9 Of The Mobile App Development Trends Will Help You Lead In 2019

/ December 3, 2018 | 7 Mins Read

9 Of The Mobile App Development Trends Will Help You Lead In 2019

Moving forward with the forecasts, we come to read about the things trending in mobile app development and can rule the stage in the coming year.

For over a decade now, we are enjoying the long drive with several mobile applications, and now we are drifting across towards highly impressive and innovative technologies.

The use of all these technologies, in no time, has become an unavoidable trend in mobile app development.

Technology has never ceased to surprise us and hardly will it do ever. Thus, it is entirely necessary for us to understand and stay updated with the mobile app development trends coming up our way.

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If we review the recent past, not long a while, gaming and social media apps for mobile have increased a whole lot of craze among the population.

Well, not only increasing the craze but generating skyscraping numbers of revenue worldwide.

A Statista report says that mobile apps are forecasted to reach the number of 188.9 billion US Dollars in 2020. Well, that’s quite a considerable number.

Moving forward with the forecasts, we come to read about the things trending in mobile app development and can rule the stage in the coming year.

We have mentioned some of the highly significant Mobile App Development Trends as of now for the next year over here.

1. IoT - Smart is getting even smarter

Many times, I find our generation quite fortunate because of the innovations of the internet and also the things innovated with the internet.

Along with the usage of internet on desktop computers, it came all stretching into the palms of our hands, and even more, it is intelligently amalgamating in the other things.

The Internet of Things has brought up this evolution of controlling the non-connecting things even with the internet.

IoT is on the road of making the streets even smarter. The brains working on it expect that it can help to solve the hassle caused by traffic grumbles and the parking issues on the roads.

Further, IoT has proven to become a boon to various sectors such as healthcare, eCommerce, transportation, and many others indeed.

It helps to connect even the woods and controls them. There is much daily life equipment that we use which are connected to the internet directly, and we can operate them also if we are away from them.

For instance, you can switch on A.C. while you are on the way to your home, you can switch on and off the TV with your mobile phone with a simple sync process, and many other examples are there.

IoT has facilitated patients as well as doctors. They can maintain the health records and even prescribe by the updated medical history.

IoT is becoming a trend and is a foreseen success and enhancement in human ways of living.

2. Acceleration and Mobility

With the growing number of information available across the web and the limited time that we have, hardly would there be anybody who could wait for more than a second for any webpage to load on their mobile phone.

To keep people engaging with the technology, the giants always come with innovations that grab the attention of people and make the user experience even better.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the innovation that accelerates the load time of the web pages on the mobile interface letting people get the very thing in time for which they are searching.

As we already know that we can’t wait long enough for anything, this acceleration is becoming an unavoidable trend in mobile app development.

Along with speed, we need management to be in place.

Another term that is becoming trending in the sector is EMM which is an abbreviation to Enterprise Mobility Management.

It helps to manage the complete mobility solutions comprising of people as well as the technology.

It assists the developers to use the technology at its most to integrate with the business processes and to streamline the management.

It looks after the management of the application’s security, finance of the organization, and maintenance of the app.

While, being able to manage the things from a click and in their palms, business people are heartily welcoming this trend and looking forward to it in the coming year.

3. Technological Accessories

Mobile is too vibrant to limit it to a phone’s case. The brains behind and with the wires have come up in the past as well as in the present with several other gadgets.

There are beautiful innovations such as smartwatches and motion trackers which have not only helped ordinary people but medical science as well.

These types of accessories not only help people stay in touch with their mobile phones for management but also, keep track of their health as well.

Apart from that, they can get the entertainment right in front of them as and when they wish for that.

Some start-ups have come up with the execution of making tech wearables improving the safety of people.

These look like a jewel piece and work through distinct mobile integrations passing the messages onto the relatives in case of an emergency.

4. Motion and location tracking

While talking about the smartness of the technology, we come to see the innovation of location tracking.

Admittedly, it isn’t something new, or the one just came up, but it is going to become a trend in the following year.

We have an example of on-demand apps, in which people order certain products and demand for them to be delivered to their places.

This scenario cannot be completed without the location track setting.

Along with that, if we talk about the health wearables, for instance, you have gifted one to your grandma to keep track of her that she is not falling anywhere.

The device can’t be supported without the location tracing on.

Also, Location tracking has made the maps even smarter and improving day by day.

This states that location and motion tracking is going to be one of the notable trends in 2019.

5. Cloud Integration

If we put an eye on the business side, we will be able to see that every day they come across dealing with thousands of documents that they might need to save somewhere on their systems and pass it on when asked.

While talking about the storage space of a mobile phone, it is somewhat limited when comes to saving these crucial documents.

Also, it is hazardous as you may forget or lose your mobile phone or for some unavoidable reasons; you have to format your phone’s storage.

These things may cause massive damage to those critical documents as well as to your reputation.

However, if you consider saving your documents on cloud storage, you won’t have to worry about any such circumstances.

Cloud storage has a vast storing capacity, and it can be accessed anywhere on any device with your login credentials.

Businesses highly consider cloud storage integration in most of the mobile apps as it facilitates them with accessing the documents from anywhere and keeps them safe and undamaged.

This integration has already become a trend and is going to be one continuing for the coming years as well.

6. Machine learning and AI

Time and tech have bridged up to the gap between humans and machines now.

Machines are capable of learning by themselves reducing the efforts implemented by humans into different coding elements of the program.

It is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence has gained fame and eased and cheered up people’s lives with the solutions that it intends to provide.

It has been motivating people to use simplified services and apply to practices in their different business processes.

Moreover, when Artificial Intelligence is combined with machine learning, it will create wonders in technology, though machine learning is still a way bit far to reach up to the cliff with AI.

7. Augmented & Virtual Reality

With time, the screens have gone compact, and it is continuing.

With Virtual and Augmented reality, the screens have gone even more compact, and the experience has gone beyond the screen.

These technologies have not only enhanced the experience of the gaming apps, but they are also spreading their roots into social media platforms as well.

The use of AR in social media has given users an experience which they are enjoying a lot.

With the help of AR, features like face animation have been implemented, such as turning a human face into an animated character’s face, which is making people go mad and more engaging to the platform.

This instance is just a glimpse, whereas, there is a whole lot more to what AR and VR can do with the technology and are going to become the booming trend for years and years.

8. Mobile Payments & Beacon technology

Mobile has left no element uncovered, how can we leave out payments.

Mobile Payment options and gateways have made the life of people easier with the opportunity to pay through clicks rather than standing in long-awaiting queues.

People have moved to shop online and with that, they look out for several safe and secure payment options on their mobiles which will ease and complete their transaction.

The revolution of secure payment wallets and the options of payment gateways have made them able to focus on other elements of life as well. This is going to be an undying trend.

While talking about easing the lives of people, we come here to see Beacons technology.

No wonder, it is becoming prominent from time to time. It has been assisting various industry verticals including healthcare and retail with its applications.

It has been helpful in detecting the location and triggers the action accordingly.

Now, it is even more helpful too with the airports enabled with Beacons.

There is more to beacons with payments and personalized ones as well.

It is helping to collect and store the necessary information in a virtual guide which can later be retrieved and used for further development.

This technology was termed as the missing piece in the mobile app development puzzle and is going to last long as a trend to keep matching all the puzzle pieces.

9. Blockchain

As the century’s generation, neither we have been unaware of the Blockchain technology, nor of the transformations, it has brought to the world of currencies.

Blockchain has remained a popular platform of dealing with the cryptocurrencies and providing a highly secured environment to the finance dealers without any interference of third-parties.

The integration of Blockchain in mobile app development has created a secure platform for organizations both in finance as well as the banking sector to deal with the money without hesitation.

Not only finance and banking but also insurance and the healthcare sector, have been positively impacted by this development.

This technology, facilitating so many crucial and essential sectors, is bound to remain as a trend for mobile app development for many long years and more to come in the next.

Wrapping it up

Humans are after creating the most out of the technology, and many such innovations come our way of development and last as the trends.

The above listed are some of the notable and vital trends which will be coming our way of mobile app development for the next year - 2019.

Manan Ghadawala founded 21Twelve Interactive, one of the leading mobile app development company in India, USA. His visionary leadership and flamboyant management style have yield fruitful results for the company. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with a leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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