Crafting a Compelling Product Story for Your Ecommerce Site

Crafting a Compelling Product Story for Your Ecommerce Site

Have you ever tried to craft a compelling product story for your eCommerce site? If not, here's our handy guide on the best way to tell your story and attact the attention of the readers.

When you think of Ferrari, you think of exotic sports cars. When you think of James Brown, you think of dance music. When you think of Florida, you think of beaches and sunshine. Each of these entities has a reputation honed over many years of positive association with the public. The beauty of this is when you hear these names, you generate a mental image to which it can be connected.

Crafting a compelling product story for your eCommerce site will enable you to do the same for your customers. When you use your “About Us” page to let shoppers know what you stand for, they can see how it aligns with their values. This then becomes your wedge in the marketplace, allowing you to compete against much larger retailers.

Here’s how to tell your story.

1. Relate How You Solved a Problem:

In all probability, you decided to market the items you represent because you recognized an unfulfilled need in the marketplace. Before you tell your story, take the time to get to know your ideal customer. so you can speak to that need regarding their concerns. This way, when you tell your story, it will ring true.


Let’s say you’re offering low-cost, high-quality baby products for new parents. You hit up the idea because of a personal experience. That experience should be the seed of your story. “When Sage was born, we were shocked to learn diapers cost so much. After looking around for a while, we realized they didn’t have to be so expensive—they just were. So we decided to create a high-quality diaper that could be sold at a much lower price.”

2. Keep It Down to Earth:

In retail, it’s always best to speak to your customer’s needs in a way that says you know what they’re going through and you’re there to help. Tell people how you got the idea to start the company, talk about your ups and downs along the way and tell them how you can help them by covering the five “Ws”; Who, What, When, Where and Why. Who are you? What are you doing to make their lives easier? When is the best time to buy your products? Where are they made? And why should they buy them from you? Ditch the corporate PowerPoint stack speak. Write as if you’re talking to a friend.

The design of your site should be reflective of this attitude as well. The best platform providers, like Shopify, have various free website templates you can customize. Your story has more merit when they see that what you say is aligned.

3. Leverage Your Blog and Social Media:

Content marketing is a proven entity. Your blog will draw traffic to your store if your posts are specific to your customer’s interests. Your core story should be the Sun around which the planets of your blog orbit. In other words, stay in the lane you’ve created with useful child-rearing tips, great new ideas for family time together, ways a young couple can support each other and things they can do to keep their romance alive.


Your social feeds should be reflective of the same. The more it rings of personal experience, the more loyal your customer base will become. Your goal is to create a cadre of followers who look forward to what you will say because they know it will be useful in their lives.

Crafting a compelling product story for your eCommerce site is as simple as telling people who you are, how you solved a problem they faced and what they can do to take advantage of your solution. In the process, you’ll sell more products and feel good about helping people learn from your personal experiences.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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