5 Effective SEO Techniques for Bite-Sized Video Ads

/ September 22, 2020 | 6 Mins Read

5 Effective SEO Techniques for Bite-Sized Video Ads

Bite-size Video Ads: The fresh phase/face of video marketing in the world of advertisement - a far-reaching SEO concept for client engagement, creativity, and diversification of content

To thrive in these SEO times, you must find a way to stay on top of rankings. Each day offers several effective strategies to help your business. As a result of the continuous evolution in online marketing, the need to stay abreast of all trends and use them in your favor is paramount. 

First, you need to figure out what your aim for your business is and then work towards them. Essentially, every business is mostly about putting their names out there and making sure their clients are satisfied. Again, they want to outshine the competition by gaining a competitive edge over them.

When Snapchat took the entire world to the next level in 2013 via their ''story'' feature, everyone could not wait to try it. Other social media platforms took a cue and made their own story too. Eventually, posting on your story became a norm, and those bite-sized videos became a thing. 

For new social media users, it's almost impossible to imagine life without these video contents. 

The move by Snapchat was not only creative; it became a source of content for many users. They were thereby making content marketing more accessible. Of course, the difference between video content and other kinds of content is obvious. Videos are so immersive that they tend to trend faster than other interactive content. 

At first, it was the 2-5 minutes timing that ticked viewers off. Then, the extensive use of data became a factor too. In the long run, people began to ignore the rather "long" videos. The duration was soon shortened into bite-sized, not boring, yet enabling you to create diverse content from a single video.

Why video ads?

When businesses opt for marketing ads, they intend to give their business a better reach. Video marketing ads, like a regular advertisement, serve this singular purpose while targeting the exact audience.

Here's why bitesize videos work; it is increasingly challenging to get attention in the online world, not to mention maintaining it. Based on a study by Microsoft, the average human being of the year 2000 has an attention span of 12 seconds. Therefore a thirty seconds video is likely to hold more attention than a minute's. 

This shows that the window of opportunity to get your message out there is limited. It is safe to say that video length is a major factor in the video's exposure. An important thought to consider here is that the platform you intend to send it through determines the size. However, a bitesize video is no longer than two minutes maximum.  

Here's what's changed - Many of these videos focus on branding with the use of SEO

Therefore, you could focus on the beginning of the video as viewers choose to skip such videos after a few seconds. Now, we have established the fact that video ads contribute immensely to your SEO rankings. So, making it a part of your marketing strategy should no longer be an afterthought. 

The fact that video ads are a phenomenon is probably an understatement. For instance, after Google, YouTube is the next in the world at the moment. With a record of over 3 billion hours of videos watched per month and million views daily, you do have a fair chance here. 

To drive more traffic to your brand and site, these are 5 of the most effective tools for quality bite-sized video ads:

1. The platform on which you host your content

host your content

An increase in the number of available platforms to host your content provides you a myriad of options. Choosing the right medium could be tricky. If you're set to take a step, you may decide to host it yourself or use a third-party platform. Picking the most appropriate platform depends on your SEO goals.

If you intend to rank higher and maximize the number of views, then sites like YouTube, Instagram, etc. You will get as much in-built traffic as you desire. Because your product is the main subject of your video ad, the more your ad pops up, the more exposure it gets.

On the other hand, if you want referrals and more visitors, you may consider doing it yourself by embedding the link on a website post, sharing it via social media, or streaming live.

This singular process works for any written content that seeks to reach high rankings. 

Therefore, the same methods can be used. A simple way to go is by checking if the keywords you intend to use have any YouTube results. If yes, then you're good.

To make it easier, Google video display results will work. However, you may use YouTube directly while inputting your preferred keyword to see any autosuggestion. 

2. Work on your SERP rankings with Youtube 

The SERP -Search Engine Results Page) is your brand's placement on the list of links that comes on when there's a search on Google. Whether it's a video or page, your keyword is the most searched if yours is the first to appear. 

How to improve your SERP ranking

A singular search for a topic on Google brings multiple pages, including YouTube videos. These videos usually come up first, depending on the title. This so because google prefer sites with variable contents, including bite-sized videos and GIFs

Furthermore, make use of the video description. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter provide descriptions and the use of tags. Of course, this should be done in addition to putting your researched keywords to the description, without overdoing it. Although there are several other tools you could use to optimize your video ads, keywords remain undefeated. 

Your viewers and potentials rely on that description more than you know because it gives them a general overview of the video. Also, search engines could be indexing descriptions too. 

Don'tDon't forget to attach a backlink to your website and other related sites. This additional tool drives more traffic to your site and helps your ranking.  

3. Video Thumbnails

This part of the article works alongside consumer psychology. A video thumbnail is the first appearance of your video when viewers check for it. Whether they click on it or not has a lot to do with the thumbnail. The thumbnail must be relevant, beautiful, and similar to what your video ads are about. 

A good thumbnail increases the clicking, and ultimately your general ranking metrics. Consider using relatable images such as humans. Again, be sure of its relevance to what you intend to advertise and rank for. 

4. Spread the word

When you have created your bite-sized video, it is not enough to sit back and watch how things play out. After uploading your view, it is wise to get the word out because the more people share your video, the better it is for your ranking. How do you do this? Share links to the video on your social media accounts 

Don'tDon't rely only on SEO for your bite-sized video. Algorithms are constantly evolving, and the control is not entirely up to you. Using paid adverts like promotion via social media channels is a plus. 

5. Optimizing your video content

The way you treat your video title should be exactly how you treat a blog post's titles. Viewers and readers tend to notice the title first, so make sure that the content directly aligns with the title. As a rule, consider adding your keywords to the beginning of the title. To be sure, there is no precise keyword research tool for other websites, as there is for Google. 

The situation is not hopeless; however, several tools could help you online.


Almost all searches on Google bring on a top result in a small box called a rich snippet. According to research, about 55% of all clicks on Google result from rich snippets. They are precisely what we're talking about: bite-sized pieces of information relevant to a search. They are a way to put up your video ads with the appropriate information. 

Your site may not necessarily be top on the list, as long as it makes the top 5. A well put together snippet contains the appropriate keyword and answers to questions. 

Aside from the SEO benefits, which is the main focus of this article, there are several other benefits that bitesize videos provide as video ads

Consumer psychology

When you consider psychology, many consumers will prefer watching a video of what they need before taking the final step to buying it. The logic is quite simple; a visual creates more impact on the mind, giving all the necessary facts about the product. 


Today, videos are sharable even though users often expect whatever you want to share to be brief. Hence, after viewing a video, users could share on their pages. This helps information about your brand to move around as quickly as you anticipate. 

When Video ads came into the game, it changed how connections in the digital space worked. For instance, the cross channeling mechanism of video ads helps your business retain a connection to devices, websites, social media platforms, and devices. Thus, the engagement of your connections increases. 


Currently, almost every social media platform allows you to share videos with your audience. In-stream videos offer your audience access to your products. Also, there are some options you could consider – live or non-live videos. These videos are almost often pre-recorded on video uploading platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. They pop-up as commercials, consequently helping you reach more people. 


Whether you sell goods or services, you have a consumer. An important role of video ads is the appeal it brings to the emotion of your buyers. A bite-sized video is a great way to save your time and that of your potential clients. 

While it educates your clients as fast as possible, it expands your brand's reach and increases your profit. Every day is for learning, so you could read up on various useful tips when you're ready for more on online marketing. With time and dedication, you're set to tap into the numerous opportunities that abound in the SEO World. 

Oyegoke Motolani Oluwakemi is a freelance writer, poetess and author of insightful articles for Nettra Media. She writes on different niches, especially exciting ones that opens her up to new challenges. She enjoys reading and seeing television series like “the Blacklist”.

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