4 Reasons Why Training Customers is a Superb Marketing Strategy

4 Reasons Why Training Customers is a Superb Marketing Strategy

Offer training to customers before they need it so they can use an organization's product or service to its full capacity. Get down the article below to know how

With the advent of the digital revolution, marketeers have a variety of channels and strategies at their disposal to attract new customers. From social media campaigns to email marketing trails, customers are being introduced to the sales pipeline in a number of different ways.

However, most sales funnels only concentrate on marketing strategies that focus on potential customers. Only a few talk about how the post-sale experience can be optimised to boost the efficiency of your entire gamut of marketing efforts.

As a result, while businesses are closing new customers every day, the poorly planned post-sale experience starts contributing to a higher churn rate (rate of losing customers).

This is especially true for businesses that are selling complex SaaS products that involve a learning curve.

For such products, the customer training aspect of their customers' onboarding process has great influence over the churn rate, and the perception of the entire onboarding process in the customer’s mind.

However, what many businesses don’t realise is that investing in improving the customer training experience can actually contribute to their bottom line. 

Don’t believe it? Here’s how customer training can help your business build a better and larger customer base:

1. More Delightful Experiences With Your Brand

When you provide your customers with a well thought-out training experience, it adds to their list of positive experiences with your brand. This fosters loyalty within existing customers in the short term, and contributes to your brand recall value and positive brand image in the long run.

However, the key phrase in the above paragraph is “well thought-out training experience”. 

Creating such an experience means thinking about your training efforts from the point of view of the customer. For instance, by employing mobile learning solutions, you can make the training experience more accessible to your customers.

The point is, training is already a touch point between your customer and your brand. It is up to you to create training content and experiences that are easy to consume and are designed to help your consumers master the use of your offering.

2. Enable Customers To Achieve Success

Your product solves a problem. It’s a basic necessity for a product to be successful. When a customer is able to use your product to solve their problem, we can consider that the customer has achieved ‘success’ with the product.

The customer training experience bridges the gap between making the purchase and achieving success with the product. When they are able to solve their problem using your product, it usually translates into a delightful customer experience.

A better customer experience, in turn, translates into better brand loyalty.

3. Fewer Support Requests

With more educated customers, there will naturally be fewer support requests. This has dual benefits for your business:

  • Fewer support requests mean your support department can run efficiently with fewer resources. This has a direct impact on your business’ bottom line.
  • Fewer support requests also mean that the serious support requests that you do receive can be given the kind of attention they require. This means, customers don’t have to find a resolution to their problem and can reach out to your team quickly. This creates another positive experience between your brand and the customer, which also has an impact on your business’ bottom line, in the form of brand loyalty and enhanced lifetime customer value.

4. Positive Word Of Mouth

All of these positive customer experiences add up and in many cases, turn your happiest customers into voluntary advocates of your brand.

As any marketer would tell you, word of mouth is the best form of marketing. Even studies support this notion. This one, conducted by Nielsen, says that 92% of people trust recommendations from their friends and family more than any form of advertising.


As you can see, investing in creating a more informed and educated customer base is just a part of enabling your customers to use your product the way it was intended to. When this happens, your business will automatically start enjoying boosted brand loyalty and repeat business from happy customers.

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