Illustrative Quora Marketing Guide for E-commerce Players

Illustrative Quora Marketing Guide for E-commerce Players

Quora is a great forum which helps you to indirectly promote your site. There are a lot of people on there with different queries as it relates to any form of marketing, and you can actually plug-in your own brand with a link. The main thing is having the right information and value to give to the users on the board.

With 100 million Prime users alone in the United States, Amazon has emerged as the preferred platform for product discovery. A Kenshoo study found "72% of people prefer Amazon over Google for product discovery". With e-commerce taking the center stage and Amazon leading, the contemporaries need to buck up.

Product Discovery and Recommendation analysis are the two most destructive weapons in Amazon's arsenal. It is tough for competitors to battle it out with Amazon on product discovery and recommendation analysis.

Amazon relies on e-commerce analytics for driving 29% of its sales. Amazon analyses the existing data to recommend products that drive repurchases and reduces customer churn rate.

The new e-commerce players need not worry about the growing dominance of Amazon rather they should concentrate on building a base. Start from scratch and build a mansion up, just like Amazon did.

Amazon started almost 2 decades ago with no technological support, with the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Product Management software, modern-day online stores can weave magic like never before.

Quora is perhaps one of the best online platforms that can help new players build authority and drive traffic from day one. With 300 Million active monthly users, Quora has everything a new e-commerce store needs. Leveraging Quora can help online stores drive targeted traffic, offer better product recommendations and establish itself as a thought leader.

1. Why should Quora be a part of every e-commerce store's marketing strategy?

A KPMG study suggests 65% of users’ research online before buying a product. Quora is a goldmine of User Generated Content that can be leveraged by online stores effectively to offer better insight into products. Organizations can use Quora as a tool to establish their products as numero uno.

2. Here are all the benefits of including Quora into your marketing strategy:

Free Traffic from Day One: Everything on the web starts with traffic, you want to become a million-dollar company? You aim to disrupt the market or you want to dominate it? The first thing you need to do is drive traffic, loads of it. With Quora, online businesses can drive free traffic from day one.

By answering relevant questions with requisite information and linking your product to it, you can drive tons of traffic for free. Unlike Facebook and Google, where you have to spend time defining the audience and creating ads.

On Quora, all you need to do is look for questions related to your product, answer it and leave a link to your product. The referral traffic is free and offers hyper-targeted traffic.

Establishes Your Brand Authority: Nielsen recently revealed, 86% of people trust recommendations from friends more than advertisements. With User Generated Content being an important decision influencer, marketers should leverage Quora more than paid Press Releases.

With Quora, stores can meet their audience in an open playground and convince them to visit their stores. Either get your customers to leave answers on Quora or leverage their reviews as a tool for driving more traffic.

The more questions you answer your chances of getting identified as a thought leader increases. Leveraging videos, photos, and user reviews will help you offer better insight into your product and appear genuine to the readers.

Leaving a link to your product will help people make faster decisions, which is exactly what Amazon does. The giant marketplace makes product discovery faster to influence decision making and drive sales.

Never Ending Sea of Content Ideas: With 300 million monthly active users, Quora is the den of content ideas. Bloggers and digital marketers have always relied on Quora for discovering keywords, titles, and topics to target.

E-commerce stores can anchor their marketing campaigns in a similar manner too. With people from the United States, India, and Europe dominating Quora, every marketplace will find enough questions to answer drive traffic.

Higher Search Ranking: With a Domain Authority as high as 93, Quora is going to rank for a lot of keywords, which will drive free traffic from search engines. With a properly crafted answer, you can drive this traffic to your site as well.

Quora doubles as a marketing engine for you that requires no ad budget. Investing time on Quora not only improves Brand Authority but drives traffic, creates an audience base and offers better exposure.

3. How to Execute Your Quora Campaign?

Let's discuss the proper layout for designing a Quora campaign. Here we will undertake every from finding the niche to how to find questions with most views and the right way of integrating links for referral traffic.

Step 1: Find the Right Fit for your Products: Randomly answering questions on Quora might get you views but it will not affect your bottom line. The first step should always be finding the right categories to target. Spend an hour or two discovering the categories that are relevant to your store and products.

While creating an account, select all the categories you are willing to answer questions for. One of the easiest ways of selecting categories is to identify the products on your site. Once you have identified the right categories, the next thing you need to do is find the most popular questions.

Step 2: Discover Questions with Maximum Followers and Highest Views: To maximize the impact of your Quora marketing, you must select questions that are very popular. Questions with maximum followers and highest views will help you drive more traffic to your site. The ticklish question here is "how to find popular questions on Quora?"

Ø  Type the keyword you are looking forward to target

Ø  Open a few questions

Ø  Once you have opened a question click on "Stats and Log"

Ø  Once you click on "Stats and Log" a new page will open with all the details you need.

Repeat this step with multiple questions and discover the most popular questions on Quora.

Step 3: Use the Related Questions to create a Complete Guide: Well! The key with Quora Marketing lies in going full extent. Neil Patel recently revealed "how long content ranks better in search engines", the same analogy is applicable on Quora as well. A well-written answer with all the keywords, images and relevant links will grab more views and up-votes.

You can find all the relevant questions on the left side of the page, try including answers to all these questions and your answer will gradually move upwards and acquire more eyeballs.

Step 4: Answer all Questions like A Pro: This is where it all boils down to, just like streamlined catalog management is the key to better product discovery on marketplaces, answering questions like a pro is the key to success on Quora. Here's how to do it:

Get into the Details: Quora is full of intellectuals, people come to Quora to discover in-depth information on a Topic. Leverage the power of Quora by answering all product related queries in detail. Add every relevant information you can add and your answer will start grabbing views.

Leverage Visual Content: Quora is more like Facebook, catchy titles and images are a great way of acquiring attention. Spending time creating quality images, click baits also work really well on Quora.  Share images your customers posted on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing User-Generated Content is perhaps the best way of establishing trust and authority.

Be Exhaustive: Remember, out of 300 million monthly active users around 100 million are here to answer questions. To stand out, you need to put in extra effort and help the audience acquire all the information in one go. By answering all the related questions, you can ensure that you are ranking better.

Put your Links Cautiously: You cannot throw links anywhere in the article, with people trying to abuse the platform, Quora has established some policies and constantly moderates content for spam. Place your link only after you have offered relevant information, never put the link in the first two paragraphs, and always place it towards the end. Link to your site with anchor text like "source, read more, more information here" and you will never face issues with Quora Moderation.

4. With Quora Marketing E-commerce Players can Weave Magic

Growing annually at 23%, E-commerce stores will drive 95% of retail sales by 2040, which is not only a paradigm shift but also a pool of opportunities. 2020 is going to be very instrumental in how the e-commerce industry shapes up.

By leveraging every opportunity and marketing gateway to the fullest, online stores will not only grow big but will also make the e-commerce domain a stable place.

Author: Linda Taylor

Linda Taylor is an experienced business and marketing consultant with MattsenKumar LLC. Linda’s vast exposure in growing B2B SMEs, E-commerce and improving Customer Experience enables her to create quality content in the form of Articles and Infographics. With a focus on benefiting the masses, Linda is creating content that adds value and routes companies towards success.

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