9 B2С Social Media Marketing Mistakes You’ve Been Doing The Whole Time

9 B2С Social Media Marketing Mistakes You’ve Been Doing The Whole Time

Has your business ever made a social media marketing mistake? In this blog, we look at the top 9 B2C social media marketing mistakes you've been making the whole time.

The field of content marketing has been developing for quite a while now, with numerous trends emerging . The strategies that worked a few years ago are not guaranteed to deliver the same results not because they may have become obsolete due to evolving customers’ preferences and requirements.

This is especially true in B2C business, where customers have gained an unprecedented amount of power to control the proposition, services, and features of products.

Also, they gave joined the groups that review the products and services to define the most interesting ones and give this information to the companies, so they adjust their strategies in the future. This strict monitoring from customer groups and sufficient empowerment of the customers ensure that mistakes made in B2C are unforgettable.

As the result, a lot of businesses failed because their content marketing mistakes were lethal.


The most important current trend in B2C marketing is that the customers are in control, so the businesses have to make appropriate adjustment to their strategies to provide them with all information they require to make a well-informed decision whether to buy a product or use a service from them. The decision not to provide this information may be lethal because the business has probably invested a lot of time in the strategy that failed, which is difficult to recover from.

To help you ensure that you do not commit such mistakes in your B2C business, we have collected a list of nine social media mistakes that you might have been doing without realizing that they hurt your progress.

1. Product-centered Strategy

Remember the times when companies were in charge of what to propose to the customers? Well, they’re gone now because products must be oriented on customers to sell.

Product-centered strategies are therefore doomed to fail because they are not really concerned with the needs of the customers but rather push the product on them. It might be okay to use this approach but finding the balance will be a challenge that you will need to overcome.


2. Providing a Content without a Purpose

This is the most common mistake committed by B2C marketers and other people involved in the online promotion. In B2C, the content must be powerful in terms of purpose because it leverages all the marketing channels to influence the target audience.

Otherwise, it will become pointless. For example, if the content is descriptive and does not really encourage the reader to take a certain action, it is very likely that they will not be enticed. As the result, this content might just as well serve as an information that nobody ever reads.

3. Failing to Focus on the Titles

In B2C, titles are incredibly powerful because they capture the attention of the viewer and encourage them to click on it. A number of recent marketing surveys showed that eight out of ten people read only the headline while only two read all the content. This means that headlines are the first thing the viewer sees, so it must be powerful enough to draw the attention and persuade them to read further.

To avoid this, you should write only engaging and powerful titles for your content. Here is an article from a popular resource GoinsWriter to help with writing really catchy titles.

4. Lack of SEO

Although content marketing has been in the focus of online promotion for quite a while and slightly decreased the priority of SEO, it is still a critical requirement that should not be overlooked. SEO is a great way to get the most out of the content that contributes to viewer-centered content, so its importance can never be overestimated. Make sure you remember that in your B2C business.

5. Selecting the Wrong Platform for Sharing Content

Sharing content on a suitable platform is critical for B2C.  The platforms should be frequented by the target groups of viewers because otherwise the marketing will be largely ineffective. Before making the choice, study your options and see which ones might be the best fit for your strategy.

6. Lack of Engagement Opportunities

In today’s content marketing, customer engagement is a significant aspect because it encourages the viewers to take an action and promote your business.

While your content might be the best in terms of grammar and word selection, no good will come if it does not engage the potential customers to take even a simple action, such as liking or sharing the post with friends. Social Media Examiner has an excellent article on creating engaging content, so feel free to check it out if you need some pointers.


7. Forgetting to nurture the Leads

When the company has established a relationship with potential customers, it should continue to nurture them to show that it cares about them. It is done by sharing a great content that might be useful for them or asking them about their preferences in certain products or services.

Either way, you should stay in touch with your leads because it allows researching your audience and showing them an appreciation for being with you.


8. Making Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes

This is an unforgivable error for B2C marketers because it shows that they failed to appreciate the viewers by providing them with a low-quality content that features mistakes like it was written by a kindergartener. As the result, the impact made by the content dramatically decreases because of such errors and creates a negative image among the online viewers.

9. Failing to pay Attention to Analytics

The numbers resemble the success of the marketing strategy and the impact of the content on the online audience. Moreover, they show where the visitors come from and perform a lot of other critical functions that allow you to run your B2C business successfully.

Paying an appropriate attention to analytics behind the digital marketing therefore is important because it helps to make proper adjustments to promotion strategies, maintain the credibility and existing customers. Moreover, the analytics might help you to predict the customer preferences and trends on the market as well.



Have you found some mistakes that you have been doing in you B2C marketing? It is very important to address them as soon as possible in order for your marketing effort to be more effective because these mistakes hold you back.

Always remember that customers are in control now, so make proper adjustments to provide them with sufficient opportunities to make decisions and enjoy the benefits!

Scott Ragin is a digital marketing expert at College papers. He loves guiding other people through their business practice and shares his ideas as a blogger. Feel free to contact him at Linkedin.

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