Employee For Your Business

Employee For Your Business

Are you looking for employees that can make your organization strong? If yes, here's a blog that discusses the different aspects of searching the right workstaff and the best way to find them.

According to statistics, in the United States alone, there are in excess of 6.6 million jobs available. This number affects roughly 50% of all the employers in the country.

This is one of the main reasons why employers, apart from the already familiar recruiting tactics, they also opt for headhunting.

If you are one of the employers in the United States or you are in a similar situation, here are the main aspects you need to take into consideration.

1. Decide Upon Your Needs


Very often, managers solely want to fill the empty spaces in their team. They don’t focus on what type of employee they want. They rather focus on having one, thinking that even if he doesn’t have the right knowledge, he will acquire it along the way. That “along the way” will cost you money and time.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire inexperienced candidates and teach them. If you are reading this, most certainly you don’t know how or you are having trouble hiring a person to do a specific job, you are not here to learn how to recruit interns. That’s why you should decide on your needs and hire a suitable person for your business.

Let’s say you are looking to hire someone in the marketing department. Are you looking to hire an online marketing specialist or you’d prefer a marketing specialist focused on retail?

According to Alex McCain, COO at UK Best Essays emphasizes “If your business is a bricks and mortar one, then you should hire the latter. If it’s an online business, such as an e-commerce website, then you should hire the first one. If the type of business it’s bricks and clicks, then you should hire a more experienced marketer, having the right skills for both types of business. “

2. Create Your Candidate’s Persona

Alright, you’ve decided what type of person do you need for your company. Now, it’s very important to decide what skills you are looking for.

Anne Bury, CMO at Resumes Planet adds “If you are looking for an online marketing specialist, you should focus on skills, such: content writing, paid advertising, social media, and knowledge about content management systems, such as WordPress, Wix, or Magento. The latter aspect depends on the type of business you own.”

If you are owning a restaurant or a retail shop, you should look for people having experience with point-of-sale marketing and offline marketing, such as out-of-home advertising and events.

Last, but not least, a new and rare breed of marketers started to appear in the marketing realm, the employer branding specialists. They are the people who take the dust off of your company and make it very appealing and attractive for candidates. They will make your recruiting job easier because the company will have a better and brighter image among possible candidates.

3. Where do You Promote Your Job Ad?

This is a very tricky question you’ll have to answer yourself. There are job search websites, which are very popular, such as

Even though it seems there are quite a few websites out there where to choose from when publishing your recruitment ad, it’s not as simple as one might think.

Dana Marsh, Human Resources Officer at  NinjaEssays.com concludes “I’ve recently finished a recruitment campaign for one of my clients, a real estate agency. They were looking for Junior Associate Broker and Middle/Senior Associate Broker.

During a 30-day recruitment campaign, using one job search website, we’ve had around 40 possible candidates for the Junior job, and around 15-18 for the Middle/Senior job. Out of all of them, around 10-12% went past the resume screening phase. In the end, we’ve hired two Junior Associate Brokers and no senior.”

As we said, even though it seems there are quite a lot of options to choose from, the results won’t be overwhelming. Also, if you are using multiple websites, you might end up with the same candidates applying for your job on all the platforms.

Social Media Anyone?

http:// https://www.social-experts.net/linkedins-algorithm-change-and-how-it-will-ruin-your-business/

Job search websites, such as Monster.com or CareerBuilder, appeared a long time ago, but during the last years, social media networks specialized in the B2B niche have started to appear.

“Social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, have become very popular among recruiters. Basically, they offer candidates the possibility to post information about their professional background. Another important aspect of LinkedIn and similar social media platforms is the fact that they offer a search engine for jobs. “ concludes Andrew Gonzalez, Social Media Manager at EssayMama.com.

If you are looking to get some extra visibility for your job ad, you should definitely create a company profile on LinkedIn and post an ad there.

Facebook, even though it is not a B2B social media network, can be another great way to generate some visibility for your recruitment campaign. Create your company profile and post your job offer.

Don’t forget! A very important aspect you need to consider when using social media for your recruitment campaign is to make sure your company profile is updated on a regular basis. A company page with poor or low activity is very unattractive for candidates.

4. Headhunting Much?

http:// https://hr.toolbox.com/articles/5-ways-to-headhunt-the-best-candidate-for-a-job

The increased number of employers looking for qualified or highly-qualified candidates has led to a new type of recruitment, it is called head hunting. Basically, as a human resources specialist, your job is to search for the ideal candidate among the employees of other companies. They don’t come to you instead, you get to them.

Companies such as EssayHave and NinjaEssays.com recommend using such approaches whenever you are looking for employees with a high level of seniority, even C level employees.

The most accessible place for a headhunter is LinkedIn because you can search for possible candidates for free or with low fees.

If this is the tool of your choice, here are some tips you should consider next time you will headhunt

Use the Correct Keywords

http:// https://i0.wp.com/manilarecruitment.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/01.jpg?w=938&ssl=1

When using the LinkedIn tools, make sure you use the correct keywords and keyword combinations for your search.

If you are searching for a front end developer and you use the keyword developer you will end up with a huge list of possible candidates. Most certainly, they will be front end developers, back end developers, and full stack developers.

A back end developer will not be a good fit for your front end developer job opening, will it? Also, a full stack developer, a person who can work both on the front end and the back end is an overqualified person for your job opening. This means that the salary he will ask for will be higher than your budget limit.

You will need to find the right keyword combination when headhunting. The more abstract the terms, the more results you will get, which will probably be less relevant for you. Overflooding your search with keywords might lead to a handful of candidates and fewer options for you.

JavaScript Developer vs. Front End Developer

Whenever you are headhunting, you need to research the industry thoroughly because you might end up with candidates who don’t have the needed skills for your job or your searches might not be exhaustive

For example, if you are looking for a front end developer and you use LinkedIn for your searches, you might also want to look for JavaScript developers who’ve worked with React and Angular frameworks before.

That’s because some front end developers use the syntax “JavaScript Developer” as their job title and in the job description, they’ve mentioned React and Angular libraries. These libraries are the most popular JavaScript libraries used by front end developers.

This being said, especially when headhunting for tech professionals you need to know the most popular programming languages and libraries used by them. Then, use them as your keywords.


LinkedIn offers the Connection option and it grades the connection. If you add the candidate to your friend list, he will be a grade 1 connection and his connections will be grade 2 connections.

People from a certain niche tend to add to their friend list peers from their community and most certainly, looking for grade 2 and 3 connection will lead you to candidates with the profile you are looking for.

Looking Beyond Your Area

If you live in New York City and you want to search for candidates, you might want to increase the area of your search. You might want to look to adjacent cities, such as Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, even Boston.

That’s because according to statistics, 50% of the candidates are willing to relocate to another city if the offered salary is large enough. Another aspect they take into consideration when relocating is the possibility to develop professionally and advance.

Last, but not least, if you are flexible enough, you might consider offering the possibility to work fully remote or partially remote.

For example, you might want your candidate to get to your office only once or twice a week, for the weekly meetings. Working from home is quite a powerful incentive for some candidates, use that in your advantage!

Searching for qualified employees for your business it’s not very easy in today’s very dynamic business world. There’s a very high demand for qualified employees and you need to be very inventive when looking for your next team member.

Before you even start looking for one, you need to decide upon the type of candidate you are looking for. Then, you need to create your candidate’s persona and decide on the skills they need to have. Make sure you know what you are looking for, you wouldn’t like to get Messi into your team and play him as a defender, would you?

Once you decided, you should research the given job search websites and choose the one you think is the most appropriate. It needs to have enough candidates matching your persona and it shouldn’t be very expensive.

Last, but not least, if you decide that headhunting is the method for you, make sure you master the ins and outs of Linkedin. It is one of the most widely used platforms for such activities.

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