14 Mobile-Marketing Tips to Generate More Revenue

14 Mobile-Marketing Tips to Generate More Revenue

The billion-dollar companies have already identified the need to optimize their sites, content, sales strategies for mobile users. Here are 14 tips just to assure that you’re not falling behind the marketplace’s trend.

Around 65% of the people living in the States have a smartphone which is quite a large number, taking into account the total population of the country. Such statistics illustrate the fact that the market for smartphone applications is increasing.

Initially, phones were invented for calling purposes only, for example; service providers used to offer basic calling features only but now, as technology has emerged, they have added additional features as well. The technology of smartphone has opened doors for various opportunities that new businesses can take advantage of. For instance, making a smartphone app that can connect numerous gadgets at a time to transfer files.

You can increase the revenue of your online business by improving the marketing strategy and by concentrating on mobile marketing techniques. Here are some of the tips that you can use to enhance the revenue of your company:

1. Introduce Your Brand to Smartphone Users

Nowadays, brands do not have an option to skip mobile platforms because smartphone users are increasing on a daily basis and making a website that is compatible with smartphones is a must. With mobile SEO, you can help users discover you on search engine platforms to increase the traffic on your website for better revenue.

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2. Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

The very first thing that you should do is to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly because, by the year 2020, online shoppers are projected to spend around $30 billion, which is quite a huge amount for the e-commerce market.

In order to make your website mobile-friendly, you can use WordPress as it offers free themes that enable you to attract mobile users to your site. In addition to this, you can invest in premium themes which are compatible with all the platforms that are available today.

3. Post Mobile-Friendly Content

The content that you post on your website should be compatible with a mobile phone so that users can easily read what you have written on your web pages. Moreover, you should optimize your website on search engine platforms so that users who access the internet with their smartphones can easily find your website.

According to research conducted by iAcquire, around 70% of the users use smartphones to carry out their searches on the internet. Therefore, you cannot ignore the market of mobile-users as they are your potential clients.

4. Use Google My Business

You need to ensure that the customers can find your company easily and therefore, you have to make your business visible on local maps. Google makes this procedure convenient for you because, with Google My Business, you can easily make your business locatable on mobile platforms and on the desktop as well.

5. Use Text Message Marketing

According to a research study conducted by Ihumanmedia, 58% of mobile users check their smartphones every hour and are always ready to find information using these portable gadgets. You can take advantage of this opportunity by sending out text messages to your customers. You can also send personalized messages to your clients by addressing them by their names and giving them discount coupons.

6. Build Easy Navigation Site

Your website should be easy to navigate so that users can easily see the products that you have listed on your website and they can place online orders with convenience. In addition to this, you should guide your users on every step of the purchase method so that they do not get irritated by the buying procedure. Before launching your website, test it yourself to make sure that your website is free from bugs and has a friendly user interface.

7. Add Unique Touch

Many organizations and individuals put a lot of emphasis on the personal touch because it gives your website a unique point that no other website offers. The personal touch that you make to your website gives your business a competitive edge over other companies in the industry and this helps you generate more revenue.

8. Develop QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) codes were originally designed by the Japanese and they are quite successful because they allow you to quickly access the website. Consider creating QR codes using the best QR code generator and  adding them to your website as well because these codes will take your website to a whole new level. With QR codes, your website will speed up and smartphone users will be able to access it more easily.

9. Build Mobile Applications

You can create a mobile app for your website which will be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store for the users to download. Creating an app is a great way to attract users to your business because it offers a personalized account for every customer and it helps you keep a record of their purchases as well.

10. Promote Social Engagement

In order to encourage social engagement, you can create a social media account of your business because social media platforms contain thousands of potential customers that you can convert to loyal customers.

Social media presence would allow you to get in touch with your clients so that you can understand their interests and modify your products according to their demands. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are good options for creating a social media presence for your business.

11. Never Ignore PCs

Optimizing your website for mobile is good but you should not ignore the desktop platform because there are many customers that still prefer a desktop for accessing the internet. You will be able to generate better revenue if you have optimized your website for multiple platforms because this will enable you to reach out to more customers.

12. Enable Time Tracking

You can enable real-time tracking for your smartphone app in order to know what is happening and when it is happening. This allows you to effectively market your mobile app because you can get real-time analytics and market insights regarding the ongoing trends.

13. Use Multiple Channels

You should combine different marketing methods for better results. When you use several channels instead of just using one, you reach out to a variety of customers which increases the chance of you earning more revenue.

14. Make Smartphone Your Central Strategy

To make the most out of your mobile marketing, make smartphones the heart of your marketing campaigns. The smartphone response rate is five times faster and better than the desktop response because smartphones are easily accessible and portable. People carry smartphones with them wherever they go to which makes it easier for them to access the internet on the go.  


The aforementioned tips and techniques have become a necessity for businesses due to the increased use of smartphone apps. With the emergence of new gadgets like Galaxy Fold by Samsung, smartphones have all the features and specifications that you see in a laptop, therefore, you should seriously consider mobile marketing as your top priority in order to stay ahead of the competitors in the business world.

You literally improve the chances of generating meaningful leads by 57% when your website is optimized for mobile. Smartphones have gained relative importance these days over other devices, and have become the preferred means of communication for the general populace.

That is why it is crucial for today's online businesses to optimize their sites to fit the mobile-friendly criteria, in order to maximize their traffic rate and generate better profits.

Having completed his studies in Marketing and Media, Farhan Suleman has ample experience in the field of content marketing. He regularly writes blogs pertaining to the ongoing trends and never fails to inspire his readers with an interesting read. Apart from writing, he is an enthusiastic chess player with a rating of more than 1800 Elo.

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