How to Use Reddit for Mining Content Ideas

/ February 15, 2020 | 4 Mins Read

How to Use Reddit for Mining Content Ideas

Reddit is more than a tool, it's a huge flourishing forum with subreddits dedicated to almost any topic you can imagine, including exciting new content ideas lurk within threads, just waiting to be discovered.

Content marketing is one of the most powerful techniques that marketers are aiming these days. From social media posts to guest blogging, from website promotions to sales campaigns, everything is all about the content that is relevant and connects with the audience.

Though you may capture ideas from around the web, it is only a great idea that takes to conversions. Here is what when Reddit comes handy. 

Reddit is one of the biggest and most trending websites on the internet. Moreover, it is a golden source of information that can be used as an inspiration for the content required for content marketing goals.

All you have to do is find the right community or subreddit where you could mine for information that you can use for your marketing agenda. With over 112 million unique visitors on Reddit, it is truly a great place to fetch ideas that can help you to get great engagement for your product or service. 

Reddit can be used both as a gauge for your existing content, plus it could be used for an advantage to get new ideas. But before we move to the idea of using Reddit for content mining, let us take you to a quick tour of the Reddit to use it in the best possible manner. 

  • Subreddit: These are small forums within Reddit, dedicated to a particular topic or interest. Subreddits allows you to connect with people who share a similar interest to draw their suggestions, thoughts, and even the content ideas. However, it is essential to understand that some communities have very hard rules when it comes to posting, commenting, or raising any questions for advice. 

  • Upvote/Downvote: it is similar to Facebook where you can like any content which seems interesting to you. But Reddit gives the down vote advantage to the users which enable a user to show disagreement or disliking for any post which does not look appropriate to the user. 

  • Comments: we are all familiar with it that how the comments section works. But comment section on Reddit is a bit more particular since audiences on certain subreddits are a bit more particular, and they have strong perspectives on any post made into the subreddit.

  • Reddit Search: Reddit brings a very definitive search option to its users. One can simply explore the search bar with their query with so many features like search parameters, restricting results shown to a particular subreddit, filter for comments, date of the post, or upvotes, and lastly, filter for subreddits to choose those which are most relevant to your query. 

Since we are done with a brief overview of Reddit, let us quickly jump on the main idea of using Reddit to explore content ideas. 

1. Start with Basic Research  

The process to excavate content ideas starts with the basic research of the topic on which you need to write. For instance, if you need to search something for a person who needs to learn the use of AI in eCommerce, all you need to do is search for the same on the web to find all the trends revolving around the term.  

This may bring you some content on the use of AI in the search process on eCommerce websites or it can be anything that talks about the use of AI for image-based product searches.

Exploring further, you will get a clear picture of the topic which is most talked on the web when you have done exploring the search query. Though it may appear as a brainstorming process, it can be of great help in further content mining using Reddit. 

2. Search for Subreddits 

The next step which you need to take is to search for a relevant subreddit where you think you can get content ideas or information to collect. Though you can start directly by searching for the primary term, some possible places where you can find AI in eCommerce could be a subreddit made for discussions on artificial intelligence and eCommerce trends.  

Else you can consider exploring the subreddit of a business or entity that is working as a service provider for the same. This can work as a great trick in finding the most trending ideas.  

3. Explore the Subreddit Content 

Though it only needs a few minutes to get a clear picture of the most popular topics while searching, you should consider digging deeper into the posts from the past 2 or 3 weeks. This will take you to the idea which is heavily applauded by the audience and is continuing to stay in the feed.  

Even if you find some results related to AI into healthcare or predictive analytics, try to get a unique angle in the context. All you have to do is relate the concept to the eCommerce and find out an idea which can excite the readers.  

At number 4, you need to keep a watch for all the patterns and trends that are trending at Reddit or your chosen subreddit. These can be any ideas or concepts that stick into your head, especially when talking about a term like AI in eCommerce.  

This can be anything like an image, gif, or infographic from where you could filter the concept or query that can help you to capture the attention of your audience.

In other words, if you get to find anything that is capturing the attention of users in subreddit, consider it in your content marketing plan. Simply, you need to pick stuff that is popping in the feed and make you feel interested in the concept.  

5. Buff Ideas to Make Them More Appealing  

At number 5, you need to be very creative with the ideas that you have found from Reddit. It needs you to find the idea, buff it, improve, and take it to one level higher when creating content to promote the product/service.  

This can be combining data from the visual resources to the concepts that you find trending in a subreddit. Moreover, you can use the subreddit to raise the query on your idea, to check on the engagement it can drive within a particular community of people.  

Wrapping Up 

Mining content ideas on Reddit can be interesting because it brings you the real-time insights of the people. Therefore, you should use that potential to explore and prepare the content strategy that can help you personalize for effective lead generation.

Even if you have some good ideas to work on content, diving Reddit could help you know the behavior of the audience who can be the potential user, competitors, or critics for the idea you choose.  

By doing this, you can drive content that is engaging, interesting, and perfect from the marketing point of view. Such content can be of great value in creating campaigns that are designed to create impact and not just another post in the feed, which is scrolled up. Good Luck!

Online marketing expert Amit is the Vice President of the Digital Marketing Division at Netsmartz. During his extensive career of 17+ years in Online marketing, he has helped multiple businesses with their Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, eCommerce Optimization, Go-To-Market strategy, Mobile App Marketing, ad e-Retail Marketing strategy and implementation. He is equipped with the relevant industry recognized certifications such as “Google AdWords partner certification”, “Google Analytics”, and “Bing AdCenter certification”.

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