8 Benefits of a Robust Video Conferencing Software Every Virtual Team Shouldn’t Miss Out On

8 Benefits of a Robust Video Conferencing Software Every Virtual Team Shouldn’t Miss Out On

For modern and innovative businesses to grow and globalize, on-demand communications with more people working remotely have been changing. Get down the article below to learn about the benefits of Video conferencing software for virtual teams.

Current events and technological innovations are driving businesses to rethink how they work and operate. 

Communication remains one of the top concerns, especially among enterprises that are shifting to remote work. 

While there are numerous ways that teams work together, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. Fortunately, video conferencing provides the closest alternative to an office experience. Some of the best video conferencing software is at the heart of the current business revolution. Here are some of their key benefits that your virtual team shouldn’t miss out on. 

1. Train and onboard employees efficiently

Speaking of new employees, a big part of their first few weeks is onboarding. Without face-to-face interaction, you may use alternatives such as chat, knowledge base, and videos. 

However, it is much more efficient to conduct meetings over video conferencing, especially if you are training a new team member. 

Most software comes with “share screen” capabilities, so your audience can see your desktop or a program’s window. 

Train and onboard employees efficiently

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That means you can conduct presentations, demonstrate tools, and show examples. Additionally, feedback is instantaneous, and answering questions from the employee takes no time at all. 

Because you control the training, time is used efficiently as you guide them through challenges and difficulties. 

2. Enhance Transparency and Clarity During Meetings

Chats, emails, and audio calls have their advantages. However, miscommunication still happens as you cannot see the person on the other side, which is crucial for effective communication. 

With video conferencing, communication is much clearer as everyone can see each other. It minimizes the guesswork as conversations are now enhanced by facial and body language. 

Enhance Transparency and Clarity During Meetings

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It allows virtual teams to build dynamics just like they do in the office. Personalized communication also improves their connection with each other. 

Video calls minimize potential friction among members. Additionally, issues are easily resolved when they are able to talk to each other. 

3. Hire talents across the globe

Since your company is no longer geographically limited, you are now open to the best talents regardless of their location. 

Typically, companies need to convince top hires to move within their location. It may involve extra costs for the employee’s accommodation. 

However, video conferencing significantly expands your talent pool with geographical limitations. Set-up interviews over video conferences to assess and evaluate your applicants well. 

Furthermore, it gives the opportunity for potential employees to work from home. The flexibility is definitely attractive, especially among young and fresh talents. 

And, you will not be sacrificing employee productivity either. Because video conferencing platforms provide a near-identical experience as a traditional office, it is easy to maintain accountability and ownership among team members. 

4. Save time and money from traveling

One of the obvious benefits of video conferencing software is minimizing travel expenses. Typically, employees commute or drive to the office every day. 

When you consider the traffic and other inconveniences, it consumes a large chunk of budget and time. Similarly, meeting clients in person requires effort and expenses. 

Most meetings are easily handled over video conferencing. As mentioned, it is the best alternative to face-to-face interaction. 

Taking advantage of fully-featured tools take back time and money, which are often lost. They are then redirected towards more productive activities. 

These reasons alone are enough for you to consider a digital transformation of your business. Even after the pandemic, a hybrid work schedule that minimizes time and money spent on unproductive tasks will boost your team’s productivity.

5. Increase sales with personalized communication

Sales calls are usually difficult to navigate. You cannot determine the expectations of the person on the other line. Additionally, it is difficult to know how they are receiving the information you are providing. 

Video conferencing allows sales experts to leverage their old-school skills without having to meet the potential client in person. 

Video calls provide more insight into how the customer is responding. As such, you can adapt quickly.

It is much easier to respond to cues, whether verbal or non-verbal and change the direction of your sales pitch instantly. 

If you notice that the client is confused or uninterested, try a different angle, or highlight another product. 

If they look interested and attentive, follow through with more points and add more information. As such, no lead is wasted as you maximize the sales potential of each client. 

6. Conduct effective product demos to customers 

Written guides and video walkthroughs are great for showcasing your product. However, they are not interactive. 

Live demonstration over video calls makes it much easier and more effective in showing your products' features in real-time. 

Conduct effective product demos to customers

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The customer has the opportunity to dive deeper into the features that are relevant to their needs. Additionally, it is easy to show functionalities that may interest them. 

A video conference is an excellent way to win over more customers with an interactive experience. 

Even if your product includes a trial version, a live demonstration serves as a guided tour where you highlight important features while explaining their use cases. 

7. Communicate frequently with field staff

It is often difficult to touch-base with field staff scattered throughout a large area. It is much more challenging if you have teams stationed across the globe. 

Most video conferencing software comes with mobile versions. And, web-based solutions work in mobile browsers as well. 

Check their whereabouts, discuss their strategies, and resolve issues immediately over video calls. Also, it will be easy for them to contact you, especially if they have urgent needs. 

Leveraging mobile technology allows field staff to work together as a team. They can even conduct group calls, where they share tips and tricks throughout the day. 

The visual nature of video conferences ensures that each meeting is meaningful and efficient. 

8. Resolve urgent matters quickly

If your company deals with time-sensitive matters, video conferencing provides instant communication to your team members. 

Whether it is an urgent need from a high-profile client or troubleshooting issues with your tools, it is easy to contact relevant team members regardless of the location. 

On-call employees also respond much faster through video calls. It is quicker to resolve issues, even outside working hours, as your staff does not need to leave the comfort of their homes. 

What’s next?

Video conferencing is indeed the future of work. It opens a lot of possibilities, especially for rapidly growing businesses. 

Next, explore various video conferencing platforms in the market. They come with a wide range of features along with corresponding price points. 

From small enterprises to large corporations, all types of businesses can take advantage of video conferencing software to manage their virtual teams. 

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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