5 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Essential for Your Small Business

/ June 8, 2017 | 3 Mins Read

5 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Essential for Your Small Business

Want to grow your small business but do not know where to start from? Here’s a blog that speaks about five reasons that make graphic design essential for your small business.

Graphic design has long been a cornerstone of the success of a small business, whether it’s to create a banner at the top of your website or an actual banner hanging over the entrance of your business itself. Whether it’s a clean and professional look or a more abstract, artistic look, having a good graphic design for your company is crucial if you want to capture the public’s attention. This all sounds well and good, right? But why is graphic design so essential?

That’s why we’re here. Continue reading on to learn about the five reasons why graphic design is essential for your small business!

1. Making Your Business Memorable

The last thing any small business owner wants once a customer leaves their establishment or website is to be forgotten. Great graphic design for your brand can help ensure that your business isn’t forgotten. This is backed by a study done at Carleton University in Ottawa and reported in Canada’s Behaviour & Information Technology: it takes the average person only 50 milliseconds to decide on a brand’s visual appeal.

Business Memorable

In other words, a great first impression is really all you need to start your customers down the road of remembering your business. A well-designed logo or banner will stick with them long after they leave.

2. The Credibility Factor

We’ve all seen that run-down business with the plain, black-text-on-white-background sign. While it’s probably not accurate to pin the business’ failure solely on the badly-designed sign, it certainly didn’t help! In addition to making people remember your brand, the great graphic design does wonder for your business’ credibility.

Credibility Factor

A great website banner or sign for your business not only makes you look more professional, it also shows that you care and believe enough in your product or service that you put forth the effort to impress your customers.

3. A Chance for Uniqueness

Let’s be honest: there have been times where we’ve purchased one product over another simply because it “looked” better. More likely than anything, that happened because of good graphic design, whether it was the label of the soft drink or the web site layout of the on-demand TV service. The reason the graphic design of those examples stuck out to us was that of the uniqueness of their design; it set them apart from the rest of competition.

This is why good graphic design is so important for your business: it not only helps you make a good first impression, but it sets you apart from the pack.

4. Brand Establishment

You may think that all that’s needed for a successful business is, well, business. However, if you ever want to expand or find greater success with your business, you need it to be a brand. A brand is important because it encapsulates your business’ identity to customers; the tone you set, the style you embrace. It helps send clear messages to your customers who you are and who you’re selling to (hopefully them).

Brand Establishment

The primary aspect of creating a brand is, above all else, good graphic design, whether it’s for your logo or your entire website.

5. The Statistics Don’t Lie

If you need further, more concrete proof that graphic design is essential to the success of your small business, look no further than the 2005 study (published in 2007) conducted by a group called The Design Council. In this study, they found that businesses that placed more effort on their design actually outperformed businesses that didn’t: by 200%. So it’s worth making that investment in graphic design for your small business because you’ll be seeing returns in the end.

boost your website traffic

So those are five of the reasons why graphic design is essential for your small business. Take these reasons to heart and hire someone great to give your business the facelift it needs to be truly successful!

Author Bio:

Sean Miller is a freelance writer and marketing strategist at 777sign who has served as a consultant for various small businesses, from local restaurants to printers of trade show banners. When he’s not writing, he enjoys biking, hiking, and hitting the beach with his black lab.

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