Top 12 Affiliate Programs to Look Out For 2021

/ December 29, 2017 | 6 Mins Read

Top 12 Affiliate Programs to Look Out For 2021

Are you looking for a Affiliate Programs that will help you to generate recurring income for yourself? Below are the high paying best affiliate programs which offer huge commissions on a recurring basis.

If you are keen in online money making, then you are at the right place. We would suggest you consider the below mentioned High Paying Affiliate Programs at least once. The Affiliate Programs will help you to generate recurring income for yourself.

Below are the high paying best affiliate programs which offer huge commissions on a recurring basis. We hope that you find them useful:


With one of the most lucrative offers of 40% recurring commission, SEMRUSH had left no stone unturned in becoming one of the most favorite keyword research and good SEO tools. Berush is their official Affiliate Program. By joining SEMRUSH’s high paying affiliate program, you get an opportunity to promote one of the world’s most popular competitive intelligence services. On the top of it, they are offering as much as 40% recurring (on monthly basis) commission making you fall head over heels for it. Simply place one of their banner or widget on your blog, or recommend SEMRUSH on your blog or social media platform to make a pocketful of monthly profit.


2. TemplateMonster:

TemplateMonster Affiliate Program delivers truly lucrative offers to its partners. First of all, all affiliates are provided with the 30% commission for the first unique order that was placed by a client via their referral link. Every consecutive order placed by the same customer will bring the 10% earning the affiliate.


Additionally, TemplateMonster provides its partners with ready-made banners, plugins, widgets, showcases, and a number of other tools that affiliates can use for free. The progressive commission plan, life-long 5% cut for recurring affiliates, all-year-round active cookies, and a number of other advantages are delivered to the partners no matter when they join the program.

3. GetResponse:

If you are looking to scale up your online money making gig with high paying affiliate programs, GetResponse is your go to option. GetResponse offers market’s one of the most reputed and renowned email marketing tools. When it comes to the recurring commission in the affiliate program, they have the edge over most of the other affiliate programmes. They go one step ahead and offer as much as a whopping 33% lifetime commission for referring a user to their email marketing tools! It comes with a 30-day free trial package which is good enough for interested users to try on their email marketing tools. Payment is made using Paypal and Cheque with a minimum payout of $50.


4. Shopify Affiliate Program:

Shopify, one of the leading e-commerce software, allowing you to sell both online and offline. The best thing about Shopify is their easy payment module, they support nearly 70 payment gateways and is 100% SEO optimised. Using Shopify, you can have fully functional e-commerce sites or just shopping cart to your existing website. With each bill of your referred merchant, you get a good 20% of the total bill.

5. Better Proposals:

Here's another best option for you if you're looking to deploy an affiliate program to your business. Better Proposals is one of the most popular affiliate program providers.

When you join the Better Proposals affiliate program, you get the benefits of partnering with a personal virtual expert in affiliate marketing. Better Proposals helps you right from strategy design to implementation, and customer onboarding. They help a business out end to end with the materials and support they need to make their referred customers happy. 

People at Better Proposals understand the fundamental needs of a business, the product or service type, the target audience, and thereafter figure out the best practices to hook in the potential customers and also motivate them in the right way to refer the brand or business to their friends or family.

Having said that, you also get a 20% commission for as long as you partner with them - which they affirmatively say is for years and years. 

6. Apps Discover:

Apps Discover is an outstanding platform offering one of the most lucrative offers for affiliate marketers. They have a wide range of offers, with high payouts, easy tracking, and weekly payments. Their optimized tracking methods helps the affiliates to visualize their actual results. The most amazing thing about Apps Discover is they are very clear with their payment policies and in order to maintain a long-term association with their affiliates they make payments on a weekly basis.

7. Aweber:

With free signup and 30% lifetime recurring commission per referral, Aweber is undoubtedly one of the best marketing tool available in the industry. Th mailing plan starts at $9 providing unlimited emailers. They offer 30 days’ free trial which is compelling enough for users to give it a shot. Here, the payment is made through Check, and the minimum threshold for payout is $50. It allows you to send follow-up emails, RSS to emails, and many more.


8. Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads is again a very famous advertising network especially appreciated for its pop-under ads. It offers one of the best eCPM rates in the industry. It is mostly into pop-under ads, pop-ups, pre-rolls, post-rolls, and overlay ads. It prides on its without fail 100% inventory monetization, detailed real-time statistics, and 24/7 well-qualified support. Propeller Ads offer up to 5% recurring referral commission for referring publishers to their advertiser network. The various payment options involve bank wire, Payoneer, MasterCard, Webmoney, etc.

9. Max Bounty:

Max Bounty is another most popular name of CPA Network for affiliate marketing programs. It facilitates a connection between the trusted and skilled affiliate marketers with veterans and high paying advertisers. The network offers various commission modules such as CPS, CPA, and CPL. It is designed for a minimum payout of $100, and its Recurring Affiliate Program offers 5% referral commission for 12 months.

10. Chitika Referral Program:

Chitika is the best substitute to Google Adsense. By joining Chitika’s Referral Program, you get a chance to earn revenue by referring publishers to its professional publisher network. In order to refer publishers, you must have an official Chitika Publisher Account. As soon as you refer a publisher to the Chitika Professional Publisher Network, with each successful reference you can earn 10% of their total revenue for ten months, counting on from the date you refer them.

11. PopAds:

PopAds is one of the most searched Pop-Under ad networks. It gives out one of the most lucrative Recurring Affiliate Programs wherein you will get an opportunity to refer publishers and advertisers to its full-fledged advertising network. Their service is super-fast, efficient and highly secure. The minimum payment for PopAds is $5 payment is done via Paypal, with a payment frequency is customised (request) or automatic.


12. Raven Internet Marketing Tools:

Raven is a widely acclaimed online SEO tool. Affiliate commissions are extremely high when you promote Raven Tools. You get an unbelievable 50% from the total of the first month’s payment. Additionally, you also get a 10% recurring commission for the entire time that sale’s account lasts!!! Once you register for its Pro account, you get $9.90/monthly recurring revenue. While its agency account gives you $24.50/monthly recurring revenue. It comes with a - 180 days return policy which gives you an advantage for the conversions and earnings.

All the above-mentioned names have performed amazingly good in 2017, with their bright past record we are hoping for even better performance in the coming year i.e. 2018. If you think that some other program should’ve been there on the list, or if you have any experience with any of the above, do let us know in the comments.

Nikhil Reddy is a tech savvy content writer by passion and associated with a Premium Mobile Ad Network – Apps Discover Technologies. Nikhil writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, startups, and marketing professionals. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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