Twitter and Facebook: Effective Social Media Marketing on Any Budget

Social Media Marketing

Twitter and Facebook: Effective Social Media Marketing on Any Budget

With the advent of social media, one doesn’t need to be a large corporation with a seemingly unlimited marketing budget. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have evened the odds and

Social Media Marketing

7 Ways to Convert Social Media Fans into Customers

Facebook and Twitter have been here for some time and the social media platforms are well established in our daily lives. In fact, the social sites have changed the way

Digital Marketing

5 Easy Steps Marketer Can Enhance Digital Marketing Skills

Going digital holds a fresh perspective for your business. Not only it opens a world of possibilities but there are high chances of online growth too. The market is welcoming

Social Media Marketing

How To Build A Social Selling Routine

Have you ever thought that you can sell a product or services on social media? If you hadn’t, you should because today’s scenario has been changed. Earlier social media were

Digital Marketing

5 Reasons Why Your Personal Brand Must Follow Your Company Image

In the high-paced information age of today everyone has the image, for better or worse. Customers have access to different sources of information about the company, its CEOs, managers and

Digital Marketing

How Native Advertising Has Won The Internet

Nobody likes advertisements. If we see them on the newspaper, we flip the page. If it’s a commercial break on T.V., we change channels. If there is a pre-roll ad

Small Business

6 Reasons Why Customization Is the New Marketing Strategy

Customer is the king- old adage, Customization is the king- new Adage.  Gone are the days when customers run behind specific products or services for their need or luxury; today as


How to Transfer Content from Google Docs to WordPress in Just One Click

The power of quality, original content is not underestimated by businesses today, and a significant amount of them persevere to produce new blog posts on a weekly basis. It is


Handling Bad Reviews and Leveraging Good Ones

Before someone purchases a product online, what do they do? Most consumers flip through the available pictures, check the price, and read the reviews. While many products have a string


10 Simple Steps to Creating Shareable Infographics

The Internet world is drowning in information–literally. In 2012, there were 2 million search queries per minute. Today, that number has doubled to more than 4 million. Every second of