8 Top and Must Have Web Design Plugins for WordPress

/ April 14, 2018 | 5 Mins Read

8 Top and Must Have Web Design Plugins for WordPress

Whether you're designing your own website or for your clients, having the best web design plugins for WordPress always pay off? Our expert has listed some of them..

WordPress is an amazing CMS platform, though you may not think so in the time you first install it and start building your website or blog. It is because WP or WordPress all its powers come from the vast ways people can modify it easily and as quickly as possible.

The majority of people like to use WordPress because it changes by way of the applications out there. There are hundreds of thousands of applications that can be difficult to know which application is the perfect one for you, and as some of these applications are surely better than other applications, that matters most.

In as much as it is just as real of websites and works as anything else that whether you put the garbage in you will surely get the garbage out and that is easily and quickly.

Therefore, what are the best applications or web design plugins for WordPress for you to utilize whether you are designing your own or client’s page? Here is the following.

1. Elementor

Elementor is the ultimate & free WordPress page builder. With over 2M active installs, it’s the most advanced drag & drop editor out there, used by professionals worldwide to create high-end designs in no time, without coding. Elementor comes with many built-in widgets to help you quickly build any part of your website: images, text, sliders, icons, testimonials, social media, animation and more.

Elementor works perfectly with almost any theme and plugin and will not slow down your existing website. You can start from a blank canvas or choose from over one hundred pre-designed templates that can be inserted to any page. The Pro version comes with super cool features like pop-ups, forms and theme builder which lets you design the header, footer and archive pages of your site.

2. Jetpack

You have possibly heard of this excellent web design plugin and also a lot more about this plugin. We will get a few other things with it. The benefits of using this Jetpack plugin are many. Let us see in a brief. It offers site safety, performance, the growth of the traffic and more. You can do image optimization with this plugin as well.


After you download this plugin, you do not need to do anything more or extra, you will continue to work on it and it will function. It has not a fixed price, you can take it as a free and add it one as a premium one, for that you need to pay more for a premium plugin for sure.

Though the standard galleries that offered by WordPress are not that much good, and you as a designer can seek something more. Here, you will get something more with the basic titles and can lay out in a grid like a pattern and more easily and quickly.

This gallery is a bit more aesthetic, and then you should choose this Gallery given by Envira.  The benefits of taking this gallery is to make your gallery more attractive and also get more options, like different templates, structure, simple dragging feature and position of the images and much, much more.

Now come to the price of this plugin. This plugin comes with different pricing option, like basic, plus, pro, and agency. Generally it comes $30, $70, $100, $300 etc.

4. Yoast

You probably have come across this excellent plugin Yoast. Yes, many people know it as Yoast SEO tool. It is another big gun in the plugin market.

yoast seo

It is one of the best tools we have ever probably used as a standard SEO tool. It gives you many features including optimizing the title, meta tags, meta description, image optimization, content optimization, link optimization and other SEO features in one.

This comes with the free and premium option. The price generally comes with $65 - $70.

5. Slider plugin

You must know that you cannot put much information on a particular page when you know that your site’s page slows down gradually, yes we are talking about page loading time.


This slider plugin will help you in this regards. This plugin will help you showcase more and more content to your users without any error and balancing the page loading time. It is one of the best plugins we have ever found for you.

It is visually attractive, easy to use and quick to install. It generally comes free and premium price at a range of $30.

6. Everest forms

If you need to gather information as well as data from your visitors or the people who browse and visit your website, then this Everest forms plugin can prove a great one.

Albeit you wish to give your visitors the chance to review your products and or services or you need to see your visitors do aspect your website, this is one of the most important benefits of this plugin.

When you like to have this plugin and going to have it, you must be wondered when you see this plugin comes free, which is beyond doubt an additional advantage for you.

7. Ultimate sharing

Something which is an absolute must-have when you think of having some important plugins, and that time you look for a sharing plugin for WordPress website.

This ultimate sharing plugin will help you share all types of social media posts and images at the spur of the moment. It is one of the benefits of using this plugin. This plugin, unfortunately, does not come free of cost, but the premium one is not that much expensive. It is about $20 - $25.

8. WP Mush

Beyond question, you want hundreds of thousands of images on your website. Yes, you need because your website is a machine for your visitors and it says and loads a huge amount of information that comes with loads of important images.

You certainly look for many benefits, the essential is bandwidth balance. Most of the time it is seen that most of the websites go down due to tons of images uploaded to the website, which is lack of bandwidth, but this time you are worry free, because you have WP mush plugin, which will help you overcome all difficulties in spite of having tons of images on your website. It is a free one, so you do not need to buy it.


At length, it can be said that with these excellent seven web design plugins for WordPress in your toolkit help you build an out and out WP website that you and your clients will surely love. You will like these plugins not only they come free and some are cheap in price, but also good for search engine optimization.

So, good luck as well as good designing we are sure your website will end up looking awesome.

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on office interior design, Lifestyle Design, Web Design Company In India, Exhibition design etc..

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