Smart Ways to Use Your Marketing Team During Covid-19

Smart Ways to Use Your Marketing Team During Covid-19

A global crisis can either paralyze a marketing team or galvanize it to thrive. Enable your team to really understand your customers and have a strong set of metrics on day one to get your operations off to a good start in this crisis.

Do you know, it is imperative to keep going, especially when the difficult times are here to last for long? Covid-19 has taken a toll on lives and businesses around the globe; all the signs indicate that it is here to last for longer than expected, and will result in more business disruption than one would have ever thought.

Many big sharks have started laying off, closed their doors, and waiting for the good times to return.

All this disruption means that you will have to rethink how to manage the marketing team. Because your marketing team is the only one who can help you sail during these difficult times. They can make use of all the modern advertising tools, such as SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and many more to bring more business to you.

How To Do Marketing During Covid-19?

 It is not a challenging task to do marketing during COVID-19. Moreover, if you manage a marketing team that looks after your business, you can effortlessly gain the results. For example, they can do email marketing which is an ideal B2B marketing strategy. They can also:

  • Keep connected with the customers and invite new leads through the social media platform.
  • Improve online presence.
  • Make use of verified permission-based email lists to reach more prospects.
  • Improve your site’s SEO.
  • Keep on top of your email marketing strategy.
  • Develop all the necessary plans for marketing during the lockdown.
  • Keep a close watch on customers, their movements, and their needs.

 For an ideal email marketing strategy, you can take services from email service provider companies.

What is effective marketing?

 Every business, small or big, is always interested in increasing their marketing effectiveness. Effective marketing means proving your products and services to target customers through effective marketing strategies. 

The most effective marketing strategy is the one where you target a specific audience, focus on their requirements and needs, and deliver the required product or services when they are more likely to be attentive and interested. Therefore your marketing team must be aware of the importance of effective marketing, to bring maximum business for you. 

Why is it important to manage the marketing team?

Do you have a small business or a large one? It is irrelevant here because what matters for your business’s success is an efficient marketing team. If your marketing team can bring you business even when the economy is down, then stick to them, because they are the most suitable team for you, and vice-versa.

  • Brings business- managing a marketing team is necessary because they bring business to your company. With their marketing strategies, they broaden the customer base, which results in more sales.
  • Maintains customers- a marketing team keeps looking for customers’ movement, their interests, needs, and everything necessary to maintain them. They provide them with all the services and solutions, which they are looking for.
  • Get payments- marketing team keeps a track on customers’ accounts. They regularly monitor the same and send their team members for collections. They, therefore, maintain the flow of revenue in the company.
  • Helps business grow- any marketing employs various marketing strategies to attract more customers. They leave no stone unturned such as; email marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy, and whatnot.

How to Manage the Marketing Team?

 It is imperative to manage the marketing team for obvious reasons. Now let's see how we can manage them. 

  • Make them practice agility- lockdown has given every one to either sit back and enjoy the time, or gear up for the upcoming challenges. Make your team do the latter. Make them develop after lockdown marketing strategies, along with learning something new such as digital marketing, techniques, and many more.
  • Allow them to design a B2B email marketing strategy- email marketing is one of the oldest but a result-oriented marketing strategy. It brings more results than any other marketing strategy; hence ask you, team, to develop an email marketing strategy. You can also outsource the service, and get such marketing done by experts in the market, such as AverickMedia, Mailing Data Solution, and Infoglobaldata. They have all the business mailing lists for B2C businesses as well as B2B email lists for your business. You can use such lists to boost your business.
  • Retain your marketing team- many companies are laying off their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. But have you ever thought about what you will do after lockdown if you don’t have a marketing team? Hence for the benefit of your business don’t lay the entire team off. Keep the ones who are vital for your marketing strategies.
  • Make your team build a digital marketing muscle- as per a few kinds of research; it is certain that digital marketing will grow several folds within a few years. Therefore, now is a good time to invest in the same. There are many kinds of expenses associated with hiring a digital marketing agency. Hence it shall be better to build a digital marketing team in-house. This will save you a lot in the future.
  • Solidify agency relationships- if you are taking services from an outside marketing agency, now is the time to build a strong relationship with them. This is so because due to the economic slump the budget is going to get thinner. Therefore agency relationships could be a good place to save some costs or increase productivity.
  • Boost your team’s morale- you know that your employees are having a difficult time standing strong, as the current time is of great uncertainty. Hence try and boost up their morale. If possible make some arrangements to give them some economic rewards, allow them to have some fun free times during working hours, and a few useless chitchats will do no harm.

 Final words

Your marketing team is your backbone, whether it's your in-house team or an outside agency. You cannot afford to lose them and at the same time afford any kind of discrepancies. Hence learn to manage them well, boost your business with their help, and also learn to value them. They are your companies standing stone hence maintain them to retain them. 

I am passionate about meeting people and interacting with them. I help businesses to stop playing around with B2B marketing and start seeing tangible ROI. Currently, I am a Market Analyst at AverickMedia, which offers innovative solutions when it comes to providing b2b email lists , data quality management services, and email appending services.

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