3 Unique Oberlo Websites For Sale On Exchange Marketplace

3 Unique Oberlo Websites For Sale On Exchange Marketplace

If any of these Oberlo stores sound like a great idea to you then it is time to seriously think about buying these because you will surely be making profits soon and sitting on a great, functional business of your own!

Exchange Marketplace is a comprehensive platform that gives you versatile Oberlo stores for sale. You can be a first-time buyer or an experienced entrepreneur- there are many Oberlo stores that you can choose from through Exchange Marketplace.

Whether you are looking for general stores with a huge inventory or unique niche stores, you will find them all. Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace is the place for all your buying needs. The Oberlo stores which are on sale offer you the best price for that store.

On top of that, these opportunities enable you to work on established stores where you are not required to start from scratch. The foundation is available, you simply have to build on it to make it as grand as you can make it!

1. Mira Jewelry

Mira Jewelry is one of those Oberlo websites for sale which can become an immensely huge store. The store sells modern jewelry for women. The focus is on customized jewelry which is one of its greatest selling points to customers.

Mira Jewelry

It has rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and more jewelry items that are a must-have. The versatility and the attention to detail are what makes Mira Jewelry one of the stores that are going to be in demand in the future as well.

The seller has email subscribers and this can be used for making powerful targeted email campaigns.

When it comes to performance, Mira Jewelry has done quite well with a revenue generation of $87,887. The traffic in total is 99,716 sessions. Mira Jewelry expenses are $0.75 per month for the domain and $79 per month for the Shopify plan.

Mira Jewelry costs $4,500. When your passion lies in jewelry for women, this is one of the stores you can rely upon for continuous revenue on a monthly basis. The store has over 2000 subscribers.

When you buy the store, you get a logo, domain, social media accounts, photos of products, personal support, and brand.

Performance metrics of Mira Jewelry

2. Soccer Moms Shop

Soccer Moms Shop is a store that sells clothing, apparel, and accessories for soccer moms. In addition, it sells equipment of soccer for the children as well. This is one of the best Oberlo websites for sale if you are into developing apparel as well as accessories.

Soccer Moms Shop

The customer base is huge with over 4000 customers from over 6 countries. There is customized apparel that is available on the website which is an extraordinary tool for increasing the customer base.

If your interest lies in soccer, apparel, and its equipment then buying this store is something you will never regret. This store has a lot of potentials which can be brought through expert marketing.

Soccer Moms Shop is one of the most profitable Oberlo stores. It has a revenue of $174,408 which means it is a great investment. The store costs $49,900. The traffic in total is 135,611 sessions. The expenses of Soccer Moms Shop include $79 per month for a plan from Shopify and $1.25 per month for the domain.

The sale includes branding assets, domain, photos, accounts of social media, logo and personal support. The store has over 8000 subscribers on Facebook and Instagram.

Performance metrics of Soccer Moms Shop

3. Go Camera Geek

The Go Camera Geek store sells quality camera accessories of high quality and a rate that most people can afford. The website of the store has loads of tutorials, resources, reviews and more such important aspects that can turn potential customers into loyal customers.

Go Camera Geek

If you are interested in this store, note that this is one of the Oberlo websites for sale that can generate a lot of revenue for you. You need to focus more on marketing as this will help all the camera enthusiasts take notice and become customers.

There has been a lot of investment done on making the website as informational as possible and this can help visitors become customers in no time. The SEO is top-notch which is a bonus for you.

Go Camera Geek has generated revenue of $4,566 and when it comes to the website traffic, the store has 17,289 sessions. The expenses include $29 per month for Shopify’s plan and another $0.83 per month for the domain.

Go Camera Geek is up for sale at $17,000. The sale of the store includes social media information, product photos, support, domain, logo and brand information. There are over 5000 followers on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram already.

Performance metrics of Go Camera Geek

Which Oberlo websites for sale did you like the most? These Oberlo websites are up for sale at an affordable price and you can make huge profits when you buy these.

Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace gives you the avenue where you can get a head start by managing and growing further, a store that has already been doing quite well. The buying aspect is secure and since you get the support directly from the supplier, you won’t be lost at any point in time after you make your purchase.

All revenue related data are verified by Exchange Marketplace too. If any of these Oberlo stores sound like a great idea to you then it is time to seriously think about buying these because you will surely be making profits soon and sitting on a great, functional business of your own!

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