7 Visible Signs Your Website Badly Need a Revamp

7 Visible Signs Your Website Badly Need a Revamp

Any website, no matter how modern and efficient it is when launched, needs a revamp now and then. Find out about the 7 signs that tell you that site revamp is close.

The moment when your new website is ready, and you launch it for everyone to be able to access one of the proudest times for a web developer or a business owner. And even though websites have quite a long lifecycle, you should be aware right from the moment you launch it, that a website revamp will be necessary at some point in the future. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the website launch to the fullest. However, keeping in mind that a website update will be needed at some point will give you time to adequately prepare for when the time comes. 

Most people have difficulties in determining when it’s the best time for a website revamp. And that mainly happens due to a lot of variables that can influence the sales volume. You start to look at conversion rates, selling funnel, and all sorts of things. However, most of the time, it’s just about your website getting outdated. Here are the seven signs that point towards a website revamp.

1. Your Website Looks Outdated

No matter how good your website performs or how good business is, you can’t resist checking the competition’s websites now and then. And while some may say this is not a good idea as it can show insecurity, it’s a great way to compare your website to what else is on the market. 

So, while this practice won’t teach you a thing about how to update a website, it’s the first step in finding out if a revamp is needed. When you start seeing that the competition uses a different approach, newer technologies, and you are convinced the user experience is better there, it’s time to think about what can be improved on your site.  

2. Your Website Starts to Feel Slug-ish

Even if the user interface doesn’t get outdated, several other aspects could point to updating. The loading time of the pages and all content is significant towards user satisfaction and the overall success of your website. Take the sites that offer no deposit slots as an example. 

Even if what they offer is 100% free, if the games load too slow, users will start looking for other places where to enjoy their online slots. And it’s the same for your website as well, no matter what you’re selling or presenting. Once the site starts to load a lot slower than usual, you should begin to put together a plan to optimize website speed. Start with a website load test and take it from there. 

3. Mobile Performance

It goes without saying that in this day and age, a mobile-friendly website is mandatory for the success of any business. Most of the internet traffic, searches, shopping, and gaming takes place on a mobile phone, so you need to make sure you’re delivering a great mobile experience. If your website isn’t 100% functional from a mobile perspective, it’s time to take care of this issue now and update the mobile version of the website. 


4. High Bounce Rate on Your Website

One of the first questions asked by many site owners is, “ what is a good bounce rate for a website?” Of course, we aim to keep bounce rates as low as possible. However, this can’t always be controlled. If the bounce rate is high, it could be from slow loading times, a faulty design, or even failure to design the website so that all visitors find what they need. 

No matter which one of the causes listed here generates the high bounce rate, you should take it as a clear warning and think about updating the website ASAP. 

5. Non-responsive Website

This one may not be your fault. However, a non-responsive website is the worst that can happen to an online business. If clients can’t reach you even one time, they will immediately associate your website with something that’s not working, and your chances of getting them back are slim. 

To avoid such a situation, make sure your website hosting is air-tight, and there are no downtimes. Another issue with having downtime on your side is that Google severely punishes websites in the rankings when they’re not available for a more extended period. 

It can happen, you add something to your website, and you forget to connect all the links to a new source or do redirects. However, you have to be extra careful to deal with these things as soon as possible. Having a lot of broken links on your website can make your website work slowly and even lose its ranking in Google. So, rely on a website structure diagram and quickly fix all broken links you find and create redirects for them. 

7. Low Visibility

If you’re doing all the right things from an on-page SEO perspective and your link building game is also strong, then you should consider looking at other sources for the low visibility of your website. It can be from the way the structure was built from the beginning, and you may need to go over it again. It is more than just a site revamp as you may need to create a new website from scratch and just keep the old domain. 


If your website starts showing any of these seven signs, you should prepare for an update or even a complete rebuild. As you could notice in the articles, some are more serious than others. However, you should keep an eye on all metrics and make sure your website is delivering the very best performance it can. 

We ask our readers to share from their own experience and help others identify signs and website behavior that hint towards an update. Together, we can gather much more information on the topic and support a wide range of readers. 

Thomas Glare studied computer science and decided to use his frontend and backend knowledge to build websites for various companies. To promote his business, he started a blog where he writes about the usual issues that occur when administering a website. His blog got a lot of traction and now collaborates with various online publications as well.

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