10 Uplifting Ways Entrepreneurs Can Learn to Overcome Business Growth Frustrations

/ November 19, 2018 | 4 Mins Read

10 Uplifting Ways Entrepreneurs Can Learn to Overcome Business Growth Frustrations

How do you deal with business failures? How can you overcome these business growth frustrations? The ten ways above can help you with it.

Starting a business is a rewarding and rich experience that leads most business owners to absolute career satisfaction in their lives.

Entrepreneurship enables you to set your own working time, create your rules, and be a master of your destiny. However, those advantages aren’t without a correlated cost.

It demands commitment and sacrifice. Failing to do so will make you unsuccessful. But, failure, for businesspersons, is unavoidable. It may take in the form of losing deals with clients or worst, unable to make a payroll.

An essential part of beating and defeating business frustrations is, for the most part, deep-seated in the mindset you have. It starts with a positive and flexible attitude and an eagerness to change. Failure, inclusive of launching a business, is part of life.

How we manage it decides whether we can succeed or not. When faced with business frustrations, here are ten ways to overcome it.

1. Ready Your Body and Mind

You don’t have to have thorough contingency plans for all kinds of failure. However, being prepared for the difficult times is extremely important.

If you have got high hopes that things are going well according to your plan, then, once they don’t, those hard moments will be more arduous than you'd expect.

2. Look for Something That Inspires You

Knowing yourself better and the channels you need to work with during the bad times is, more often than not, underrated. Those individuals who have a much better understanding of themselves and know what they’ll need to think clearer and feel better are much more ready to face the difficult times head-on.

It could take in the form of traveling, going to a peaceful and inspiring spot, exercising, or simply hanging out with your loved ones.

3. Don’t Make Emotional Decisions

It’s somehow easy and effortless to make emotional decisions shortly after something terrible happens. However, doing so is, for the most part, damaging and disadvantageous.

So, even if it takes you thirty minutes to calm and compose yourself, it’s worthwhile. Making sensible decisions compared to making emotional decisions impede your problems from getting complicated.

4. Surround Yourself With a Strong Support Network

Having a strong support network like your family, friends, business coach, and mentors can help you during your difficult times as it can block feelings of loneliness.

Sure, you may feel alone in your work. However, surrounding yourself with such people will surely make you feel important and loved.

These people can keep your spirits and morale high. Also, they are the best outlets for making important decisions or asking for advice.

5. Reassess Your Situation

Failure is the perfect opportunity to reassess and reexamine your situation. As such, ask yourself why you failed, how it sank into you, and what actions you should do next.

For instance, if your business is underperforming, then maybe it’s a great time to look within yourself and ask why such a thing happened.

If the cause is the lack of work you put into it, then you must ask yourself how much you care about your business. Continuing your goal through failure is extremely important. However, it does not mean that you’d tell yourself that you should fail more often to get the best out of life.

Sometimes, failure is an indication that what you’re doing isn’t for you. So, be honest and truthful with yourself. By doing so, you can save your happiness and, of course, your energy.

Don’t focus on the time spent you’ve invested and reassessed the situation for the given context. It can aid you in deciding your next steps.

6. Don’t Take Yourself Too Much

Now and then, it may feel like it’s the end of the world when we experience failure. In many instances, some failures are more intense and severe than the others.

With that said, bringing your situation in context with the brilliant scheme of things is alleviating and relaxing. Again, failure is inevitable. Though it may seem extreme at times, believe that everything will end up all right.

7. Separate The Failure From Yourself

One of the most difficult and challenging parts of failing is separating and disconnecting the situation with yourself as a person. If your business fails, it’s easy to condemn and put yourself blame as a person. But, that should not be the case.

Everyone comes with a failure in their lives. Think about what the world would be now if things were simple as A-B-C for everyone to get what they want in life.

Allowing yourself to become attached to the failure will make things much more difficult as it seems. So, rather than blaming yourself, recognize and understand your failure while living your life. Be grateful for what you’re working toward.

8. Don’t Dwell On It

In reality, each and everyone who has accomplished great things in life has failed. For example, J.K. Rowling. The world-famous Harry Potter author has been, believe it or not, rejected by many publishers.

Failure happens to all of us and giving up won’t help in achieving anything productive. So, be bold and ambitious. It’ll enable you to overcome the problems and work your way towards a better future.

9. Learn, Learn, Learn

Learning from your failures is necessary and asking yourself why it happened is essential as well. It’s absurd to do the same things, again and again, anticipating a very different outcome. However, learning from your lapses and how you can do better next time is the most difficult parts of failing.

It’s quite hard to ask yourself those questions and resolve it when answers come up. But by doing so, you can avoid making the very same mistakes in the long run.

10. Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into

Here’s the thing. As businesspersons, you’re going to deal with tons of failure. If you’re searching for a safer life without many challenges, or you have a difficult time dealing with failure, then launching a business may not be for you. Understanding what you’re getting into will surely help you in dealing with your challenges.


Anyone starting a business has one thing in common. That is the dream of operating and running a successful business. However,  most of these entrepreneurs fail within the first years of operation.

Failure, both in business and in life, is inevitable. So, how do you deal with business failures? How can you overcome these business growth frustrations? The ten ways above can help you with it.

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