11 Essential Tips to Make Your Small Business More Efficient

/ August 27, 2014 | 5 Mins Read

11 Essential Tips to Make Your Small Business More Efficient

Everyone out there has aimed to get ahead of competitor and for that, you need to run business more efficiently. If your business does not meet current trends or changes then it won’t succeed in the market. In others term, business efficiency means making the most out of what you have and how you can become a leader in the market.

As a small business owner, you should have core assets like cash, human power, machinery, premises, and access to products and services but the most important aspect is how often these assets are delivering maximum efficiency for your business. We all know that “Efficiency” is more important for small and medium-sized businesses because their resources are limited compared to larger companies.

Here are 11 tips that can help your business to be more efficient and also improve customer satisfaction, customer services along stay ahead of the competition. If you implement these tips then you would definitely improve the efficiency of your business.

1.  Create a Business Plan

Without a business plan, an organization is like a man without backbone. It is vital key to running any kind of business. It is a type of manifesto that outlines your goals, business objective and projected growth. More importantly, creating a business plan will help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. It can be in any format like; what sales numbers you need to meet in order to break even along with specific goals you have for the growth or improvement of the business.

2.  Don’t avoid the power of Website

It is being long time that the website has been your most effective marketing tool for any business. Is this still holds true, these day website is not just used to drive business, but it also conducts business. Website Development is a must for businesses looking to increase efficiency across their organization. Especially a powerful content management system (CMS) provides a gateway to integrating business process into your website.

3.  Outsource Non-Core Activities

It is general phenomena that everybody doesn’t have expertise in all activities such as human resource management, accounting related functions, administration, payroll, web promotions & marketing and employee benefits administration functions. You should either higher in house team of outsource to someone. According to Huffington Post, outsourcing non-core activities is the best way to run the business more efficiently. If you’re small business owner than you can partner with outsourcing firms in order to find the best deal.

By outsourcing your non-competency or non-core activity functions to other third party organizations that specializes in these particular areas, you can focus more on core activity that lead to increase efficiency and productivity of business processes.

4.  Focus More on Core Activities

Core activities are essential and vital component for any organization. If the organization focus more on it and give more time into those activities then it would be definitely help you keep ahead of competitors.

After outsourcing your non-core business activities to a third party, you would have sufficient time to manage and focus on your core business practices with using limited resources. Everyone knows that small business owner has limited resources in terms of time and cash. Therefore it is essential for a business to use all available resources like (Investing in your most competitive capabilities to build market share, managing recessionary period, develop new products or services and move ahead of competitors.) at their disposal.

5.  Develop a Long-term Technology Plan

With the emergence of technology, many organizations saw huge changes in business process efficiency. Because the process of replacing legacy technologies with new ones not only boost employee productivity but also bring the office environment to a new level and that leads to increase the efficiency of employees and business. Along with technologies, if you carefully determine short and long-term business objectives and work with your network vendor to deploy technology that matches them.

6.  Increase Network as much as possible.

By networking with industry niche business owner, expert, entrepreneur, you can increase business your presence and promote your business. Therefore start joining small business associations, forum, business magazine, and participate in community events to raise awareness of your business. Participate in community functions so potential clients will be aware of the services you offer and you can have chance to win their mind set.

7.  Use Automate Process

No doubt that everyone has an aim to automate the business process as much as possible so that they can increase productivity. Here is one case study that shows you how automating process can boost your business productivity and increase ROI. Yes initially, you might need to invest something in software to speed all those processes up but after some time once all employees well versed in the process then you will see the benefit of the same.

Okay let’s take an example of Event Company or University, they need to have a twice or thrice meeting in a month and regarding the same they need human resources.  Therefore adopting meeting software like MeetingKing or some others alterative you can save your money investing unnecessary in human power and at the same time you can automate whole meeting process.   Another example is CRM, Enterprise software and document system can help in increase business efficiency.

8.  Combine Communication Methods

Communication is the foundation of every single relationship you have in either your personal life or professional life. Without effective and transparent communication, misunderstandings, conflicts among your staff, your clients or other miscommunication can occur. With poor or improper communication methods, it very hard to make an effective delegation, increase productivity and an enjoyable work environment virtually impossible.

Always use different –different communication method at different-different level. For example, face-to-face or voice-to-voice communication is great for eliminating the time challenges that often come with email. Another side some people use phone or at networking to create summary emails that outline what was discussed. So this can be a great way to combine different communication methods for more effective (and less confusing) forward-moving communication.

9.  Improve Customer Services by Using Social Media

Customer is king. And king always need quality services irrespective of cost. Social media makes vital role in improving customer services. The main purpose of social media channel is to increase brand awareness, improve customer services and it also makes bigger role in search engine ranking factor. As we all know that good customer service depends on two-way communication. So companies use standard method communication. Two ways communication can solve problem, increase closeness and it also help organization to increase services and employee productivity.  Many company use open lines of communication wherein they can ask client for input on how things are going and how they feel about the products and service you're providing.  Here you check how tech companies are using social to empower their customer service teams.

10.  Track Productivity on Regular Basis

There are numerous ways to keep track of productivity whether it’s product or services or employee. Some company use method like daily reporting, keep meetings to about once a week.  Some other companies use standard software tools to track productivity they have high budget. By implementing this you will be able to manage and track everything in time and can deliver maximum business output.

11.  Make office Employee Friendly

Office is second home for employee and it should be with all modern facility and amenities. Employees are happier if they like their office space. If you take example of Google, hoe they have created employee friendly environment wherein employee work at their favorite comfort zone like sitting on sofa, cafeteria etc. So to run business successfully, it’s mandatory to ensure that the employee works in a comfortable and healthy environment. An environmentally-friendly workplace not only improves employee satisfaction but also will save money after the initial investments, and it also improves your standing of business.


Following these all tips is not just way to increase an efficiency of business but if you have these than definitely you are near to improve efficacy and can help it to increase productivity and ROI. Because all small business has limited resources and they have to these resources at right place, right time. Invest in agile tools to automate the repetitive tasks of your hiring process, such as using pre-employment testing for screening candidates from your talent pool.

Hope this article will help you to run a business efficiently, if you have any suggestion, you’re welcome to comment.

Sawaram Suthar is CMO at Acquire, and also a founder of Jagat Media, a digital marketing agency. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in things including branding, promotions and page optimization, along with research and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune. Anyone can find him on @sawarams.

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