17 Tested Ways to Increase Blog Traffic after Publishing

17 Tested Ways to Increase Blog Traffic after Publishing

You had worked very hard to write a great new blog post. After publishing, you must excite that you’ve shared your valuable ideas and expertise for the readers. But it doesn’t mean all readers who are looking for your content reached to your blog. Visitors will not just come to you automatically. You have to divert reader’s attention to notice your article.

Many marketers have noticed that the majority of traffic comes within the first day of blog goes live. After certain time, no one is going to see your blog if it’s not promoted. You cannot just sit passively and wait for visitors to come to your blog. The traffic only arrives on your blog by what you are doing to that post afterwards or how you’re going to promote that article. The more you promote it, the more traffic and views you will get.

Here I have come across certain ways that have tested and proofed by myself and many other marketer. As a marketer we should use these ways to promote every blog post in order to get maximum exposure!

1.   Share link on Google Plus (Personal profile and fan page)

Google+ is one the fastest-growing social networking site in the world. It's a perfect place to connect with people around the world, build relationships, and drive readers to your blog. It is also a powerful tool for blog post promotion.

The main benefit of sharing post on Google+ is that your post will be directly shown in Google search result. Google+ can directly affect your website’s rankings in Google search. Sharing content, building your follower, interacting with others, hosting Hangouts and the other activity occurring on your Google+ page can affect how your content ranks in search. And after all people who are in your circle, will able to see it. If you don’t have Company page on Google+, than you must create my business company page.

The second most benefit is that Google+ generates hashtag automatically after sharing post. If somebody is searching with “ebay panda” than all people who are in my circle will able to see this post without doing any SEO.

Similar to other social media, Google+ also have many communities that allow users to come together to discuss and share content based on specific topics of interests. So sharing post on these communities can help users to generate more traffic on their website.

Important Notes:

Always add some catchy content with article title & URL while sharing any kind of blog post on Google+.

2.  Share link on Facebook (Personal profile and fan page)

Facebook is the largest social networking in the world. There are many benefit of using Facebook business. Yes it won’t help you directly to generate traffic on website but it would be help you to get maximum clicks. So the maximum fans liked your page, maximum clicks you will get.

It’s important to share the article on both your personal profile and Facebook fan page at the same time because people who follow both are more likely to see it. It’s the same reason you’re starting to see the links that multiple friends recommend.

When you post your link on your Facebook page always add some extra line with exact title and URL. The extra text should be interactive and catchy. So your fans, your friends and reader can comment on your share article.

3.  Tweet Article on Twitter (Personal and Company Account)

Twitter is the second largest social networking sites that people and business uses. Twitter is a perfect place to share a link to your blog post as soon as you publish it. The best thing I like about twitter is “mention”. If somebody mentions your tweets than all of their followers will able to see your tweet on their timeline feed. Twitter allows us to write only 140 characters so we need to add catchy text along with title of article & URL. I don’t use any auto-tweeting tools because it won’t be more attractive and will not capture followers’ attention. Moreover I like to customize the tweet that includes something like, “hey world… I just now finished this post. Come be one of the first to see it” along with title and URL.

Hashtags are a great way to group topics together or to promote real-time activity at an event. Always use decide hashtag for any article that you’re going to share and add it along with content.

Important Notes:

If you use hashtags, I recommend not using the hashtags in the article title itself.  The actual article title can be difficult to read with #hashtags in it. Also appraise, motivate your employee and followers to re-tweet main shared tweet. Don’t forget to give credit (by mentioning original sources).

4.  Share on LinkedIn Page and Personal Account

LinkedIn is largest professional social networking platform in the world. Everyone start from individual professional, executive, C level to director and CEOs are on LinkedIn. You will have an opportunity to connect with these high profile professional at one place. So go ahead and post your article on LinkedIn (personal and company page) with catchy title.

Similar to other social networks, I don’t prefer to use auto post tools. While sharing article o LinkedIn don’t forget to tell all of your employees to do this too. If you have a lot of employees, the increase in your potential reach could be gigantic.

Important Notes:

As I already mentioned above LinkedIn is mostly used by professional so don’t share personal post or something that are funny or joke

5.  Must publish link on Reddit

Reddit has potential to drive thousands of visitors to your websites. Reddit is already having lots of well-formed sub-Reddit that works very well to accept all kind of relevant contents/links. You need to choose right sub-Reddit in order to get easy approval and at the same time more relevant traffic. E.g. if you’re having a content related to music than you must select http://www.reddit.com/r/Music/

6.  Always Reply to Comment on Own Article

I always prefer reply to almost every comment simply because I like answering questions and interacting with smart people. It takes a fair amount of time, but I enjoy your comments. It will also help to build your expertise and trust within community. So already reply to all comments with positive manner.

7.  Do comment on related topic articles from other blogs

Comment on the most recent post of relevant sites that have good traffic is another best way to generate traffic, develop relationships, build a following and add backlinks for your blog. Always try to leave good valuable comments on articles. While posting comment, always take care of anchor text. Use brand name or individual name would beneficial and spam free. Before commenting, read their post carefully, comment about something you liked or agreed with in their post and then you can share your link with your thought, your viewpoint in a genuine, opinion about the topic and article. Neil Patel has described in his latest blog that How commenting can help to increase search traffic on your blog.

8.   Share link on at least 50 Social Bookmarking/networking sites (should not be spam).

Now days this technique doesn’t work too much but posting your content to popular social bookmarking sites (Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc.) can still be a great source of traffic, backlinks and overall exposure. Social bookmarking can send a lot of traffic to any site. If you do it correctly then you can see a huge increase in visitors.

Think of social bookmarking as peer-reviewed content. If others bookmark/digg your content, the more exposure you get and the more opportunity you have for others to link to you or reference your content on their sites.

Each single social bookmarking site will give you one click so if you post an article on 50 sites than you will easily get 50 clicks and backlinks.

9.   Add pin on www.Pinterest.com with link

Submit the post image and link to relevant Pinterest boards. Make sure to include headline in all images that you put on sites.

Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking site. If you include images in your blog posts, then Pinterest is a great place to promote them. If your content, image is attractive than other people on Pinterest will pin it on their board and they share with another board. Not sure that you will get direct traffic from Pinterest but yes it will help us to boost SEO traffic for article.

10.  Curate link on www.scoop.it

Curation is the key to consistently delivering relevant content to your target audience. Over the past few years, curation is a term that has been thrown around a lot, especially as the Internet is flooded with white papers, insightful Tweets and unique blog posts. To prevent information overload, businesses have been curating their content – scheduling it out and sharing content that has been created by others in the industry. Drew from Scoop, has explained how scoop can help you to increase your blog traffic.

11.  Stumble link on StumbleUpon.com

StumbleUpon is the best traffic generators among the top seven social media sites. If someone “stumbles” your page, it’s pushed to the millions of SU users across the web. I use StumbleUpon (SU) because it increases my blog traffic.  Its better you refer this blog to know more about how to increase traffic using StumbleUpon.

12.  Share blog on Blog submission directory and sites (10) (should list blog in relevant category)

There are many benefits from submitting blog on directories. First, you can increase traffic to your blog. Second, it helps raise your all-important page ranking, which makes it easier for people to find you. And third, it generates links, which also helps your page ranking.  We recommend you to submit article on top blog directories like triberr.com, technorati.com, blognation.com and some other.

13.  Add RSS feed on various authority sites like (alltop.com, imglance.com. kingged.com, bizsugar.com etc.)

This is one time activity, once you submit RSS feed, no need to submit it again and again. There are numerous aggregation sites like Alltop.com, imglance.com, Kingged.com, Bizsugar.com and outbrain.com those allow us to submit blog’s RSS Feed link on the same.  Here I have listed my blog The Next Scoop on SEO category of Alltop. The important things to submit feed on Alltop, you get a nice juicy link back to your blog along with the exposure from traffic coming to their site. If don’t know how to create RSS feed than must check this article on KISSMetrics.

14. Shout out emails to readers

This is one of the best ways to promote your blog. Yes you may have to invest a lot of time to collect email list. But once you done, you will be benefited from it. Because people who have signed up for your blog will get updates about the new article post.

It’s depending on which email marketing services you’re using. If you’re using Feedburner, then you can customize your email blast and set automatic email delivery options. Whenever you publish an article, Feedburner will send articles to their Inbox automatically. If you’re not using any email marketing services then you need to send an email manually to all readers. Anyone can use best guide mentioned on Quick Sprout to increase your readers.

15.  Share article link on community sites

Depending on the niche you are in there will be several community sites that allow you to submit content. Sites like Inbound.org is perfect for SEO, Digital marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media etc. And there is many other sites available similar to these muckrack.com, growthhackers.com, Bizsugar.com etc.  One of the most benefits of sharing content on these sites is to get maximum exposure within similar kind of profile and you will have opportunities to show off your capability or expertise. As per latest article, inbound.org is better than sharing content on LinkedIn.

16.  Participate in category niche forum (less priority)

Forum is another best source to get traffic on blog. But it’s all depending on how frequently you participate on reply thread with qualitative answer. Before posting link on forum, you need to gain reputation or trust on that particular forum. So always try to reply good, informative comment on thread that already on forum and do don’t publish link till at least 2 month. Once you overpass 10 to 15 comments, after that you reply comment with your relevant blog link. Some forum also allows us to add link in signature. You can brand name as anchor text and home page link.

17.  Produce Content in Multi-format

Some people likes visual content, some textual and video based. So our job is to reach out all audience. Therefore we should create content on different format like slides, presentation, pdf, and videos. Many people think visual representations more interesting or easier to access than the written word, and off course customers are naturally curious about you. Not only will this help a whole new audience engage with your idea, but you have another example for your portfolio and website to promote.

Creating video format of your content can mushroom your content reach to plenty of audiences. Video summaries create the perfect storm of interest, information, and getting your message across to the people who need to hear it. YouTube drives the most engaged traffic out of all social media sites, with an average of 2.99 pages per visit.

Bonus Tips: Always Use a Unique Short URL (Generated from Bitly.com or whatsoever)

This step used to only apply to posting links on Twitter, but with the addition of analytics (click-through tracking) on many of the URL shortening services, posting a shortened URL on any of your social sites is a smart strategy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Copy your new blog post’s URL, paste it in a URL shortener that offers analytics (Bit.ly, Ow.ly, Cli.gs).
  • Use the shortened URL in any status update, link posting or teaser you plan on executing.
  • Check your URL shortener account for click stats, geographic and referring site data after your link has been up a while.
  • The power of doing is, you can track your click URL click through rate via analytics provided by these Bit.ly tool

 Timeline to post an article on following platforms

Platforms1st Hour1st DayNext DayNext WeekNext Month
Community SitesYesYes

Sawaram Suthar is the founder of TheNextScoop and Jagat Media. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in branding, promotions, page optimization, research, and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune. Anyone can find him on Twitter @sawarams.

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