10 Mind Boggling Reasons to Go for Digital Marketing

10 Mind Boggling Reasons to Go for Digital Marketing

Why opt for digital marketing? Here are reasons...

As the paradigm shifts from analog to digital, companies are required to embrace online marketing techniques and tactics. Digital marketing company plays a crucial role in deciding and implementing online marketing strategies. The blog describes such reasons and the necessity for enhancing online promotion campaigns.

mind boggling digital marketing

We use banners, billboards, leaflets, etc. in a physical advertising campaign. We have some responses because of such a campaign, but how do we know about its penetration among people? How can we target a specific audience for promoting a product? A traditional offline campaign fails to provide the answers to these questions. Furthermore, such campaigns are expensive and sometimes they go beyond the budget.

There, technological advancement lends a helping hand to companies. With a systematic approach built on research and analysis, digital marketing ensures penetration among a large number of people and targets specific audiences for a particular product.

See the facts below to know about the current trend:

Facts about digital marketing:

  • In 2017, digital ad spending will surpass televised advertising for the first time in history. It's a trend that will be reflected for years to come; digital marketing spending is expected to grow to $335 billion from 2015 to 2020 (Maryville University)
  • Blogs are 63 percent more likely to persuade purchasing decisions than newspapers and magazines (Optimind)
  • Seventy percent of marketers use Facebook to gain new customers (HubSpot)
  • More than 70 percent of brands are present on Google+, up from just 4 percent (Social Media Today)
  • Americans spend four times more time on smart devices compared to newspapers and magazines (Percolate)
  • The average buyer consults a minimum of eleven consumer reviews before purchase (Optimind)
  • Eighty-six percent of companies are comfortable marketing with social tools, and out of them, only 41% use them for communicating with customers (Forbes/Aberdeen Group)

Such stats are sufficient to show the importance of digital advertising strategy on the edge of competition.

Following are the reasons why companies should go for digital marketing:

  1. Affordability: It is relatively more affordable than traditional offline promotion methods. Furthermore, traditional offline methods may go beyond budget if companies do not take proper care while digital marketing can be possible through a fixed price model.
  2. Wider reach: Irrespective of demography, culture, and language, it offers a wider reach, which means that people sitting in any corner of the world can watch an advertisement for products and services.
  3. Targeting an audience: It facilitates targeting a specific audience for particular products. For example, ads for seasonal products like rainwear should reach the region where there is heavy rainfall and not in the desert area. Traditional marketing has the biggest limitation in targeting a specific audience and, on the other hand; digital marketing can readily target an audience.
  4. Tracking and monitoring results: Companies can track and monitor the effect of the campaign with ease. Companies can know the customer response rates without expensive and extensive research. Such monitoring of outcome help companies in making further crucial decisions.
  5. Social media benefits: It facilitates marketing using SMO (Social Media Optimization) techniques and provides benefits of social media for promoting products. Social media are a powerful platform for marketing that enables any product to become a brand.
  6. More attractive: It is a more attractive method than the traditional one. It can certainly grab the attention of a large number of people. It runs marketing campaigns on the basis of the interests and habits of people using the Internet.
  7. Search engine benefits: With proper execution of white hat search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, it provides a facility to get higher rankings that eventually build the brand and increase sales figures. A survey reveals that people rely more on the websites present on the first page of any search engine.
  8. Getting control: It puts companies in charge of their digital project. From the very first session, companies get the tools to find whether or not the campaign is taking place in the right direction. You have less control over physical marketing as compared to digital marketing.
  9. Competitive edge: It provides an edge over competitors who don’t apply such a method. Furthermore, one can consider a rerun of marketing campaigns in order to leverage the benefits of the latest marketing trend.
  10. Alignment is feasible: Companies can synchronize it with other promotional strategies. It significantly increases the penetration of any product. When it comes to flexibility and scalability, such a method is superior by a long way to the traditional one.

Here, we have covered the most remarkable reasons. Numerous other reasons than these also make it a choice for many companies. A digital marketing company works on every aspect of an online advertising campaign like- email, RSS, websites, apps, social media, and so forth. In addition to that, such a company provides world-class content marketing solutions for enhancing online marketing campaigns.

Amit Panchal serves as Digital Marketing Consultant. He’s an avid Twitter influencer and is among top 10 #smw14 global twitter influencer. He is also a co-founder of Blood Monk, a social initiative for donating and getting blood. He has been appreciated by wide range of media for this noble cause.

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