5 Tips for Nurturing Your Relationship with Existing Clients

5 Tips for Nurturing Your Relationship with Existing Clients

The best way to nurture positive customer relationships and loyalty, is to reward them for it. Marketers need to focus on customer retention.

Every business person would like to attract more clients to their pool. However, although getting more clients indicates growth, retaining existing clients is even better. Better still, selling to existing clients is cheaper than trying to generate new clients.

However, retaining existing clients can be a daunting task. It is, therefore, essential to dedicate company resources to nurturing your relationship with existing clients. These five tips would help you, leading to more recurring sales.

1. Reward their Loyalty

The best way to nurture your relationship with an existing client is to make them happy. That is where customer loyalty incentive programs come in. These programs will keep them coming back to you. They are better than just discounts.

Looking at the customer provided data would help you come up with relevant offers to keep your loyal clients. These offers may vary from vouchers, exclusive products, free delivery, and much more. The customers’ shopping history would tell you what works best.

2. Keep them Enlightened

Your clients may be struggling to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Therefore, they would appreciate you taking the initiative to keep them enlightened with any relevant information. Nevertheless, different clients are interested in different things. Therefore, take your time to research and know what each client is interested in.

Once you know what they want, send them relevant newsletters once or twice a week. Ensure that the newsletters are not always talking about your company, although one article about your company wouldn’t hurt. Who wouldn’t stay where their thirst for knowledge is being quenched?

3. Get Feedback

Feedback is one of the most reliable marketing strategies. It also does magic when it comes to nurturing your relationship with existing clients. Ensure your company is always in touch with the clients and collecting their feedback on various products or services. It sends a message to them that you care.

While negative feedback might be inevitable, take it gracefully. Make sure your company rectifies any mistake and follows up.

4. Organize Events

Just like dates keep relationships going, getting together with existing clients will strengthen the bond. Better still, with the current technological advancement, you can hold an online event with your clients or live events.

In these events, you get to hear firsthand what your clients need. Everyone has something to teach you, so sit around a table, network, and share ideas. Who knows? You might get an insight into the next big thing.

5. A Subtle Thank-You Note

Everyone likes staying where they are appreciated. The thank-you note is to give your clients a personal feel and a sense of belonging. Therefore, go out of your way and send handwritten thank-you notes to your repeat clients. You don’t have to wait till Christmas to send them holiday cards, a thank you note on a typical business day would be a pleasant surprise.

Although it might be impossible to send handwritten notes if you have hundreds of clients, they will still appreciate a printed letter. It is the thought that counts.

The Bottom Line

Most businesses assume that, if they roll out a great product, customer retention follows naturally. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. You have to make intentional efforts to nurture your relationship, making sure established customers don’t leave. Keeping existing clients happy saves you money while making you more.

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