7 Reasons Most Business Don’t Succeed In Social Media Marketing

/ December 9, 2019 | 5 Mins Read

7 Reasons Most Business Don’t Succeed In Social Media Marketing

Is social media working for your business or is your business making the most of social media? Marketing business with social media will definitely make a connection to outcomes. It’s pretty normal to route social media activity, but a lot of businesses fail to bridge these measurements to actual outcomes.

Social media has changed the way businesses market their products and services by providing a platform for businesses to do so. Businesses have taken this opportunity by bringing their products and services in front of new audiences; with social media they are able to reach more people than they can reach offline. 

According to GlobalWebIndex, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. A lot of businesses are now using social media marketing to promote their products without much success and have believed that social media doesn’t convert well. 

This is not true; rather they are getting it all wrong with social media marketing. In this guide, you will learn 7 reasons why most businesses don’t succeed in social media marketing.

1. Thinking they know their audience

One of the biggest mistakes most businesses make when starting social media marketing is that they do not understand who their audience is. They can’t properly answer the question “who is my target audience”.

This is very important if as a business you want to succeed with social media marketing, understanding your target audience makes it easier to tailor your marketing campaign specifically to that audience.

In deciding who your target audience, you need to know who your products or services appeal to most, thinking you know your target audience demographics, age, interests, gender, and their needs is a mistake you seriously want to avoid if you have not researched it to be true.

2. Using the wrong social channels

Most businesses go on some social media channels and begin marketing their products or services without first checking if their target audience can be found on those channels. Some social media channels are good for marketing certain products and services because their target audience can be found there.

Say for instance, you have a software company that produces software for businesses, using a platform like Pinterest or Facebook might not get you the results you want, using a platform like LinkedIn will be the best fit for that because it is a B2B platform and since you deals with businesses, you are likely to get clients from there.

It is important that businesses understand who their target audience is and on which social media channels they hang out online.

3. Trying to be a jack of all trades

I bet you’ve of the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”. This is exactly what most businesses are doing with their social media campaign; they try to do everything by themselves even when they do not have the necessary expertise. They try to write social media posts, become a graphic designer, and analyze campaign results and so on.

Though there is no harm in trying to do everything yourself, you could achieve a lot by outsourcing some of these things to professionals with the needed expertise and experience. This would save you lots of time and money and would afford you the needed time to focus on other aspects of your business.

4. Hiring the wrong agency

Even though it is important to let professional social media marketing agencies handle your marketing campaign, you should be careful with which agency does this for you.

Most businesses don’t succeed at social media marketing business because they choose marketing agency without scrutinizing them thoroughly and determine if they truly know how to do their job well.

When choosing an agency, ask to see previous work they’ve done for past clients, check to see if they provide analytic reports for jobs done, this is to know how your marketing campaign is going, and check if they have the experience in your industry and how you will get in contact with them.

5. Setting a low budget

According to statistica, social media advertising budgets have doubled worldwide to $31 billion from $16 billion in 2014. This means to build your business you need to consider increasing your budget for your social media marketing campaign if you want to get results.

Unfortunately, most businesses want to get more for less (which isn’t a bad thing), but they are ridiculously set too low budget for their social media campaign. This can affect the success of their campaign, to achieve good results; you have to set a modest budget for your marketing campaign.

6. Bad landing page or website

You don’t want to do all the hard work and then send your leads to a bad landing page or website. This is one of the reasons most businesses don’t succeed in social media marketing; they have a bad landing page or website.

To get the results you desire, not only must you have a great product, great ad copy but your landing page or website must also be optimized. Here are some things to consider when designing a landing page or website for your products or services:

a)  User-friendly: In designing a landing page, consider its user-friendliness. Make sure web users don’t find it difficult getting around your website. In other words, it should be easy for users to navigate your website. Your site should impress the users at the instance they visit your landing page.

b)  Quality content:  In addition to being user-friendly, it should contain quality content. It should not contain grammatical errors and use simple terms that the user can understand.

c)  Be straightforward:  Get straight to the point, your customers came to your website because of your product or service and your content should be about it. No need beating around the bush, just tell them what they want to know.

d)  Mobile-friendly: There is an increase in the use of mobile and smartphone users and it is important you optimize for mobile. You, therefore, need to consider how your site looks on mobile when creating it.

e)  Add social proof: social proof is a way of getting people to trust that your products work and can solve their problem. It involves getting an expert to recommend your product or service, getting products endorsed by a celebrity or having authoritative certification. You should consider including it on your website.

7. No SMART goals set

A smart goal is one that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. Most businesses don’t have clearly defined goals; all they have are generic goals. Instead of setting goals like ‘I want to increase my sales” you should instead set goals like “I want to increase sales by 20% at the end of 3 months”. This type of goal is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

Setting SMART goals like this means you know what you are doing and you can work effectively towards achieving such goals.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketing can really do a lot for your business if you utilize it properly. You need to have a strategy and plan in place of what you want to achieve with your social media marketing campaign and how you are going to do about it.

Make sure you avoid the above mistakes made by businesses in social media marketing and if you have been making them, then consider correcting them. I believe you’ve gotten value from this post; I’ll love it if you could share it with your friends. Don’t forget to also comment if you have any questions.

Author: Samuel olajide

Samuel olajide is the founder of Hilyftdigital.com, where he helps his readers learn the ropes of social media marketing, branding, blogging, SEO, and hone their digital marketing skills so they can stand out from the crowd.

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