14 Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow

14 Tools to Improve Your Content Marketing Workflow

Revolutionize your content marketing workflow with SaaS tools! Explore the top 10 tools for content marketing success and supercharge your efficiency.

Marketing your content isn't about sprinting but a marathon, which must lead to the observation and analysis of its performance through its strategic focus, the definition of research, objectives, production, and planning.

Marketing experts use software to coordinate their strategy process. We provide the most popular marketing content tools and show you how they may enhance your marketing material.

SaaS Tools to Optimize Your Content Marketing Workflow

There are SaaS models to improve content strategy, content writing, graphic design, collaboration, etc. Here are the best tools to improve your content marketing workflow.

A. Tools for Content Strategy

Content Marketing is the process in which high-quality content is created and distributed via several platforms. We're huge fans of it and have been implementing it since our inception. 

Content marketing works best with strategies that include multiple formats. Take a look at how these below tools can improve your workflow.

1. BuzzSumo

Researching your competition with BuzzSumo is a great way to improve your content marketing strategy. You have the chance to see exactly what your competition is doing and how it is going for them. However, you may find it a bit difficult to get down to the essentials of competitor research.

It's super easy to use. Just type in your competitor's web domain or a keyword you use to see the level of traction everyone is getting. 

When you learn this, you can apply it to your content campaign, improving your chances of making a lasting impact and beating the competition. You can see influencers, the most popular content, and even content from your own domain that has been shared the most.

This tool is one of the best tools for content marketing and one of the most powerful for content marketers. This is because it lets you know what's relevant and what's going on in your industry's content today.

2. Evernote

Evernote is generally a fantastic tool but also for creating better content. It's a personal notebook you may access on one of your devices if you're not familiar with Evernote. You can save content for later, take notes, make reminders, and more.

While there is a ton in Evernote, there are a few features in particular that are great for writing content. First, you can write articles in Evernote. It has a simple text editor, and you can extend your writing page to full screen. 

One of the main uses of Evernote is to save great content for later. Editors can use it to save articles and pages that contain good research and stats or post ideas so they can refer to them later.

3. Airtable

Since organizing a team can be difficult even in the office environment, what about the process of organizing remote collaboration? Several tools suitable for teleworking exist, but Airtable stands out, not by its UX, but by its power. 

With Airtable, you can organize your employees' work processes optimally, review tasks, schedule activities, resource planning and see if and how allocated tasks are performed. 

In other words, this tool gives you everything you want to effectively manage your team on multi-stakeholder projects like a website redesign.

B. Tools for Content Writing

A web editorial professional needs a tool to edit and store their texts. Several solutions exist for salaried writers in companies or freelance web writers. 

These writing support tools allow the writer to focus on more complex tasks. The online services presented here provide assistance that saves precious time in maintaining optimal writing quality.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best online grammar-checking tools for WordPress users. It works in any writing industry, including your WordPress article editor. You can install it as a browser add-on for Google Chrome, Firefox, and even Microsoft Edge.

Upon installation, it will display an indicator in the lower right corner of the writing area. You can see the number of mistakes by clicking on the indicator. Spelling, grammatical and contextual mistakes are underlined as you write.

5. Copyscape

Copyscape is an online service for checking copies of a site or pages in a search engine index. It is useful for checking if there are technical copies of the site in the index (which the developers forgot to remove) or if someone has copied your site or a separate page. 

6. CopyAI

CopyAI is a tool that will help you create unique content with AI. Just give the tool an idea of what your content will be about, and it will automatically suggest finely written content that you can use. You can use this tool to give you striking introductions, product descriptions, and even completely copy-written content.

C. Graphic Design and Visual Creation Tools

When you start your self-employed business, the question of creating visuals to publicize your activity may arise. And precisely, there are simple tools that you will find on the internet to create your visuals for free without having any particular knowledge of graphics.

Of course, graphic design is a real profession, but it is now possible to make photo montages or retouching, to add text to images using free graphic design sites. 

Some of them even offer "ready-to-use" templates (or templates) that you just need to modify in a few clicks to obtain a perfectly suitable visual.

7. Canva

Canva is a Web and print media design tool without the help of a creator. With Canva, you no longer need the help of skilled designers to create compelling visuals.

This tool offers various tools for cropping images and allows you to filter backgrounds, add infographics and icons with easy drag-and-drop elements, and create visually stunning eBooks and engaging advertisements for any platform. - in printed or digital form.

Along with the ability to make your own designs, you also get access to an extensive archive of designs, models, and images. This will allow you to increase the reach of your social media channels and strengthen your blogging and content marketing initiatives.

8. Removal.AI

Removal.AI will automatically scan and remove the background behind someone from your image. It seems like black magic. And that's all. Upload an image or URL, a few seconds wait, and you're done. There are some limitations. 

At the moment, this only works on images with people. If the image is not clear or there are a lot of overlapping colors, you may not get clear removal.

For best results, you'll want a decent-resolution image of someone against a high-contrast background. And it's a great way to optimize the mileage of an in-stock image!

9. Easil

Online graphic design tools have multiplied in recent years. Easil is riding this wave. As the name suggests, it aims to make it easy to design images and visuals for all web and print needs. You will find thousands of ready-made templates to inspire you.

Like the tools mentioned above, Easil is based on a wide choice of templates classified by type of media and size. Each template is very easily customizable using different elements such as shapes, typos, icons, images, etc.

D. Tools for Team Collaboration

What is complicated about working with teams literally from all over the world is having effective communication in place, which allows everyone to stay informed on projects and bring the culture of the company to life. 

Fortunately, we live in an era where the notion of collaboration is integrated into most work tools. Today, there are great collaborative tools to optimize teamwork and thus improve your productivity.

10. Trello

Manage projects on Trello. If you need an easy way to set tasks for your entire team, Trello is probably the best project management tool.

Once you have a plan, create boards and then pin cards with everyone's tasks. Then write lists or instructions to describe what each task involves and assign those tasks to different team members.

When the work is done, the member attaches the documents. Also, team members can get other people's attention faster and connect together.

11. Slack

Slack is a popular teleworking messaging tool. This digital space facilitates communication between team members. It allows you to share ideas and comments in real time but also files so that the work is done quickly. 

Its organization into channels is very useful for multi-project teams. Teams can utilize Slack channels for immediate communications and collaboration if they are distant. Slack offers fully-fledged Android and iOS apps that bring Slack's whole strength to your smartphone.

12. G-Suite

Everything has already been said about G Suite, the alternative to Microsoft Office, and its tools - Google Docs to replace Word, Google Sheets to replace Excel, Google Slides to replace PowerPoint, and Google Drive (a storage space that allows the sharing of files) - or almost. 

With G Suite (or a similar tool such as Dropbox Paper), you benefit from real-time collaboration features, version management, and change tracking ...

In a growing SaaS business, teams can collaborate on an ongoing basis to produce documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in real time. It is indeed essential to collaborate in real time to be productive in today's work environment.

E. Tools for Marketing Your Content

In the content-saturated world we live in today, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to improve their content marketing. Fortunately, several content marketing solutions are now accessible that can influence how companies contact their consumers and lead.

We take a look at a few content marketing tools your business needs, including how to use them and how much they cost.

13. Buffer

Buffer is an online social media management software for growing businesses. It offers its users the possibility of managing accounts on social media by allowing, among other things, the scheduling of publications on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

It also offers analysis features to identify your best and your worst stocks. Whether you are in charge of managing your social networks for your business or acting as a community manager for another, Buffer is designed to make your life easier.

14. MailChimp

Mailchimp is one of the leading solutions in the emailing market, a place justified by its comprehensive service that allows you to efficiently manage your contacts, emails, and marketing actions. The platform is equipped with a real integrated CRM that allows you to set up the segmentation of your audience. 

When it comes to creating emailing, you'll find a well-designed editor with a content studio that manages and stores your visuals. Thanks to its Giphy integration, you have the possibility to add GIFs. 

Mailchimp is also a specialist in marketing automation, you can set up marketing actions in one step or in several: the welcome email, email based on the date, email according to your contacts actions on your site. The tool offers significant additional services: programming your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and creating websites with a custom domain.

Your Turn...

An effective content marketing strategy should be an integral part of your overall content strategy. Content is vital for higher search engine rankings, which is why content and SEO work hand in hand to improve your marketing results and conversions.

So, any content strategy should be thought of in terms of performance and conversion and should not be implemented without guidelines. To help you with this task, free tools can save you time and energy once your content marketing goals have been set. 

From discovering content to organizing and distributing it, we hope that this list of free and essential marketing tools will help you improve your performance!

Yen Pedrajas is an ecommerce and digital marketing enthusiast who loves to share and write new insights and perspectives about marketing and growth hacking for startup business. Currently, she works as full-time Lead Editor at Removal.AI - an AI tool used for image background removal and processing photos ideally for ecommerce, web and app development and all other related industry that needs photo editing services.

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