How Interactive Content Can Boost your Marketing Campaigns

How Interactive Content Can Boost your Marketing Campaigns

Looking for interactive content and want to know how to use it into your marketing campaigns? Here are how you can get started with one and boost your marketing campaign.

Has your content marketing strategy stopped paying dividends in the recent times? There are good chances that you have started creating more content to arrest the decline in the number of qualified leads but alas they too fail to impress your audience.

If you haven’t kept track of the paradigm shift in the market we must warn you that the days of traditional content marketing strategies are numbered. Your users are bored reading one-dimensional content and if you pursue this strategy they are likely to turn their back on you.

So what can save your content marketing strategy and re-energize it? The answer is Interactive Content.

1. What is Interactive Content?       

Interactive Content is a groundbreaking new model of content marketing. As the name suggests it is a format that allows more interactions between the content and the users.

The same piece of content can be used to target different user groups based on their tastes and preferences and satisfy them all. You may already have come across quizzes that present content based on the preferences and activities of users. What separates it is the interactivity, the visual elements is a plus.

Interactive Content comes in various forms and we are sure you may have casually tried some of them in the past. Here let us take a look at some of the most popular types of interactive content –

i. Quizzes

The Internet is flooded with quizzes and there is a good reason for this. It allows business owners to engage users more actively compared to a long and well-researched post. You present a question with multiple answers. Depending on whether the user chooses the right answer you can reward them with gifts or other freebies.

ii. Polls & Surveys

Running regular polls on your website or social media handles allows you to attract user attention. Show them the breakdown of the results and they know where they stand in terms of the majority opinion.

On a similar note, surveys have long been used by businesses to better study the needs, aspirations and customer satisfaction levels. They offer valuable data that can go into product improvement.

3. Incentives for using Interactive Content in Your Campaign

i. Increase User Engagement

The reason you publish content is to engage with your users and when you add interactive elements to your content it immediately boosts engagement with your users and takes you closer to your goals.

ii. Gather Valuable Data

The world is slowly but steadily moving towards big data where businesses wish to know everything about their users. Interactive Content is a great way of collecting big data. When you get inside the minds of your users you will be able to offer them the most tailored products and solutions.

iii. Educate Your Users

Content marketing has for long been used to promote products and service. One of the aims is to educate users about the incentives of products and when you make use of visual elements as in Interactive Content the results are more rewarding.

iv. Remarketing Solution

In a competitive market remarketing is the only successful way to increase the loyal base of customers. This is where Interactive Content works to your advantage as you would have more information about the needs and aspirations of your customers and can offer them more value in the association.

v. Increase Conversions

The sum total of all the incentives we have mentioned so far is increased conversions. Since you will interact more with the users and educate them more convincingly you can expect to improve the conversion rates.

4. Prepare A Killer Interactive Content Strategy   

The success of Interactive Content Marketing depends on the planning and execution of your strategy. Here is how you can get started with one -

i. Know Your Goal

The use of Interactive Content is as varied as chalk and cheese. While some want to boost their traffic others are interested in increasing newsletter subscription. Hence you need to start a campaign having a clear idea about your goals. These goals need to be strategic, attainable and measurable. You need to have KPIs in place to measure the success of the campaign.

ii. Work on The Content

The success of your Interactive Content Marketing campaign will depend a lot on the quality of the content. The best content is the once your users are already looking for.

If you come across the same types of queries from users on social media or your website, it offers you the perfect content idea. You can also take leads from Quora and other similar platforms where users want to know about certain topics, technologies, and services.

iii. Choose The Right Path  

As we have discussed above there are various forms of Interactive Content and you need to choose the right channels to market them. If you are planning to use slideshows you need to choose the best slideshow platforms for marketing. In case of polls and quizzes, social media offers you more scope for interactions.

iv. Focus on Conversions   

You have attracted the user; you have convinced him/her about the incentives, what next? This is the most important phase of your campaign where you need to convert leads into sales.

If you are promoting a new product using your content make sure you guide the users to a relevant online store or offer them information on where they can shop for these products.

v. Data & Results  

You will collect data on the progress at every stage of your marketing campaign. You need to analyze them to know your strong points and weaknesses. In case your campaign isn’t progressing as per your goals you should aim to rework on in order to align the campaign to your goals.

We have clearly explained the invectives of Interactive Content and how you can get started with yours. It is important for you to realize that the future of content marketing rests on Interactive Content and the quicker you get started with it the better it would be for your business.

Author Bio:

Mark Johnson is the content marketing consultant at opinion stage. A self-taught digital marketing enthusiast he has managed content marketing campaigns for clients for more than a decade and worked with clients across different industries.

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