonding

How many times have you become friends with someone who never have an opinion about anything? How long would it last your relationship with a person who couldn’t stand up for themselves and make decisions?

By answering these questions above, you will probably understand why being ruthless will help you to increase engagement and bonding with your audience. By hearing what you have to say, they will be more able to find out if they identify themselves with your point of view.

Yes, it is possible that some people might stop following after it, but, you will see that you will be better off without them. Those that stay will be people who agree with your ideas and follow them – so you can trust that they will be coming back and taking your advice into consideration.

4. It will make your content unique

You know that only original content has space on the internet nowadays. No search engine, neither any target audience wants to waste time reading again about what they already know.

But it is understandable that you feel like there isn’t anything new to say, with so many blogs out there. And you fear that you will end up just being another echo, even when you don’t mean it.

So here is where being ruthless will help you out. You are the only you, so your opinion is unique by default. Meaning that if you use it to build your outline and add it to your posts, you will have all that you need to create original content.

Sometimes, creating some content that is both unique and trustful may be difficult. What was meant, it’s easy to write some unique text and be aggressive in your writings when you tell about your unorthodox point of view that is based on the spoof facts. That’s why it is important to do research first. It may take a long time so you may search for help on the Internet. There are dozens of websites offering their services on research and writing and not all of them are obviously as good as they might look on the face of it, so you have to check for reviews of companies. Only after you have these things done your ruthless content won’t be blamed for precariousness and untrustworthiness.

5. It will help you to write honest content

There is no way that you can really avoid giving your opinion. And if you try not to let it too transparent, you will end up failing.

You will write longer paragraphs for the things you like most, and they will be presented with much more engaging words. And you won’t even notice it.

But it will compromise the quality of your writing, and maybe make it sound a bit confusing.

So it is much better that you be upfront about what you think from the very beginning. It will let you comfortable enough to write and improve the quality of your post, as a consequence.

6. It will prove your authority

Only people who know what they are talking about feel confident enough to express their opinion publicly. So this why that doing it on your blog will make your visitors start seeing you as an expert.

Of course, to be considered like this, your ideas must be backed up by facts, stats, or personal experience and background. But, yes, speaking your mind will help you become an authority in your industry.

7. It will make you sound more trustworthy

Do you trust people who never say what they are thinking? Or do you think that they are plotting something behind your back? Exactly.

And the same feeling is shared by your audience when you don’t let clear where you stand in the discussion. And if they don’t trust you, or if they believe that you are just trying to make everybody happy, then you won’t be seeing they coming back anytime soon.

8. It will show that you care

People also want to follow someone who is passionate about what they do. And if you don’t bother talking about your opinions, ideas, and feelings, they won’t believe that you care about what you are writing.

It is very hard to remain logical and unbiased when we are writing about something that it is important to us. So people will notice that there is something too cold going on if you do it. As a consequence, your stats will show a very low level of engagement.

The bottom line

I guess that at this stage you understood why being ruthless in your posts will help you to attract more followers to your blog. It will show that you are a real person, with strong ideas and feelings, passionate about what you do, and with fresh and relevant ideas to share.

Due to it, your visitors will engage with you and your posts, and become loyal followers of someone who can provide valuable resources so they can make their own decisions.

So go ahead and start showing your point of view in every post you write from now on. You can also go back to the old ones and make adjustments. You might notice a bit of decrease in your traffic in the beginning, but soon enough it will grow again.

And this time, the quality and loyalty of your followers will be much better.

Steven Mehler is an experienced writer, blogger, SEO specialist and social psychologist that works as an editor at a local newspaper and a freelance writer. Steven also runs his own content agency and is writing a book. He has a long-term experience in writing articles based on blogging, marketing, SEO and social psychology.

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