7 Advantages of Collaborating With Influencers

/ June 14, 2019 | 5 Mins Read

7 Advantages of Collaborating With Influencers

The attraction about influencer marketing is that the audience is already there, all you need to do is build a win-win partnership where both parties are contributing amazing value to each audience.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting your brand and spreading awareness. Companies, big and small, are adopting influencer marketing strategies to reach out to relevant audiences and generate leads.

Influencer marketing campaigns benefit businesses in a number of ways including driving traffic, boosting engagement, and increasing sales. Social media influencers can be diverse, not just in terms of their fields, but also in terms of the number of followers they have and their engagement rates.

While there are big influencers who have millions of followers, there are also smaller ones who have fewer followers but enjoy the higher engagement. Businesses choose influencers according to their needs, which can be based on the kind of product or services they sell, their area of operation, or the demographics of their target audience.

This post discusses the biggest advantages of partnering with influencers to promote your business.

The Major Advantages of Influencer Marketing

There is not one but many reasons why companies are relying on influencers to boost their businesses. It is mainly because of the following benefits that influencer marketing offers:

1. Build Brand Awareness

This is one of the top reasons for the rising popularity of influencer marketing. The right influencers can help you spread awareness about your brands by helping you reach out to your target audience.

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Companies partner with influencers to let more people know about their products without promoting their brand directly.

Creating brand awareness is a major concern for any business determined to reach the top. The influencers create authentic content for the brands that they are associated with and share it with their followers.

Their content does not promote the brand directly but provides value to the audience. It can be a tutorial, a product review, or something that mentions the brand and is useful for the audience at the same time. This way, influencers help build and spread brand awareness.

For example, the screenshot below shows a post by Michelle Tan, an Instagram Influencer with 120,000 followers. In the post, she shows off the Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation by The Body Shop.

Image via Instagram

The post received 2,694 likes and has been reposted by The Body Shop as well. Through the post, the brand successfully reached out to Michelle’s followers, who were interested in knowing what foundation she uses.

2. Build Trust with Your Target Audience

For a business venture to be successful, winning the trust of your target consumers is of immense importance. There are very few better ways to do so than with the help of influencers.

The followers of influencers trust them, and if they happen to genuinely like what you sell, they can stir up interest within their audience about your brand. To find such genuine influencers, you can use platforms such as Influence.co. All you need to do is enter your target category and the tool will list all relevant influencers for you.

Moreover, since they genuinely like your products, or prefer your brand, they will be able to create more authentic and useful content for their audiences.

In fact, according to a research study by Bloglovin’, 61% of women said they would refrain from engaging with an influencer whose content doesn’t appear to be genuine.

Image via Instagram

In the following image, Instagram influencer, Débora Mejías, is displaying products from L’Oreal’s Hydra Total product line. The post received 134 likes.

The same post has also been shared by L’Oreal Skin, where it received 2,102 likes. The attitude of an influencer towards a particular brand, such as this one, is highly trusted by their followers as they are honest opinions.

3. Support Your Content Strategy

Every influencer has a unique style of content creation. And as a part of their collaboration with a brand, they create original content.

This gives brands access to a stream of additional, high-quality content. Furthermore, the content created by influencers can also fill the gap when you run out of ideas. And you can share their work on your social media profiles to maintain a regular flow of effective, high-quality content for your audience.

SugarBearHair shares high-quality content from their influencers at regular intervals on their official Instagram page. Here are screenshots from a few such posts.


4. Deliver a Higher ROI

According to a study by influencer marketplace, Tomoson, for every $1 spent, influencer marketing returns a revenue of $6.50.

The study further asserted that influencer marketing is currently the fastest growing online marketing technique, leaving behind other strategies like display advertising and paid search.

It has also been found that Facebook and blog posts get the best results in influencer marketing. 37% of those polled said that blog posts work the best for them, while 25% said that Facebook is more effective. To find the ROI of your influencer marketing campaign, you can use TapInfluence.

5. Generate High-Quality Leads

Influencer marketing helps brands generate high-quality leads. And micro-influencers can help you reach out to better prospects since they have a higher audience engagement than big and celebrity influencers.

Moreover, they are experts in their respective niches, and that’s why they have followers who have high regard for their opinions and reviews.

As a result, micro-influencers can help brands connect with highly relevant audiences who are already interested in what they sell. Influencer marketing allows you to reach the right audience, without having to spend a lot of money to research your target customers.

6. Help Retain Customers

Influencer marketing’s power to generate high-quality leads and retain customers has given it the status of one of the most effective online marketing strategies. This is because consumers do not trust advertisements anymore. Now, they are turning to people they already know and trust for recommendations.

According to a study by McKinsey, promotion by word of mouth helps generate 2% higher revenue than the paid ads. Moreover, another survey by Deloitte showed that the retention rate is 37% higher for customers who have been acquired by word of mouth than by any other means.

7. Build Strong Relationships

Working with influencers means fostering strong, long-term relationships, which has a lot of potentials. Together, you can build a faithful following that believes in you and your brand.

You can never tell where your connections could lead you. There are always possibilities of live events, joint ventures, and much more.

Nike, the highly popular sportswear company, recently collaborated with London fashion bloggers Danielle Vanier and Grace Victory for their latest plus-size range. The two major influencers shared images from the photo shoot on their respective Instagram pages.



Together, they were able to get considerable engagement. Danielle Vanier has 89,900 followers on Instagram, while Grace Victory has 124,000.


Influencer marketing can be highly beneficial for startups and those brands that are struggling to take full advantage of social media as a marketing platform. However, you should follow a few basic rules to make your influencer marketing campaign successful.

Creating and maintaining strong bonds with your influencers will ensure a more successful campaign for your brand. It is also important to allow influencers to create content according to their own styles so that their audiences will connect and engage with it.

What are the other advantages of using influencers to promote your brand? Let us know in the comments below.

Gaurav Sharma is the Co-founder of Attrock, a result driven Digital Marketing Agency. He’s a certified Google Analytics and Adwords specialist who regularly contributes to reputed publications like the Huffington Post, TechCrunch and many more. He leverages his experience and knowledge as a digital marketer to help influencers monetize their efforts and eCommerce and SaaS companies grow their revenues. When he isn’t inspiring his team of devoted individuals to achieve more, he can be found globe trotting, sampling all that the world has to offer.

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