4 Reasons Video Production Is Vital In Any Marketing Campaign

4 Reasons Video Production Is Vital In Any Marketing Campaign

Video marketing strategies are nothing new, but you need proper research and strategy to create a digital marketing video. Follow the steps of your video creation process.

If you want to hit the marketing trifecta: drive sales, attract organic traffic, and increase conversions, you need to make video production an integral element of your marketing campaign.

Video content production has an impressive track record of keeping audiences engaged and improving return on investments (ROI). YouTube and Instagram influencers have gathered sizable audiences through video marketing and continue to expand their influence. Marketers can take a page from their book and enjoy the same benefits. 

Below is a rundown of some of the essential reasons why you should make video production a vital component of your marketing campaigns. 

1. To Drive Engagement

This shouldn’t come as a surprise: in the age of Digital Media, people love watching videos. In fact, according to one statistic, one-third of all online activity is attributed to watching videos. Understanding this massive increase in the popularity of video content is easy: they’re easily digestible and don’t require a lot of commitment. 

Owing to the fact people love watching videos, consumers tend to lose interest very fast when a company doesn’t focus on integrating video content into its marketing platforms, such as social media and business websites.

Generally, people perceive companies producing videos as more tech-savvy and interesting than those relying only on text-based content. This trend also applies to Ecommerce. Online shoppers are more inclined to buy a product or avail of a service when E-commerce websites provide videos in addition to client testimonials and product descriptions. 

To make engaging video content, here are some suggestions to nudge you in the right direction.

  • Research your target audience and ensure your videos are tailored to their consumer psychology. 
  • Emphasizing engagement is the key to creating a lot of buzz around your videos. As a general tip, make fun, easy-to-consume, and informative videos to keep your target market glued to their screens throughout the video’s duration. When your videos drive engagement, they encourage more social media shares and client referrals, consequently improving conversions.
  • The length of the video is also an important consideration. Make sure the videos you make aren’t too short or too long. You need to hit the length sweet spot. According to Wistia, videos that don’t exceed 2 minutes turn the most heads.
  • Lastly, you have to decrease the loading time of your videos. Otherwise, you risk losing the interest of most of your target customers before the video even starts. 

2. To Drive More Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the life source of any business. Companies spend large chunks of their marketing budgets on link-building and other strategies to increase their authority on search engines and promote online visibility. 

Reputable search engines like Google reward companies with a higher proportion of quality traffic. Therefore, the end goal of any marketing campaign is always to rank well in SERPS and increase organic traffic. 

One of the most important factors Google uses to rank a website is the bounce rate. When visitors leave a website without consuming considerable content and spending a lot of time, Google labels the website “low quality” and lowers its visibility on its search engine.

That’s why your business needs to have a low bounce rate to drive more organic traffic.  Fortunately, video content can boost customer engagement and optimize your bounce rate.

As we’ve already mentioned, video is renowned for driving engagement and can be used to attract and retain more visitors to your site. That’s why 62% of companies involved in video marketing consider video content a huge driver of organic traffic.

Before you start using videos to attract organic traffic on your business website or Ecommerce store, keep these things in mind:

  • Distinguish between Sales-focused videos and engagement-focused videos. Sales-focused videos are primarily promotional, revolving around client testimonials, product demos, etc. They can work wonders, but only after a customer decides to use your services. Engagement-focused videos, on the other hand, are educational. They inform people of your products and services in real-time and provide awareness of the potential benefits of doing business with your company.
  • Make sure your engagement-focused videos feature the unique selling points of your products and services. Use graphics and other visual content sparingly and focus on showcasing your products in action. 
  • Your sales-focused videos should feature real people sharing positive experiences with your products and helping others make fast purchase decisions to drive conversions. 

3. To Increase ROI

Due to Video Marketing’s powerful ability to drive traffic and engagement, it provides a boost to a business’s return on investment. Even though video production is a pricey inclusion in a marketing campaign, it pays dividends in the long run. 

Besides, with the rapid advancement in video technology and tools, more affordable options are entering the market. Many marketers are shooting impressive video content with a smartphone and a couple of cheap editing tools.

Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to produce professional video content with the perfect dimensions and camera angles — it just needs to look organic. The content of your video is the difference-making element. If you do a good job of explaining your product’s features and other specifications while being to the point, your videos are going to make an impact. 

4. To Attract A Massive Viewership of Mobile Users

Video and Smartphones make the perfect couple. According to Wyzowl, 90% of all videos are consumed on mobile phones, and YouTube reports a 100% annual increase in smartphone video viewership. These numbers aren’t surprising, considering people love to watch videos while on their way to their offices or on a small bathroom visit. 

Moreover, smartphone users feel an intimate connection with the video content they consume through their handheld devices. It’s more impersonal to be able to easily share that content on your Facebook profile or a personalized Whatsapp group. This gives a sense of second-hand ownership and helps to establish communal grounds with a larger viewership. 

Final Thoughts

Video Marketing can play a pivotal role in giving your business the boost it needs to take its online presence to the next level. Make sure you’re engaged in the best video marketing practices to shoot video content that throws a positive light on your business.  

Aadyasha is an experienced Digital Marketer at Acquire and a content writer specializing in marketing. Apart from that she enjoys dancing and loves to spend free time exploring nature.

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