5 Ways That Make Improving Client Satisfaction As Easy As A Smile.

/ June 22, 2018 | 4 Mins Read

5 Ways That Make Improving Client Satisfaction As Easy As A Smile.

Be it an industry-specific one or a general business software, it can go great lengths toward improving the satisfaction level of your clients and customers.

Over the years, the way business is conducted has undergone many transformations. There was a time when businesses believed that simply producing a product that was affordable and available woul d be enough for its customers.

This shifted when the promotion ideology became prominent: if they can sell the product, customers will buy it. Then the belief that ‘customer is king’ became the guide for companies. That concept has evolved over time to the present day when customer satisfaction is paramount and casts its shadow over nearly every business decision.

A Gartner survey had predicted that by 2016, customer experience is what 89% of companies will be competing upon. With the rapid advancement of technology, it has become easier and imperative that companies make a genuine attempt to enhance customer satisfaction any chance they get.

One of the most glaring changes in the relationship between businesses and its customers is that the latter now have the power to publicly voice their opinion on various social media platforms. A resource like social media can clearly be used by customers to the benefit or detriment of the company. A company’s social media brand is an important aspect of its overall image, but in general, customer satisfaction and customer experience are possible to cultivate closer home, with software that your business already uses.


Yes, your business software! Be it as of industry-specific one or a general business software, it can go great lengths toward improving the satisfaction level of your clients and customers. Here is some business software that will help you improve client satisfaction from the get-go:

1. Keep the Most Important Project Stakeholders Happy

With every organization, be it a large enterprise or a small/medium business, projects play a huge role in its success. And projects are also where most organizations fail, so it’s not only an important job, it’s also a tough one. So, a project management software is a must if you want to beat the industry standards and emerge victoriously.

Project management software enables teams of any size to collaborate and deliver effectively. A single project may not seem to matter that much but the status of all the projects of a firm reflects greatly on its efficiency.

A good project management system should ideally help the project team to define its goals clearly, schedule and prioritize tasks, track progress on individual tasks, and get team members’ inputs on specific items. It makes the job of the project manager and his team a lot easier.

This enables project managers to engage the stakeholders, a majority of whom are customers, more effectively. If your projects are progressing smoothly, it will instill confidence in internal as well as external stakeholders of your business.

2. Transform Business Processes to Make Them Customer-Centric

BPM (Business Process Management) is like project management, but with a wider scope. It involves optimizing a business process and continually monitoring it for improvements. The basic idea is to continually improve the workflows of a business process, using BPM methodologies such as Six Sigma or Lean.

A Business Process Management software enables your company to cut down time and errors while generating better products and services. Obviously, better services or products and smoother delivery are all positive outcomes of using a BPM software.

However, companies can truly level up here by making customer needs the cornerstone of the business process being improved by the software. Doing this would ensure that decisions regarding certain processes are customer-centric and that greater personalization takes place to increase customer satisfaction.

3. Manage the Company-Customer Connect like a Pro

It’s all in the name! When people think of enhancing customer satisfaction with the aid of a software, CRM software is the first thing that comes to mind. There is a myriad of reasons for which companies enlist the use of CRM software, but all roads lead to one goal: increasing customer satisfaction.

A CRM software is specialized to manage everything that has possibly anything to do with customer relationships. Sales, leads, contacts, clients, and employees: the entire spectrum of elements associated with enhancing the customer-company relationship, can be managed by a CRM software.

Like most other software, CRM software also automates mundane routine tasks for users, saving time which can be used in more productive avenues. CRM equips each member of the relevant teams to make the customer experience better.

The customer data collected over time by a CRM software enables companies to analyze what is working for them and what isn’t. This helps them to hone and perfect their production, sales and marketing strategies.

4. Make Your Business More ‘Intelligent’

Business Intelligence comprises all the processes, technologies, and methodologies employed by businesses for analysis of business information. As such, BI tools are used in order to effect better decision making using the strategic actionable insights received by virtue of their analytical capabilities.

So how exactly do these tools enhance customer satisfaction? They contribute to it in a number of ways. Business Intelligence tools obviously call for a much deeper analysis than regular analytical tools. They help your firm to measure industry sentiment, to identify key trends, and to pinpoint areas where improvement is greatly needed.

Your customer service data and feedback can be analyzed to reveal exactly what is missing in your company’s strategy geared towards improving client satisfaction. A more in-depth analysis of key industry trends and sentiment will help the firm to make more accurate forecasts and to implement better customer satisfaction tactics accordingly.

Final Words

It is no surprise that each and every company today has ramped up its focus on customer/client satisfaction. The customers are the most important stakeholders for a business. Their responses and perception can make or break a product/service.

However, technology can very well be used smartly to control the customer experience as well. The aforementioned software all help businesses in doing exactly that. These software help companies to work on improving their customer satisfaction metrics with quantifiable evidence and data, giving them pinpointed insights into weak areas and how these can be made better.

A company’s image hinges upon what its customers think of it, and if they are not left with a positive experience, the company’s brand will undoubtedly be affected. When resources such as this software are easily available, companies should not miss any chance to make the most of them.

Working as Software Analyst at SoftwareSuggest she prioritizes her work and like to plan and organize accordingly. She have good analytical skills and a proficiency with digital marketing tools. She also blogs about Project Management, BPM, HR management and latest software updates

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